6 Best Washing Machine in India Review With Buying Guide, Key Features, Specs

Washing Machines seems to be in the most basic needs of an individual. Choosing best among one of them could be a tough task for anyone as we’ve got the variety of it. What we need to seek is what fits perfect according to our demands like what capacity, load we will be washing.

What type of functions will suit the user etc.? Gone were the days when people used to wash clothes from hands, now people prefer washing machines to save time, labor and this has impacted human lives.

Now its time for selection, which one to Go Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic? Confused ? ? Don’t worry Just Check our  Buying Guide for Washing Machines with Top suggestions.

Washing MachineTypeCapacityPrice
Godrej GWS 8502 PPL Top Load8.5 KG
LG P8541R3SATop Load7.5
Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Supreme PlusTop Load7 KG
SamsungWT657QPNDPGXTLTop Load6.5KG
Intex WMS62TLTop Load6.2KG
Whirlpool Superb Atom 60ITop Load6 KG


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Best Semi-automatic Washing Machine in India  2017

1. Godrej GWS 8502 PPL 8.5 KG {Overall Best}

Here, goes the best machine in best range for the family of 4 to 7 members. It has toughened the glass lid which for the first time in any Indian semi-automatic machine. It uses Hexa Scrub which is a unique combination o pulsator and 6 micro-scrubbers which gives out the most efficient washing experience. Moreover, it comes in Poly Propylene body plus it carries 3 wash programs deliver the best quality was.


Godrej GWS 8502 PPL 8.5 KG Specifications

Capacity 8.5 Kg
Function Top Load
Washing Method Hexa Scrub & Pulse 4
Maximum Spin Speed 1200 RPM
Wash Modes Gentle-Normal-Powerful
Power Consumption 450 W


2. LG 7.5 kg P8541R3SA {Rust Proof}

LG- Life’s Good. That’s what exactly company does. LG has key point in making the machines highly durable espically for India. The company understands the need. This product is sufficient for the family of 3-5 people.  The Drum asusual is made up of Stainless steel Special rust proof. The body comes up with rat away technology so you need not to worry about rat bites. Adding on, It has Roller jet pulsator which enures dust and clean washing from each part of your clothes. You can see the whole washing of your clothes from transparent top a washing.


LG 7.5 kg P8541R3SA Specifications

Capacity 7.5 Kg
Function Top Load
Washing Method Roller jet pulsator technology
Maximum Spin Speed  1400 RPM
Wash Modes Three-wash Program
Power Consumption 410 W

3. Whirlpool 7 kg Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus{Best Wash Quality}

Whirlpool has always represented best machines. Here goes one in the category of semi automatic. It comes with Lint Filter which allows gives out the clean and fresh clothes after wash. You can sort your clothes and stack and carry itself with its ace wash station option. Moreover, its impeller works fabulously in offering perfect motion for clotes to remove dirt effectively. The machine is sufficient for the family of 4 to 5 members.



Whirlpool 7 kg Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus Specifications

Capacity 7 Kg
Function Top Load
Washing Method Dynamic Impeller
Maximum Spin Speed  1400 RPM
Wash Modes Three wash programs
Power Consumption 350 W


4. Samsung 6.5 kg WT657QPNDPGXTL{Caster Wheels}

The machine is equipped with double storm and dual jet system which is sufficient to give healthy and quality wash. Best part of this machine is tornado like currents which enhances the washing overall. The clothes does not get tangled. It actully shows revolutionary innovation in technology. It is perfect for couple or family of 2-3 people.


Samsung 6.5 kg WT657QPNDPGXTL Specifications

Capacity 6.5 Kg
Function Top Load
Washing Method Pulsator
Maximum Spin Speed  440 RPM
Wash Modes Intensive, Normal & Delication
Power Consumption 400 W

5. Intex 6.2 kg WMS62TL{Express Wash}

Intex have brought this machine with express wash system. . Best for the family of 2-3 people. You can place upto 6.5 kg of clothes in a wash cycle. It is the quite durable product which can withstand higher spin speed for quick drying. It allows quite convenient  with smart water selection level mode.

 Intex 6.2KG WMS62TL Specifications

Capacity 6.2 Kg
Function Top Load
Washing Method Agipeller
Maximum Spin Speed 1320 RPM
Wash Modes Normal, Speedy, Heavy, Delicate, Whites
Power Consumption 340 W

6.Whirlpool 6 kg Superb Atom 60I{Best for delicate Clothes}

Whirlpool has presented the machine with waterproof panel. Best of sngles and couple. The best piece I would like to mention in the class of 6 KG. It can withstand higher spin speeds for fast drying. It has large wash tub for extreme convenience. Moreover, it uses impeller which perfect motion to remove dirt from clothes.


Whirlpool 6 kg Superb Atom 60I Specifications

Capacity 6 Kg
Function Top Load
Washing Method Impeller
Maximum Spin Speed 1450 RPM
Water Consumption 60l
Wash Modes 3 Wash Modes
Power Consumption 350 W

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Whichever product you buy whether it is top load or front load, you must see if the machine and facilities provided by the product are compatible or not with your budget. It is possible that your budget will be high but requirements will be less so go for less budget and less feature one as more features will complicate the wash and consume your time. Happy Shopping.:)

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