Bluetooth 5 Facts Unleashed – What’s New?

Bluetooth 5 Facts Unleashed – What’s New

Bluetooth technology impresses us since its invention. And, the latest improvisations are giving a thrill to the tech geeks. Bluetooth technique is used in wireless phones, speakers, headphone, Keyboard, televisions, and laptops. The radio waves get connected to the gadgets and allow a massive data transfer within no time. The Bluetooth 4.00 was already energy efficient and worthwhile. And, now when it has been upgraded, there is no comparison to it.

Bluetooth 5 technology is soon going to be in the hands of general audiences. The amazing technology is going to find its way in all the electronic gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, digital watches, and stereos. You need to wait a bit to get on hand this technology, very soon all the devices will be updated with the Bluetooth 5. But till then we have collected some of the interesting features which you need to look.

The recently Samsung have launched it’s new flagship smartphones as Galaxy S8 and S8+, don’t worry this time they won’t blast. The smartphone have loaded with the Bluetooth 5 technology and no other smartphone have it. So, letter on the other device will also adapt it, till then let’s take a look at the amendments to Bluetooth 5.

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Faster and better

Everything that upgrades itself technologically gets quicker and better. The same goes with the Bluetooth 5 technique that allows the transfer at the rate of 2MBPS. The speed factor of the Bluetooth is significant progress. It is doubled up then its previous version.

With Bluetooth 5 technique, you can collect more data and have a better overall connectivity.  There shall be no cut-outs and a better info access.

Wider area coverage

Just because you moved from one room to another, you often used to lose the Bluetooth connectivity. Forget it now because the new Bluetooth 5 shall cover up 4 times more range than the old Bluetooth 4.0 version. Moreover, you can connect more than just one device with it at a time.

The new version has been capacitated to cover up more area; 300+ meters. So, if you have Bluetooth speakers and want to groove over the beats, then there is no need for you to stick your phone to it. The distance doesn’t matter now!

Location aware

Those extra navigational features of the Bluetooth 5 are certainly going to steal away your heart. You can find your ways through the shopping centers and other locations effortlessly.

Internet savvy

The Bluetooth 5 installed in your phone shall optimize things better and give you a bitter internet experience. The power drainage as an outcome of Bluetooth usage is lesser.

Data transfer

Each message that you transfer via Bluetooth 5 can carry 8 times more data. The faster connectivity results in better quality audio transmissions. For instance; when you connect your smart TV with the Bluetooth gadget, the images and sound qualities formed as the result of the Wi-Fi connection shall be exemplary.  The better quality connections are more stable with negligible network hindrance. Even when you connect the Bluetooth in a public place, there is an unshakable and stable connectivity.

Indoor navigation experience redefined

The location-based interactions that were offered by certain apps till dates are going to be an inbuilt phenomenon in the gadgets. Imagine communicating through GPS navigation technique round-the-clock; won’t it is superb? The new Bluetooth 5 allows you to have more precise area navigation even if GPS is not working.

Lower energy consumption

Just like the Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 5.0 has consumed less energy despite all the features and upgrades were done. You can transfer more data and yet have a full battery percentage maintained.


Since there is a better connectivity, the need for security automatically arises. When you connect the multiple devices for sharing the vital info, there must be something that should encrypt your data. To your surprise, the Bluetooth 5 has been blessed with strict government security measures. Three are no security perils when you use the Bluetooth for data transfers.


The Bluetooth 5 is a physical hardware which is more compatible than the earlier versions. You won’t have to replace anything once you have the Bluetooth 5 version at your disposal.

All in all, the Bluetooth 5 lets you customize your needs along with enhanced connectivity and usability. The design is simple and more compatible with other gadgets.  You can have a complete collection of interoperable devices and use them in the best possible ways.



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