50 Best Paid/Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online

Free Movie Streaming Sites

Entertainment has been an integral part of human life experience, no matter what the timeline is. Entertainment can be used as adding salt to our discomfort or distasteful life. It helps life keep going while preventing it from becoming dull and boring at the same time.

We will be looking at the source of some free entertainment today that you can find over the internet. Many of our American friends have movies on top of their list when it comes to killing the boredom and time as well. Although, there already are many different types of movies and their sources.

This post will be discussing 50 websites providing free and paid movies streaming across the internet. After digging the internet, I found these websites and sorted them following various criteria based on user preferences like download permissions, user interface, access without account, user experience, stream quality and all of the annoying advertisements

The Best Movie Streaming Websites to Watch Movies Online

As we all know watching movies have always been in trend and the cheapest and easiest considered time pass anyone could do. So first let’s talk about the best free movie streaming websites through which anyone can easily watch movies online without spending a penny. Below are the 25 best free online movie providers or streaming websites.

25 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites

1.Fmovies(dot)to – Watch Free Movies Online Now

25 Best Free movie streaming websitesWe recommend using Fmovies because it fits in every aspect. It provides free high buffer rate streaming with great quality. Fmovies is using many ads, but the quality and service are worth it. Or you can use Adblockers for Ad free experience. You can stream movies and series both from fmovies that too for free. The site always stays updated, user interface and experience both are up to the mark. The site is https protected too. Thus it is secure. The best of all, no sign-up required to watch movies on fmovies.

2.Vumoo(dot)li – Free Movies Online Without Downloading

Vumoo.liAnother gem you can consider to use is vumoo. Giving a tough competition to fmovies. Vumoo allows you to stream high-quality movies and tv-series. The site is updated quite frequently. The site is providing a variety of movies, including the latest of Hollywood. The user-interface is really adorable, and the site flow is quite smooth. No signup required. The site is using HTTP protection, thus it is potential to some security breaches.

3.Movie4k(dot)tv – Free Movie Streaming Sites

movie4kMovie4ktv uses open load and various other hosting platforms to serve free streaming. The user interface is quite primitive; one can easily sort and search movies on the basis of quality, and hosting platforms. Overall the website is great to serve. Movie4k features latest movies and is frequently updated. The site is https protected too. Thus it is secure. They do not require sign-up in order to stream or watch movies online.

4.WolowTube(dot)me – Best Movie Streaming Sites

WolowTubeAnother Google-like search engine for our free movies. The website acts as a portal to search the internet in itself to provide us direct movie streaming links. Easy to use and productive in itself. It features latest movies with different streaming providers. The providers are frequently updated thus providing better options to look for latest movies. Ads are minimal; no sign-up is needed. The user interface of Wolowtube is also quite good.

5.5Movies(dot)to – Best Free Movie Sites

5movie5Movies is one of the best movie streaming site with no registration to stream. It features all the latest movies and tv-series to stream for free. The quality is definitely great, and it also has an option of downloading the movies you watch. The best thing here is, it has multiple streaming providers. Thus you have also had backups. There are lots of ads though, but this website is worth the service.

6.SnagFilms(dot)com – Free Moviw Website

snagfilmsSnagfilms is another quality website providing high-quality movies. SnagFilms features a limited number of movies, but are sorted in genres making it easier for the user to be entertained according to his mood. Cannot say if the site is frequently updated because it does not feature any of the latest movies. The user-interface is decent, and the search flow is quite cool. No sign-up required and the ads are also minimal.

7.Watch Free(dot)PRO- Free Movies Online without Downloading or Signing Up

watch-free proWatch Free Pro is another awesome website featuring most of the latest Hollywood movies and tv-series. It allows you to stream them all for free. The annoying part of this website is that it requires you to sign-up before you can stream here. The stream quality is really fantastic. The user interface is primitive, and search flow is also great.

8.Viooz(dot)vc – Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Viooz is another popular and great website that excels in providing latest tv-shows and movies to stream for free. Viooz requires sign-up before one can stream the movie which can be completed within seconds. The movie quality offered is quite great. Its design and search flow both are primitive. There were no ads while streaming thus making the overall experience very rich.

9.Viewster(dot)com – Free Movie Streaming Sites no Sign Up

Viewster unlike most of the other websites, do not use many ads. It has a very limited number of movies to stream, most of them are classics. Cannot say if the site is frequently updated because it does not feature any of the latest movies. The user-interface is all right; the user experience is quite great. No signup required. The advertisements are minimal on this website; the user will not face any all of sudden, annoying popups.

