Best Connectify Alternative Free Wifi Hotspost Software For PC

Connectify is indeed a great software for WiFi hotspot; however, it has its own issues which often seem to be a hurdle in the effective functioning of the software. The software has a ‘Lite‘ version available for free, the features there are too less and the paid versions start off with $35; possibly a huge sum for some.

Not only that, users have also found the software to be a little complicated and therefore some features might seem to be out of the place to many.

Connectify alternatives
Connectify is a great hotspot software for PC without the doubt, but probably there are better options available for free; why not choose them? So here is a list of alternatives to Connectify hotspot software for pc:

Top 5 Best Connectify Alternative

1.OSToto Hotspot (Free)

OSToto Hotspot (Free) Official Site

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This name is weird though, the earlier name for this software was 160WiFi. Despite the change of name from a good to bad one, the features and entire user experience on this WiFi software remains the same. You can start off with your own Wifi Hotspot zone within minutes and software ensures a secure network for sharing data is created.

The hotspot software also allows you to blacklist devices in case you find something fishy and also allows you to shut the hotspot down at any time you wish to and simply go into hibernate mode. The WiFi hotspot software is available for free and does not have those continuous ads popping up!

2.Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu WiFi Hotspot
Baidu WiFi Hotspot software is yet another effective alternative to Connectify. It isn’t too easy to deal with and not too difficult at the same time; a perfect combination of all the basic features along with a few necessary advanced ones. However, the features shall not cause to be a problem for you in using the WiFi hotspot software to its maximum.

You can share the data over the hotspot zone, receive and send files to the device your hotspot is connected with, etc. be sharing over hotspot is better as it often turns out to be a faster process. The hotspot software is available for free and makes your entire experience a smooth one!

3.Lionscripts Wifi hotspot

This one is another simple yet effective tool for sharing the internet via WiFi hotspot software. The software is available in both paid and non-paid versions. Despite the ads bugging you, you will find the software apt for performing the desired task.

In addition, this hotspot software allows you to use it without even having to open it up! Also, the paid version is free from ads! Here is the official site.

4.WiFi Hotspot Pro

WiFi Hotspot Pro

Official Site

This one is an ideal software like Connectify for all those with Windows 10 on your PCs. Therefore if you are downloading the app for the very first time, upgrade your PC to Windows 10. The major pro for this Connectify alternative is its simplicity! All you need to do is follow three simple steps!

So these were a couple of alternatives to Connectify! For all those who seem to find it difficult to deal with the complexities and errors on Connectify can switch to any of the above!

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