Top 10 Best Fake Email Generator Sites and Temporary Email Services

Fake email generator is a nice solution to avoid spam emails in your inbox. These websites create fake emails IDs when you visit with them. These email IDs can be used to send emails and login to any third party website which is not trustworthy according to you. By using such email that looks similar to a substantial email address, you can avoid sharing your original credential at a risky place and avoid any sort of irritation from spammers.

Email locations created on some of these sites normally stand forever and can be used by the generator to receive, view and send emails to their contacts as well. Some websites don’t even require you to login with your original email ID on their homepage. The emails that you receive through these websites and their email address, get deleted after a certain time automatically. Here in this article we would like our viewers to know about the best fake and temporary email generator websites.

Best Fake Email Generator and Temporary Email Services

1. GuerrillaMail


Guerrilla mail is one of the most popular fake email generator service which creates quickly and look very much like a conventional email location. The customer inbox IDs created by the users last long and the email that you receive in the inbox gets deleted automatically within an hour no matter whether you read them or not. This email Id can be used as a temporary email address to keep your original ID safe. You can easily compose and draft emails and it provides an IP address during sending and receiving such emails.



This is one of the best fake mail generator website which generates expendable email locations. The fake ID can be used to access any website and view its content without having a fear of getting spam mails from there. The email ID created on Mailinator can be sent to the trash folder and you can check emails on monthly, weekly or daily basis. Mailinator maintains records for each email ID that you use when an email comes from it.

3. AirMail


Can an expendable email provide the comfort of standard email? Yes, to some extent, temporary email IDs created on AirMail can be used in third party websites. This is a Mac OS and iOS mail app that will auto-generate an email at your arrival and that email id can be used while surfing un-trusted websites. In order to enable a new emails you have no need to sign in to AirMail. These email locations stay considerable and you can see messages again and again by coming back to the website or using your private URL on another device. The emails you receive will be deleted from the website within 24 hours so that the sender cannot get your IP address.


mailexpire-com is a simple and easy to use Fake Email Generator Website which creates temporary email location which can be used by visitors to send emails to their contacts or registrations. This email provides more safety as it doesn’t require your original details to generate an expendable email location. The email IDs created by are ageless and you can use them for a lifetime. You can actually use them to send emails to your friends and also use them in online shopping as well.



This is another good option and has additional features compared to other website for creating fake email addresses. You can consider it as one the best fake email generator tool which creates disposable email locations without wasting time and users can go to unknown websites and use these email locations to avoid spam and unwanted entry of any junk data into their devices. Alike your standard email ID, you receive alerts on your system when a new mail arrives and you can check those emails on the homepage of the website through the inbox tab.

6. 10 Minute Mail


Its a unique temporary email generator website which creates a fake email id for 10 minutes. If ten minutes are sufficient for you to utilize that email location and distribute it among all the websites or contact where you don’t want to showcase your original email ID then its fine, otherwise you can choose another 10 minutes  using the small connection below the email address. These email addresses get generated automatically when users visit to the website and after 10 minutes get terminated too.



Yopmail is very easy to use, simple and quick email generator tool. You can use to create a random email location with just few clicks. All you need to do is just visit the website > check mail > Done and your email address will be ready to use. You can copy that ID and use wherever you want without any hassle. However, do not expect enhanced functionalities like other tools. For instance, getting alerts while receiving an email etc.

8. Fake Inbox


This website allows users to utilize either an auto-generated or custom username which comes for a time duration of one hour and you can see the time remaining at the bottom of the page through a timer. However, users can restore the life of the email location or delete it within a second if don’t want it. They can also view and answer emails through the interface provided within the website. The service is free, but you may see fewer advertisements.


fake-inbox is another astonishing Fake Email Generator website which allows users to create an email address with domain without any registration. You have no need to give your personal details to create multiple email locations. In order to create temporary email location which can be used by people on un-trusted websites you need to go to the website and select the user ID then click on Go.

10. Discard.Email


If you are looking for distinctive domains then Discard.Email is nice solution for you as it offers 20 separate domains to choose for your temporary email address. You get an additional inbox and lock it using a password so that you can use the fake email id like a real one for a limited time duration. The website is simple to use and you need to hit the ‘key icon’ to generate random email address, at the same time you can choose a domain required for that email ID. There would be an option to sign in to check your inbox which can be used to reply back to important emails that carry confirmation links.

These fake email address generating tools can help you to get fake IDs for some time and use them over the various websites to avoid spam and junk emails in return. Some websites provide email IDs for longer time, but require your original credentials too. Hopefully the list of such fake email generator websites will help you to choose the right one for you easily.

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