Best 10 inch Tablets Reviews

For our day to day work the technology plays an important role. We are highly dependent on the internet and gadgets around us. While most of the online work can be done with the help of our smartphone. It has some limitations due to small display size. In this case, the tablets and laptop computers come into the picture. Tablets provide a compatible computing platform which is easy to handle. Also, the long battery provides an efficient solution as it is easy to carry around. When it comes to compatible devices, the best 10-inch tablets allow you to do most tasks with ease due to a suitable screen size.

Top 5 Best 10-inch Tablets – Review, Specs & Best Features

As we see the tablet provide a compatible solution for daily computing, but choosing the tablet that suits your need is a tough decision. There are many options available in the market. While buying the tablet you have to consider many factors. Different types of tabs contain different types of features.

You need to consider your requirements while buying a tablet under 10-inch screen size. The display size in a tab matters very much as you use it for media consumption and reading news and other documents. Apart from the display size, it is also important to consider other factors. A good processor with a decent RAM will enable the user to perform heavy tasks swiftly. Here are the best 10-inch tablets that offer the best performance with additional qualities.

# Apple iPad

Best 10-inch tablet

When it comes to tablets the Apple’s iPad is one the best 10-inch tablet. The device contains a neat design. The build quality feels solid thus making it suitable for outdoor usage. The Retina display gives a premium touch to this gadget. Also, the user experiences fabulous due to the fast iOS. The Appstore contains a lot of apps that will help you increase your productivity.

Coming to the specs of iPad 10.5″, the device is powered by Apple’s own A10X processor which handles heavy tasks with ease. The on-board storage space is 256 GB so you never run out of space to store your photos, videos and other type of files.

# Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Best 10 inch Tablet Samsung

Best 10-inch tablet

Samsung offers the best 10-inch tablet with a lot of features. The company has the Galaxy S series mobile phones which provides the best specs. The tablet computer by Samsung is building with great configuration. The Tab S3 gives a premium feel in hand and it contains a sleek build.

On the front, you fond a 9.7-inch super AMOLED display. The display offers great viewing angles and good colors.Under the hood, we find the Snapdragon 820 chipset. The crisp and clear sound makes it a good choice for media consumption. In addition to that, the S-pen comes in handy if you are fond of drawing on your tab. The 6000 mAh battery capacity can provide enough power to continuously run it for 12 Hours.

# Lenovo Tab 4

Best 10 inch Android Tablet

Best 10-inch tablet

If you want a tablet with a premium look and top-notch performance, the Lenovo Tab 4 is for you. The device contains neat design and solid built quality. On the front, you get an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The screen brightness is good and offers good legibility under direct sunlight.

The Dolby Atmos sound gives you an ultimate multimedia experience. The device is 8.3mm thick and weighs 320 grams. Coming tot he specs it contains the Snapdragon processor with 2 GB RAM. The onboard storage space is 16GB. The tab contains good connectivity options. It is available in two color options to choose from.

# ASUS ZenPad 3S


Best 10-inch tablet

When it comes to the perfect balance of performance and design, the Asus ZenPad series takes the lead. The premium aluminum body with beautiful texture gives it an elegant touch.  The device contains a fabulous 9.7-inch display with 2K resolution. The tab feels sleek as the bezels are only 5.32 mm. With the inbuilt visual master technology, the videos and pictures look sharp.

The presence of USB type-C and fast charging are a great additional features. Although the tablets are rarely used for photography but this gadget contains a decent 8 MP real and 5MP front camera. You can use the Z-stylus that will enable you to draw efficiently on you screen. Also, the gaming performance is smooth and can handle heavy tasks with ease.

# Fire HD 10

Best 10 inch tablet under 100

Best 10-inch tablet

The Fire HD 10 tablet by Amazon is a decent overall performer that also suits your budget. It contains a 10.1-inch display with full HD resolution. The design and UI are kept minimal hence offer a neat look.

With that a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM takes care of the heavy gaming and multitasking. It comes in two storage options- 32 and 64 GB. Also, the built in Alexa support enable the user to control it though voice commands. The durable body and sharp display make it suitable for outdoor usage. The large battery can power the device fro up to 10 hours.


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