Top 10 Best Alternative Apps Like Appcake

Top 10 Best Alternative Apps Like Appcake

AppCake has gained a lot of popularity in recent times as people often are very sceptical about directly purchasing apps from the app store. With the help of this application, users can easily try those paid apps before making the final purchase. No app is perfect and neither is this one. Therefore, users often wish to get more apps like AppCake as an alternative.

Appcake alternative

It is always good to have options with you and therefore here are some alternatives to AppCake which shall help you out in a similar manner as AppCake does. Many of these applications have additional features to offer and at the same time won’t cause you any issues while you use them.

Top 10 Best Appcake Alternative

1. Zeusmos

Zeusmos is one of the most effective AppCake alternatives as for it has all those features that AppCake has. Therefore, you can try the paid apps for free with the help of this application. However, in addition to the extensive features, Zeusmos doesn’t needs your phone to be jail-broken. This isn’t a feature though, but this is one aspect of Zeusmos which makes it a better choice and also an effective alternative to AppCake. Not all the applications offer this flexibility and therefore using this app has an advantage!


This is one of the best alternative app for AppCake and the features it has are quite similar to that of seen in Zeusmos. The term ‘Kuaiyong’ means to be able to use quickly and well it does function quick and similar to Zeusmos it doesn’t needs you to jailbreak you device.

The application lets you access it on iOS 6 as well as you download the paid apps for free with it. Thought most of the features of this application are very much identical to that of Zeusmos, one of the major differences lies in their licensing.

3. HiPStore

This is another AppCake like alternative which is available on both Android as well Apple devices. Similar to all the other applications in this list, HiPStore allows you to download the paids apps for free and also lets you download other cracked apps which otherwise may not be available. Why pay for those apps when you can have them for free with the help of HiPStore? You don’t even need a jail-broken device in order to use this application.

This one is indeed one of the most ideal AppCake alternatives given the kind of features it has to offer!

4. iFunBox

iFunBox is an effective alternative for not just AppCake bit over the time it has also joined in the list of Installous like applications. The application functions in a manner similar to AppCake and in addition to that it allows you to manage, browse and transfer files between the iDevices and also on your Windows platforms. Off late, this app has gained popularity due to its extensive features and similarities to AppCake!

5. PandaApp

PandaApp Official Website

This for a change is an alternative for AppCake which works with both Apple as well as android platforms. All that you access on this app is available for free. With a simple and easy user interface, this is one of the best app if you wish to download some really cool games. Here, you shall find a collection of various jail-broken apps and be able to unlock the otherwise paid apps for free.

6. vShare

Also known as App VV, vShare is another great alternative to AppCake as it has to offer a number of paid apps for free. This application is used by many people and every ones pretty much thankful to this app for having offered such services. One can download vShare only on their jail-broken devices and that too from Cydia.

7. AppTacklr

This is yet another place for you peeps if you wish to download the paid aps for free. All you need to do is follow a few steps as stated below:

  • First off, go to official platform for AppTacklr
  • Here, you will have to mention whichever device you are on. (iPAd, iPhone, etc)
  • You will be then asked to fill a voucher with the handset details.
  • Now, in order to get access to the free apps via AppTacklr you are supposed to fill a form. (more of a voucher though)
  • You will be given a free voucher which shall state a couple of steps required to be done
  • Finish them up and you shall be all set to use those paid apps on your device for free!

The AppTacklr is a trusted alternative to AppCake as the authenticity is maintained via the application!

8. AppAddict

The AppAddict is another amazing application on our list of AppCake like apps which is more rightly described as an AppStore of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices without any restrictions and payments to be made. Browsing the AppAddict is free and so is downloading any possible app or game on this app. Basically, all the Apple store apps here are free, yes all! You don’t need a jail-broken device nor do you have to have Cydia, AppAddict shall work it up for you!

9. Mevvy

MevvyYet another platform which shall let you get your hands over numerous paid apps for free. Mevvy isn’t restricted to just iOS and allows users with Blackberry, Windows as well as Browser extensions. So it is time to get some free apps!

10. Aptoide


Official Site

Yet another platform to let you have those cracked apps for free! It is an Android based platform and as it allows you download the free apps available, it also lets you add on some amazing ones if you have! So don’t just enjoy those apps alone, share them too!

And that was about AppCake alternatives one must go with. Not always does AppCake have all the cracked apps or the particular one which you are searching for. Therefore, for all those times, you can refer to the list of alternatives available here!

Download all those paid apps for free without any hassles!


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