15 Best Gacha Games for Android and iPhone Users

best gacha games for android

Gaming is a very unique method to get out of daily stress and feel the relief, nowadays it is also becoming a profession and earning source for so many people in the world. 

Many people love to play action games, adventure games, and role-playing games.  And they also love Gacha games. 

Gacha games are the initiative of Japanese game developers, where the players have to collect the in-game currency for collecting the different powers and characters in the games.

Best Gacha Games for Android and iPhone Users

For supporting them in their gaming experience we have listed 15 best gacha games in this article, you can also download them with the download link provided in the article. 

1. Epic Seven 

  • Game Release: 30 August, 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 1 or More
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & for iOS

With the Epic range of characters and the universal gacha game theme, the game Epic Seven is very popular in several locations including Japan in the World.  This is one of the most beloved gacha games for all RPG game lovers. 

This is a fully animated 2D game with lots of features and fighting skills to learn.

It allows you to build your own Gacha world with the characters(which needs the virtual and real money), which makes this game very interesting. 

Epic Seven is a game which is also available with the features like World boss and World Arena, it allows the audience to play with the players from the different locations in the world. 

The game has more than 10 languages option, which is good for the regular players of the Epic Seven game. 

2. Another Eden

  • Game Release: 12 April, 2017
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & for iOS

Another Eden

It is an amazing gacha game with the gameplay of a time travel gaming strategy where the players have different time limits to reach out to the levels and locations in the game. 

Another Eden is a Japanese game developed on a social networking platform for free to play. 

It is an in-app purchase game where the users need to pay the real money to buy the objects and unlock the levels in the game. 

Another Eden is a highly graphical game and it is also similar to the game Chrono Trigger. 

You can play this game with your teammates,  I definitely recommend you to play JRPG mode in this game to control the full features of the game. 

Created and developed by the big industry leaders Yasunori Mitsuda and Masato Kato, this gacha game touched the level of every RPG game player.

3. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  • Game Release: January 30, 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

Dragalia Lost

After the great success of the gacha game Final Fantasy, the developers have given another Fantasy game to the world which is Dissidia.

It is a very successful game which is loved and played by almost every RPGs game lover in the world.

Not even that this game achieved very high response and reviews in the google play store from the world gacha game lovers.

In this game you will see all the characters available in the Final Fantasy game with the amazing story mode feature, which allows you to enjoy the biggest from this game.  

Even the new players not to worry for the gameplay, they will get the proper assistance and support from the Dissidia team and community to attain several levels in this game.  

4. Dragalia Lost

  • Game Release: September 27th, 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

Dragalia Lost

Even if you are a beginner or a professional RPGs games player, you will definitely like this gacha game Dragalia Lost. 

The game has achieved more than 80000+ positive reviews on google play store separately, it is a game with the unique story of fighting between the heroes and the Dragons.

The users need to improve their performance in the game to get the several powers and the weapons to kill these villains easily in this gacha game. 

You will get the chance to enjoy the fighting in this game with the 60 different characters(Highest in many games), which is a special feature of this game for the beginners in RPG gaming. 

This one is a fun game with no more money requirements, it is just for enjoyment and skills development for the gacha game players. 

5. The Alchemist Code

  • Game Release: November 14th, 2017
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

The Alchemist Code

The anime world of Japan has one more amazing game which gives powers to the RPG game lovers to take the challenge and kill the enemies in the game The Alchemist Code.

It is a fully 3D gacha game with the hybrid music features, you will definitely enjoy this super fight gacha game in your mobiles. 

In the game you will enjoy the RPG strategy method for beating the enemy in the fight. It gives you the power to encounter the position of your gacha mates with the strategy to win the game.

If you are a beginner and want to get more gacha in the game, you will need to win the several levels in the game to get these gacha mates. 

This is a free game, which means you will not need to pay the money for playing the game but once you start the game they will tell you to buy several objects in the game to increase your level.

It is one of finest gacha for all RPG lovers. 

6. Tales of Erin

  • Game Release: September 6th, 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android and iOS 

Tales of Erin

The Tales of Erin, the developers, has shown a great story behind this game. This includes the war scene between the god and human world. 

It is a game with the power itself, the fight scene, sound effects and the animation used in the game makes everybody a strong player for this game. 

Not even the Japanese who built this amazing RPG gacha game, the people among the world liked and downloaded this game. 

With a team of 80 heroes which you get with the gacha system, you will need to fight the enemies to save your world and win the game. 

This is a team game, which means you can also play this game with your loved ones by its real-time multiplayer feature.

You must go with the Tales of Erin, if you seriously want to enjoy the gacha games in your android and iPhone devices. 

7. Langrisser Mobile

  • Game Release:22 January 2019
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

Langrisser Mobile

Langrisser is a series fighting gacha game, it is also developed on the RPG Strategy mechanics, where the user can select the desired position of their gacha mates during the fight. 