10.ShoutFactory(dot)com- Online Movie Streaming

Shoutfactory unlike other websites, do not use ads much. It has a very limited number of movies to stream, most of them are animated movies. Cannot say if the site is frequently updated, it features none of the latest movies. The user-interface is awesome, and the user experience is also great. The site is protected with https protection. Thus it is very secure. They do not require sign-up in order to stream.

11.Los Movies(dot)cc – Streaming Movie Sites

Los Movies
Los movies is another streaming website growing at a very promising rate around the United States and other English countries. The user interface and stream quality of the website seem to be good, and they keep updating their database of movies regularly, keeping the audience to keep visiting for more fresh content. No signup required on Los movies, one can stream for free.

12.Popcornflix(dot)com – Watch free movies online without Downloading

PopcornflixPopcornflix becomes most chosen streaming website when it comes to adding new movies to its index. It does not require sign-up or an account to watch movies; you can simply stream movies by their genres. The list of movies found here includes Comedy, Romance, Horror, Drama, Action, Kids, Documentary, Sci-fi, short films, etc. All it needs is a simple click to play movies so no need to download the whole movie.

13.MovieZoot(dot)com- Full movies online for free without Downloading

moviezootMoviezoot is featured with a primitive design, it allows to stream movies free of cost with a decent quality, streaming from its large movie library. However, the number of movies found here are limited, but the streaming quality is up to the mark. No sign-up required.

14.Veoh – Best websites to watch free Movies

Veoh is another popular streaming platform widely used by people across the globe, famous for its multiple varieties it does not requires any signup. The ads are minimal, and it offers good quality site. The user interface is quite impressive.


The number one choice of many people across the globe. Free Movies TV Show website provides fast streaming across the globe with least ads so far. The movie index is updated on a daily basis, thus making its visitors always updated about the new shows and movies.


123 moviesAnother streaming website, 123movies is one of the most awesome websites in the streaming market today, people prefer 123movies because it has less number of ads and we can find regularly updated movies here. The stream quality and speed are really nice.


My Couch TunerMy couch tuner is famous for its hourly update. Are you searching for recent released movie or tv-show? Well, my couch tuner will be the first to upload that movie on their website. The number of ads is not much. Overall, this web service provider is really great.

18.Xmovies8(dot)ru – Best Free Movie Streaming Online

Xmovies8One of my favorite websites similar to fmovies, xmovies8 allows you to stream at much higher speed than any other streaming service out there. The number of ads is really annoying though, but overall the service is worth a choice. Movies and Tv show both can be found here; the list is frequently updated thus Xmovies8 is worth visiting.


House movie is another movie streaming websites, it updates and lists all the announced and released movies. This site is famous for movie trailers, movies, and tv-series. The streaming quality and user interface are really fantastic. Overall web service is up to the mark.
Download – No, they do not allow movie and tv-series downloads.


Yes, movies is another look-a-like of fmovies, with feweris knownd stream quality. The site keeps updating movies time by time. The design and feel of the website are very well and attractive. The movie streaming quality is also great.


Allmovie is another promising website that allows streaming movies for free. The site is frequently updated. The movies are sorted according to their genres; the streaming also quite good and ad-free. All movies fit as a perfect website for spending the weekend with your favorite movies.

22.Flicks Tree

Flicks Tree
Flicks tree features a large number of movies sorted by their genre and types. It also provides geographical area based movie listing, making easier to stream popular movies according to your geographical locations.

23.Bee Movie


For those who want to stream movies from their mobile phones too, bee movie app is a must see website. They do offer their streaming android application on play store too. It features Asian and English movies, making it a favorite spot for Asians who live streaming movies online.

24.Top Documentary Films

top documentry films
Another streaming website, it features documentaries mostly hosted on youtube making its top choice for documentary viewers. The streaming is seemingly fast and great. The quality is up to the mark and best of all, no ads at all.

25.Youtube Movies

Owned by Google and favorite to many geeks. Youtube movies provide the best streaming experience ever with their large library of movies available. The movies provided are both free and paid. The user interface and experience were very great.
Youtube Movies is totally ad-free. It gives a genuine feel to the viewer. A Google mail account is required in order to access the Youtube Movies.

The Best Paid Online Movie Streaming Websites.

