Free Wifi Hotspot Software for Windows Laptop

So what do you do apart from working? Read on your Kindle or scroll through Facebook feed or just like now read on something on the internet. Therefore, it is quite visible that the internet has become a part of our everyday life; not to forget all the emails during office hours too. Not everyone has a data pack on their phones and not all places have WiFi; the WiFi hotspot feature then comes handy. The Android Smartphones have in built hotspot and tethering options; however there is no such option for Windows computers. And given there aren’t any such feature; some users find it difficult to deal with the entire thing.

wifi hotspot

So here, I bring before you 3 hotspot softwares for pc. Using them will allow you create a Wi-Fi hotspot within minutes; without you having to go through the entire network manual of yours. Here is a list of some free hotspot softwares for PC!

Free Wifi Hotspot Software for Windows Laptop

  1. My WIFI Router

My WIFI Router is a free hotspot software for PC that allows you to create a WiFi hotspot in your Windows PC. It supports XP, Windows 7 and 8 along with both 32 as well as 64 bit architectures. It has in store some really cool features. This hotspot software for PC allows you to manage the devices that have been connected to your PC. Also, you can change the name of devices and blacklist them which shall help you keep your hotspot safe from people stealing into your browsing.

My WIFI Router
The hotspot software for PC allows you to share the videos via the WiFi on to the IP address and it shall be saved in a particular folder. The WIFI router is indeed an innovative tool for all those who are looking out to download free WiFi hotspot softwares.


MaryFi is yet another software for using Hotspot on PC. This hotspot software is very simple to use with no complications involved. You can very easily create a Hotspot zone and share your internet connection with the MaryFi. There is no wide range or exquisite features in this hotspot software; however, if you simply want a basic WiFi hotspot creator, this is the one for you.


Even though this hotspot software focuses on keeping it simple, it has one unique feature of functioning as a WiFi repeater, i.e. it allows you to propagate signals received from the Wifi in the PC to another PC. Also, one major feature is when the internet services aren’t on, it allows you to share the folders in your PC to other devices and functions as a LAN.

Another major use, it isn’t only the software which is free but it is also ad free!


MyPublicWiFi is yet another simple yet very useful hotspot creating software. It is a freeware and has support for Windows 7, 8 and Windows Server 2008. The software supports both 32 bit and 64 bit processor; it functions on the Windows based devices with ease.

This hotspot software is available for free and it aims at providing you a safe hotspot zone; therefore with it you will be aware of the devices connected on your WiFi hotspot even if it is an open network.

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