25 Best Free ROKU Private Channels: Specially Handpicked for You

best Roku Private Channels

In the present age of consumerism, most customers look out for extra services that a channel distributor provides. Gaining maximum profit is not just the objective of a company, but it is the same for receivers or customers.

Roku offers various paid as well as free channel subscriptions. The unique selling point of their services is the volume of channels that they offer. They give their customers broad range access to a wide variety of free streaming channels. Besides that, there are many other Roku private channels, which are hidden.

Irrespective of whether you are streaming for the first time in the Roku store, you are sure to find some new and fresh channels to subscribe. They have a total of 4,500 channels and above to stream. This number is inclusive of all the new and also, some of the best free channels that they offer.

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What is Roku Private Channels?

The official online channel store of Roku includes many channels which are viewable to everybody, but there are many hidden channels as well which are also called private Roku channels that are not visible to the public. That is, when the users surf through the channel guide on the TV remote, they do not find these private channels. There are many reasons for them being hidden like some are in the beta format, and some require membership, some are third-party programs,and more.etc.

How to Add Roku Private Channels?

To get access to these private channels, one has to install them first. First, you have to visit the official Roku site. Sign in to your Roku account and go ahead to your account web page. Find the Manage Account option under which you will find Add Channel option. However, make sure you use the same Roku account which you use on your Roku Box.

The Steps are as Follows:

1)    Go to Manage Account

2)    Under this, you will see Add a Channel option Click on that option

3)    After clicking here, you will have to write the unique code or invitation code to add your favorite beta or private or third party channel

4)    Write the channel’s code also called “channel access code” or “invitation code” that you desire to watch under the dialogue box of the Website of Roku

5)    Then click “Add Channel” and surprise! Your new channel has been added to your Roku account and simultaneously will be queued on your Roku box for installation.

How to check if the Channel was added to Roku Box?

This is simple, all you have to do turn on your Roku, then the subscribed channel will automatically be updated onto your Roku guide in less than 24 hours while checking for updates. However, if you are not the type of person who likes waiting, then there is a simple method to make this process immediate follow the steps given below that will guide you how to check for download and do it immediately:

1)    Open your Settings Menu and select System Settings

2)    Now enter System update and choose “Check Now” option

3)    Moreover, you are done, you Roku will automatically download all the private channels which were added by you.

Top 25 Best ROKU Private Channels for 2018

There are more than 4500 channels on Roku where many are private channels. So here is the list of the best 25 Free Private Roku channels you can download.

1. Clikia

As mentioned previously, go to the home page of your Roku account and enter the code of Clikia channel which is “clikialive” and adds the channel. This channel feature live videos in high definition quality. It also offers more than hundred live channels, on-demand video, and free commercial radio facility. Clikia caters to every member of your family as it includes a full range of TV series and movies, reality shows, and family-centric programs as well. This channel also acts as an incubator where upcoming broadcasters can get a kick start with a Channel Construction Subscription.

2. Back from the Grave

Back from the Grave is a 2.6 rated private channel of Roku. The channel mainly features programs like Tales of Tomorrow (science fiction), suspense category (mystery and murder thrillers and Noir), horror flicks, twilight zone, Occult series and movies, psychological thrillers, etc. To install the channel of Back to the Grave one has to enter the code of “BFTG” and go ahead to add the same.

3. Donkey Kong Remake

The private channel of Donkey Kong Remake is still at a beta testing level and is not widely available as yet. This particular free private channel is thus only available on specific devices recommended by the Roku Channel Store. Roku 3, Roku 2 XD (3050X), Roku 4, new Roku Streaming Stick (3600X), Roku 2 HD (3000X), Roku 2 XS (3100X) and 4K Roku TV’s (6000X) are some of the devices on which the Donkey Kong Remake private channel is available.

4. Toonami Aftermath TV

The code that is to be entered to install this channel of Toonami Aftermath TV is “RRNNKLQ.” The same method as mentioned earlier is to be followed while installing it. Toonami Aftermath TV is one of the most recent launch free private channels of Roku. The Roku free private channel of Toonami Aftermath TV is a medium through which Roku users can get access to the entire list of the currently available round the clock broadcast channel.

5. Newswire

This free private channel of Roku which is called Newswire is moderately famous with an average rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars. This particular channel majorly focuses on telecasting live news related programs. It involves mostly French and English news programs. It features channels like RTE, C-SPAN 1 2 and 3, CGTV English, etc. if a user wishes to install this private Roku channel, then he or she has to put the code of  “newswire.”

6. Super Stalker

Among various another free private Roku channel, the Super Stalker channel is a 2.8 rated channel.  The code that has to be entered to complete the adding and installation process for the channel is “STBEMU.” In this Roku Channel platform, the Super Stalker is the very first of its kind that comes under the 5.x.x series STB Emulator.

