10 Best SNES Emulator For Windows 10 PC, Android and Linux

Super Nintendo SNES Emulator- Windows, Android and Linux

Computer games are fun and are living for some. No matter what you think of gaming, one thing is for sure. It has become much more than a leisure time activity. Huge tech events for Games like Counter-Strike, DOTA is not a new thing. Millions of dollars are being poured into the gaming industry. But where did all these started? Tracing back the history of computer games and consoles that allow you to play an uncountable number of games, one name that stands at the top is Nintendo.

For most of us, Super Nintendo Game Console was the first experience towards graphics games. It is also referred as Super Femcom. In today’s time when Games have become so much advanced, SNES emulators and simulators are a feasible way to get Nintendo gameplay experience.

snes emulator

Top SNES Emulator for Android, PC and Mac- Review and Download

Back in the early 90s when Super Nintendo was released it was an instant success. People loved it and it was a dream come true for gamers. Though it was still an early stage of game development, the solid gameplay was the main criteria that were the main factor in its huge popularity. It was the second release from the Japanese electronics company Nintendo. The earlier released Nintendo Home Entertainment System aka NES has also rocked the market in the mid and late 80s. The Super Nintendo was the upgraded version of its earlier released console that focused on better graphics and an immersive gameplay experience. You can use SNES emulator to get the classic gameplay experience.

If you are looking to play games on Super Nintendo, finding one can be a difficult task. The alternatives are available which can be used to Emulate SNES. These emulators are available on all platforms. Whether you are using a PC, Mac, Android or iOS device, you can easily use these and enjoy your leisure time. Also SNES Online Emulators are a good option to use it directly on your browser.

Here are the best SNES emulators that can be used effortlessly and offers maximum features.

SNES Emulator for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux

best snes emulators

Windows is the most used operating system around the world. The simplet interface and easily available softwares makes it the first choice for computer OS. The classic gaming console can be emulated on PC with the help of online apps. Using the Emulators is not a complex task.

How to use SNES Emulator on WIndows

  1. Download any freeware from the list below by clicking the link specified
  2. Open the downloaded zip file
  3. Click on the .exe file to open the emulator
  4. To load any particular game downloader from Here
  5. Download the game file
  6. Open your Emulator
  7. go to Game > Load and select the downloaded file
  8. Enjoy playing Nintendo games on your PC

Here are the top Windows Super NES emulator that you can use to play classic games. If you are looking for a SNES emulator for Mac OS, Linux, Playstation or any other platform you can chekc the link below.

SNES Emulator for Linux and Mac and Other Platforms


best snes emulator

It is an simple and basic app that will let you enjoy games like Super Mario, Contra and other popular ones. Get it by clicking on the link given here. Open and extract the zip file on your PC. Run the exe file. Your SENS Windows emulator is up and running. You can also use it on you Mac or Linux System.

Download BSNES Here


top snes emulators

It is one of the most popular app for Femicom games. This windows emulator is intelligently built to provide a robust and intelligent platform for Super Nintendo Video games. It supports a large number of games and works well with low end systems.

Download SNES9X


This emulator is a great choice if you want easy access to the Nintendo Games. It delivers a great performance and can easily be configured.

Get Here


The ZSNES remians one of the oldest and most widely used emulator. It is avaialable for Windows and Linux. It is light and fast. Also it works well with most of the systems.


SNES Android/ iOS Emulator

Mobile phoes are the most widely used piece of technology that has a far better reach than any other gadget. After the smartphone boom, the use of phones is not just limited to making calls or sending texts. Smartphones keeps us connected and offers a wide utility that makes it imossible to live without.

With the advancement of technology mobile games have becom more graphioc intese, but if if miss playing on your Super Nintendo, SNES Android Emulators are the best choice.

Here is the list of top 5 best mobile SNES emulators that are available on Android and Apple App store.

1. Snes9x EX+

best snes emulator

For mobile platform this one is the best choice. It supports a large number of games. You can load new games, save stage any many other options are avaialble which makes it a great choice.

Snes9x EX+
Snes9x EX+
Developer: Robert Broglia
Price: Free

2. Emulator for SNES Free

best snes emulator

With this app you can get the ultimate Nintendo video game experience on your android device. It is one of the most accurate and stable android SNES Emulator. The graphics aand gameplay is smimilar to the original console.

3. John SNES Lite is SNES emulator

best snes emulator

The John SNES recreates the gameplay that classic 16bit console offers. It supports a huge number of popular games. Also, the controls nad game sounds are accurate. If you have a bluetooth controller than it can also be controlled with that .

John SNES Lite - SNES Emulator
John SNES Lite - SNES Emulator


top snes emulator

SNNES is a emualtor for Android that will enable the user to load and play games that were present on Super NES console. WIth no ads and good features it it is a must try option.

Developer: GodoiApps
Price: Free

5. SNESEmu HD – SNES Emulator

best snes emulator

For SNES emulation on an Android device there are many apps available but this one is especially optimized for Android mobile OS. With great game compatibility and customisable keys the app is one of the best SNES emulators.

SNESEmu HD - SNES Emulator
SNESEmu HD - SNES Emulator

These are not the only Nintendo Emulators present for smarthpones but it provides the top 5 which are most accurate and worthy apps for Android. The sofwares specified for windows are also available for linux and mac platforms.


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