Top 5 Best Picasa Alternative Photo Album and Editor

Picasa has undoubtedly been a great organiser and photo editor; however, there are a range of alternatives to Picasa which shall serves the same purpose in better ways and also have a range of other features to offer. Picasa will no longer get updates and therefore it is good to switch to other alternatives to Picasa. And according to recent news Google is shutting down Picasa. There are many better Picasa alternatives are available, you can check these Picasa substitute also.

picasa alternative

Best Picasa Alternative Photo Album and Editor

1. Google photos

Google photos

Well, having used Picasa earlier, Google Photos is the ideal alternative for Picasa as it shall be a newer and better platform. Also, after havung offered Picasa to the users, it is quite the right thing Google has done to allow them to access those photos with just a login and the photos or videos shall be updated automatically.

2. Photoscape

Photoscape is yet abother amazing altenative to Picasa, it also allows you to edit, enhance pictures and as well create those speical effects. From the baaic fixing and collages to gifs, edits and a lot more. Though it doesn’t offer cloud storage unlike Picasa, but it is still a versatile and ideal photo editing app.

3. Windows Photo Gallery

Windows Photo Gallery will make you feel more of like Picasa but with a simpler and better user interface. Yet again, it lacks the cliud storage option but serves as an alternative to Picasa due to the editing and picture managing features available.

The photo editing features shall keep you satisfied, the app as well allows you to share the pictures on your social networks or upload them to your drive.

4. Flickr


It all started with Yahoo’s messenger and here we are talking about yet another creation of theirs, Flickr! Though there lies q huge question mark as to what would this photo manager have in store for the future, as of now, this can be a viable alternative to Picasa given its storage and managing facilities.

There is official announcement yet to be made with regards of whether or not the services shall continue or not. Until then, enjoy Flickr!

5. Phototheca

Phototheca is an easy to use and easy to manage application, allowing you to sort photos and organize them all at one single place. It has a paid version which offers additional features such as viewing images by the date and time, timeline mode, slideshow view and many other options.

And that was all about a couple of alternatives to Picasa which shall some handy to you at any given time, some serve as a better version of what it offered while others aim to just fulfill some of the needs.

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