7. Euro Roku

“Euroroku” is the designated code that is required to be entered under the enter code option that comes once you go to the Manage Account portion on your Roku home page of your account. All you need to do after putting in the code is to click on the Add Channel option. This channel of Euroroku mainly features live French, Bulgarian, German and Moldovian channels on your Roku account. This channel provides premium European channels that total up to more than 100 channels. You can now use this channel to stream channels, mostly European ones in the Television efficiently. Euro Roku delivers HD quality entertainment shows.

8. Load Runner Remake

The Load Runner Remake is one of those channels that are one of the oldest launched Roku free private channels in the list. It belongs to the traditional age of the 80’s. This is a gaming channel, and the users have the liberty to choose from various game versions like Professional which comprises of 150 levels, 150 leveled Classic game versions and 50 levels of Championship. The sprite options are 5 in number, and they are Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, IBM-DOS CGA and Atari 8 bits. This gaming channel can be installed from your Roku account by merely entering the designated code for the channel. In this case, it is “LodeRunnerPreview.”

9. Syntrix Beta

There are private channels which act as a guide in streaming songs and videos to their personal Roku account from everywhere and anywhere. Syntrix Beta is one such channel. The channel stores both the audio and video files online in either Google Drive or Dropbox and with the help of Android Application the channel creates an organized list of song and movie playlist. The entire playlist that you may have set up on the App of Android will be visible on this Syntrix Channel of Roku. The installation code for the channel is “synctrixbeta.”

10. MaddyGTV Late Night

The code that you would require to successfully get the channel on your Roku account without facing any problem is “MGTVLN.” This is the channel that features classic movies of the 90’s era and few from the 2000’s. All movies are only broadcasted in the late hours of the night. A special mention must be made that all content of this particular channel is only for individuals above 18 years of age. Out of 5 stars, the channel has a rating of 2.5 stars. This is the pioneering late night HD quality movie channel under the umbrella of Roku channel store.

11. Hero Talkies

This is the free Roku Private Channel that exclusively features movies of Tamil origin. It is evident from its very description that this new free private channel aims at targeting worldwide audiences that speak and understand the Tamil language. This channel can be accessed from more than one device for watching HD quality movies end entertainment shows online. You can avail excellent Tamil movies in this channel only by a monthly and yearly subscription of $7.99 and $79.99. The code for this channel is “herotalkies.”

12. Maddy Mation

It is a 24-hour channel that features cartoon movies mostly the best of the lot. It offers films ranging from ‘Pixar’ short movies to new and upcoming feature films directed by students from Animation sector. Presently this private channel is under construction and will soon become available to Roku users, and then they can install it by putting the “MADDYMATION” code.

13. Cannabis Channel

To install this channel one requires entering the code of “SPTFM.” This private Roku channel is a 2.4 rated channel, and it is a Livestream channel that features all the necessary data on the usage of Marijuana and related news programs concerning the same.

14. iTunes Podcast

The code for this private Roku channel is “it” to install the iTunes Podcast Channel. The channel has a rating of 2.4 stars. The channel helps in browsing listening, searching and watching tunes from the library of iTunes Podcast on your customized Roku Player.

15. Bible Church International

This circuit provides sermons and Holy teachings. This channel also is exclusively for the religious and believing masses, where all day long speeches, hymns, and His words are shown and talked about.

16. RokuMovies

This channel provides the good old classic movies of Hollywood like Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, For a Few Dollars more, etc. This channel is a perfect choice for those who love the classic movies.

17. CCloud

It is an open source cloud storage for the IPTV services. It provides live streaming in a seamless manner, and it developed into the community for the communities are more into live streaming television viewing. It’s very simple to operate too, plug, click and play. That’s it.

18. Shockwerks TV

These channels show live streaming of horror shows, sci-fi shows, music shows and comedy too. This is a round the clock channel. You will get to see programs whenever you put on the channel. Every week 10 pm EST a new content is aired. During the commercial breaks, you can see, engaging ads, trailers, and funny videos. Most of the movies start around 8 pm, 10 pm 12 am, 2 am.

19. StageHop Private

If you own a Roku Box and want to view the next StageHop Event this channel is the perfect one to choose.

20. El Cartel TV

This is one of the many sports channel showcasing Colombian channels. RCN HD, CARACOL HD, UNE TV, etc.

21. Science Fiction and Beer

When you come back tired from work and crash on your sofa with a bottle of beer and see that your favorite science fiction movie or series is on, what else do you need! This channel is perfect for all the sci-fi lovers.

22. Blacklisted Radio

This show gets one of the best celebrities to talk about various topics with a primary focus on war and politics in this fast-paced 21st century.


This gives you a chance to watch your favorite Netflix, YouTube, and HULU, play PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 over your home wifi network. You also get to watch TV within this.

24. SageBin

It is a movie streaming app through which you can see Blu-ray, VHS, and DVD on every one of your internet compatible devices.

25. Nowhere Kat

Meerkats also have an existence in the virtual world as they take part in live streaming as well.


So these are the list of best private channels of Roku, you can add them to your Roku channels list, by click on the above channel code, but make sure you are signed in to your Roku account. Alternatively, you can use the channel code to add these channels. Well, there are many other private channels of Roku that are not listed here. Alternatively, if you know any, you can comment its channel code below.

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