It is a game with a general story, where they show the cold war for religious concepts like ditheism. 

The game is developed with the advanced graphics system, which says you will never find any sort of graphics insufficiency in the game.

The game arrives at the climax where the chapter 4 “Langrisser IV Epilogue” begins, where the players will fight with enemies with the 30 units at one time. 

You can easily download this game from the google play store and Apple App store on your devices.

8. BanG Dream

  • Game Release:16 March, 2017
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

BanG Dream

BanG Dream is an amazing Gacha Rhythm game where the users can select the rhythms from the list of 160 different songs. 

This is a dedicated game for all the gacha rhythm and adventure game lovers.  

This is a free to play game with a very friendly user experience and features.

This is a bunch of games where the users will enjoy the different genre of gacha game at one place. 

9. Gacha Life

  • Game Release: 7 October 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

Gacha Life

The other most played gacha game is Gacha Life, Gacha life is a creative game with the basic gameplay, where the users can create their own gacha world with their characters. 

You will also allow in the game to dress up your characters with the fashionable clothes and accessories in the game. 

You can also enjoy this game on your personal computers, you will just need to install it first from its approved resources.

You can also make your character’s story with the help of different modes in Gacha Life games like, studio mode and life mode. 

You will definitely enjoy this gacha game if you love to make your real-life stories with the help of your own characters.

10. Marvel Strike Force

  • Game Release: 13 March 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

Marvel Strike Force

The Another Gacha Game that comes in the list is Marvel Strike Force. 

The game with whatever you expect in a RPG game, this is a well-developed gacha game with lots of interesting features and visuals. 

As you have already seen the Marvel level in its movies, you must explore this stunning gacha game on your devices. 

In the game the heroes of the Marvel community will fight for you to ensure your winning in the game Marvel Strike Force. 

The game has both PvP and PvE aspects, but I personally suggest you to play the PvE(Players to Environment) aspect if you need to enjoy the game. 

11. RAID: Shadow Legends

  • Game Release: 29 July 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free RPG game for all the mobile users in the world.

The game has a separate story behind the gameplay, you will enjoy the secret weapons and the interesting powers of your 100’s characters in the game. 

The game is designed with a 3D realistic view, which gives you more energy to beat your enemies in the wars of the game.

Here you can also add your friends to play the Pvp aspect of this amazing game. 

The PvE map of this game is very big which includes various fights to save the Teleria world from the foes. 

This is a multilingual game, which means you can enjoy this game in your regional language without hurdles.   

12. One Piece Bounty Rush

  • Game Release: 29 March 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

One Piece Bounty Rush

Here comes the leanest game on the list, One Piece Bounty Rush. 

This is the only game which I believe not even a single Gacha lover has played yet. 

This is one of finest treasure looting games which also allows the 4 by 4 multiplying option. 

Here you can make your unlimited Pirate Crew for looting and you will also get the chance to add more characters in your team while playing the game. 

Once you complete the loot with the highest treasure you will become the pirate king in the game.

13. Gacha World

  • Game Release: 6 November, 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

Gacha World
Gacha World is another game after Gacha Life in the list by the creator’s lunime. The game is quite similar to the Gacha life game. 

It also has more than 90 characters in the list for making the in-app stories from these characters. 

You will also see the dressing outfits and accessories in the game to make your own gacha characters. 

The amazing thing in the game is you will also enjoy the in-app currency, which is enough to spend on your gacha characters in the game. 

You will not need to spend more from your pocket to enjoy this pretty game. 

14. Arknights

  • Game Release: 16 January 2020
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS


Arknights is the first Chinese gacha game on the list, which was first released in China, and later the game was released in the world’s gaming community. 

It is a pure SRPG gacha game, where you need to make your own team fight the battles. 

The focus of the game is to collect more and more characters and get them used while fighting.

The effects and the graphics are not much cool like the others, but yes if you are a beginner, you will enjoy it. 

15. Dragon Ball Legends

  • Game Release: 17 May 2018
  • No. of  Players: 1 or More 
  • Free or Paid: In-Purchase 
  • Download: For Android & iOS

Dragon Ball Legends

With the latest character designs and world-class sound and animation effects the game Dragon Ball Legends has become very popular in the gaming community. 

It is a pure action gacha RPG game, the action lovers will never go out of it once they start playing it. 

This game is best suitable for your mobile devices, where you will see the 3D and sound effects on your phone. 

Collect your all popular characters from the game to fight in the most actionable gacha fights in Dragon Ball. 

Just call your friends and tell them to be with you in the game with the PvP feature of this game. 

This is I think the best Anime Action game in the gacha world. 


With this complete list of so many interesting gacha games, you will definitely pick the most interesting ones from the list and start playing them after reading this article.

We will soon add more trending gacha games on this list, we hope you enjoyed these games. 

If you enjoyed it seriously, please tell us in the comments which is your favorite gacha game from the above list. 

You can also suggest your favorite gacha game which we have not covered in this list. 


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