While there were many free streaming websites with annoying ads and limited options. Here we are presenting next 25 best-paid movie streaming services. That allows users to watch hassle free ad fewer movies without any interruptions. The list goes as follows:

25 Best Paid Movie Streaming Sites:


We personally recommend using Netflix; it is just awesome. You will never see any commercial at Netflix, it gives you loads of choices and best of all, its price. You can get the Netflix subscription ar only 9$ per month, and you can use it overall anywhere.
It uses machine learning skills to adapt according to your likes and dislikes, making it different from other streaming services out there. You will have premium unedited content. No restrictions, no filters just pure content.


What made this streaming service my second option, is its commercials, Hulu provides everything and helps viewers catch up with the latest series, but the commercials are annoying. Hulu supports many devices and comes with a monthly subscription of 8 USD. No restrictions, no filters you will get the pure unedited content. It is quite popular among those who seek an alternative to Netflix.

3.Amazon Instant video

However, once I read somewhere that Amazon Instant video provides more choices than any other in the market, I have to admit that it really does. With an irresistible user interface and awesome search flow, it is a complete package. It is suitable for families. It comes at a price of $7.99 for a month, and trust me it is worth it. Give it a try today, follow the above link.

4.Sony PlayStation Vue

Are you looking for some replacement for your boring cable TV? Then Sony PlayStation Vue is just made for you. It is a complete replacement for cable TV; it features almost every channel. What makes it different? You can rewind, pause, record any channels and Livestreams as well. You can even fast-forward the advertisements on the recorded streams. What is the price for all this? Well not quite cheap as expected, it comes with a $50 subscription for a month.

5.Sling Orange

If you want an alternative for Sony playstation vue for a cheap rate? Then Sling Orange is the place for you. Sling orange subscription comes at $20 per month and contains almost every channel. In addition, it supports IOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google’s Nexus Player, Xbox One, the new Chrome cast via the Sling TV app, any Android TV system and nearly every Roku device can use this service provider. It is suitable for you if you are the only one who wants to use it.

6.Sling Blue

Though most of us got families and getting a substitute for everyone is a real pain. So right from the SlingBOX we have Sling Blue, same features as mentioned in Sling Orange, it supports a same number of devices. What is changed then? Just the number of streams per sub. You can share the sub with your family. Worried about the rate? It’s quite cheap when compared to Sony PlayStation Vue, just for $25 per month.

7.YouTube Movies

A personal obsession, YouTube now owned by Google is always focused on delivering high-quality service and user experience. You can easily watch a movie on demand from YouTube. No hidden charges and subscriptions, just order a movie and enjoy.
The cross-device compatibility is quite awesome with YouTube Movies. You can watch in any device that can open YouTube.


After digging a little I came to know that EPIX was the first premium network to provide multi-platform access on their website as well as on video game consoles, and other TV streaming technologies. It is used by a lot of people across America. The rates are quite cheap too. The uptime for this network is quite promising as 99.9% and you get a variety of movies to stream. It does offers variety of features. You can know more from the link below:

9.Google Play Movies & TV

As Google say, “Google Play Movies & TV allows you to watch movies and TV shows purchased or rented on Google Play.” The one liner was enough self-explanatory, you can watch high-quality movies and tv-shows both on google play movies & TV.
This benefits comes at a rate of 14.99 USD per month or is set according to each individual purchase. For more please consider the link below.


Acquired by Walmart, Vudu is best in itself when it comes to streaming movies. Just like youtube movies you do not need any subscription. Just buy or rent the specific movie you want to watch and pay for it. However monthly subscription is also available for $16.99 per month. You only can have the movie here, when it is released in BluRay.

11.Cinema Now

Cinema Now is know to its low rental and buying rates. It gives you variety of hundreds of thousands. You can save and burn the movies or tv-shows for offline viewing later in a DVD. However the website not yet support Mac and downloading on portable devices. Officials says it will be available soon.
You can have the membership of cinema now for just $19.99 per month.


A popular choice among the users who watch on-demand movies. But is dis-considered among most because of its slow shipping and a few number of stores. However, they do provide quite reasonable prices and is really a good choice for those who don’t like doing things on the internet much. The subscription comes at a rate of $7.99 per month.

13.Acorn Tv

A well-known among the lovers of British movies and tv-series. It isn’t well known in the market, still, it is a great streaming platform. It provides streaming at very cheap rate, as low as $4.99 per month. It provides the variety of tv-series and movies, and some of the British entertainment that even netflix fails to. Overall user experience is not so good. But it is worth trying.


A quite popular choice among viewers, when it comes to classic and non-bloodshed movies most of the people out there prefer fandor over netflix. Fandor claims that it has more than 80% of movies that netflix do not provide. The price for per month subscription is quite low as 10 bucks a month, and on opting for a year membership leaves you with a 7.5% discount i.e. just $90 for a year subscription.

15.Fandango Now

Previously known as M-GO , fandago now is a popular choice among users. With it’s large movie and tv-series library it interests many of the people out there. One can easily find and stream movie or show accordingly, thanks to their customer friendly user interface. It runs on pay per view procedure, thus no subscription is requried. It’s minimal rate of per view is $1.99 for most of the choices, not all though.


A korean drama streaming website for instance, but it does provide some other shows too. As viki states on their website “Be entertained with a variety of TV shows and movies from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, entertainment news and more with the Viki On-the-Go app. ”. The monthly pass or subscription for viki is available for $4.99. The user interface is quite good and service is great.

17.My Life Time

Owned by A+E neNetworksa Partially owned company of Walt Disney). With it’s large movie and tv-series library it interests many of the people out there. While the pricing and much details are not specified by the website. It still is quite popular among viewers. Check out My Life Time using the link below :

18.Sling TV

Another streaming platform is quite controversial for its price. For $20 per month subscription Sling TV features limited numbers of channels with limited numbers of features like recording, rewinding, pausing, forwarding. Even some of the major on-demand channels are not available with Sling TV. Still it’s library is quite enormous and the cable setup is truly internet based. Thus ti is ‘no-cords’ cable setup.

19.Crunchy Roll

With a monthly subscription of $6.50 crunchy roll is another internet video streaming service that gives you unlimited access to high-quality anime and tv shows. Crunchy roll is quite popular among the anime lovers because of its low cost driven service and online comics too. The user interface being quite primitive still is loved by many.


Owned by Apple itself, iTunes provide movies and tv-shows on the rental basis that too for reasonable prices. In addition, one can even watch a movie or show on the repeat of 24 hour watching windows. However many users complain about the small viewing window size and the slow buffer speed they get from servers especially impatient viewers. However, the price per view is quite reasonable and fair which is the reason why most of the viewers readily compromise. This rentals service is only supported with Apple TV, that’s the main reason which made Itunes rank here in our list. It costs $2.99-$4.99 per view.

21.Box Tv

Focused of Bollywood and Hollywood shows and movies, Box TV’s website describes them as “we are a premium video service that brings to you the latest movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Regional, TV shows and premium video content in one place. BoxTV provides you a way to access content from your favorite studios and channels in a highly optimized and with world-class user experience.”. Clearly their statements are promising. It currently features most of it’s content for as low as $0. Yeah it is free for now.

22.HBO Now

Subscribing to HBO Now, owned by Home Box Office network you can have access to all of their tv-series and movies in the highest quality for a fare amount. However many of the audience doesn’t prefer HBO Now cuz of its lack of offline viewing. Allover HBO Now is the fantastic choice for HBO fans, but it will lack some of the finest shows and movies because of strict HBO thing. It provides the subscription for 14.99 dollars per month.


Seeso is described as “a new service that provides on-demand access to all the ad-free comedy you can watch, certainly hope so.” over some corners of internet. It is a streaming platform providing high definition comedy movies and shows. It’s library is quite enormous and still is growing. You can access all of the comedy with just $3.99, reasonable and fair. Where else are you getting your dose of comedy for this cheap ? Let us know.


Another genre focused streaming service, shudder is a must watch for horror fans. It often is called the streaming service that horror fans deserve. It contains the best of horror movies and tv-shows you will ever find. One of the largest library of horror movies and shows, requires a very less amount as its monthly subscription. Every horror mate out there reading this, must try shudder once.

25.Sky Go

The Sky Go app allows you to watch a handful of Sky channels on your mobile, tablet or laptop for free if you have a Sky TV subscription. It is a popular cable network among people in united states. However, it’s limited data support per subscription fails in making it a good choice for people. Overall the pricing is fair, but the choice for different channels is less. However, you can only use it on two devices at most, making it horrible for some people.

So, I have listed both paid and free movie streaming sites, all of them are working fine and have a large collection of movies and TV shows. Free sites are flooded with ads, if you don’t want to see ads, you can try the paid sites or use adblocker. Make a list of movies you want to watch, and start enjoying movies online without downloading.

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