Borderlands 3 Release Date | News, Trailer and Latest Updates

If you are a video game lover, then Borderlands needs no introduction. The extremely engaging gameplay and action make it a unique video-game. Borderlands 2 is still one of the most popular game after a long time of its release.

The game follows with the story where it was left in Borderlands 1. At E3 which is the biggest gaming event of the year, no mention of Borderland 3 was made.

This led to further confusion and anticipation among the gaming community. Keeping all this aside let’s take a deeper look into what we know till now including Borderlands 3 release date.

borderlands 3 release

Borderlands 3 Release Date | Everything we know till now

Borderlands 2 was released 5 years ago and it still has its place in the heart of gamers. There is confirmation that Borderland 3 development is in progress. But it can be a different game with a different name. Saying anything about Borderland 3 Release Date would just be an speculation at this point.

As there might be some project that is under development inside Gearbox, so we can expect some news regarding the next big release soon. The company acknowledged that there is Borderlands 3 and it will not be dropped in E3 2018.

Apart from the official updates, there are some rumors and leaks surfacing online related to Borderlands 3. Here we bring you all the available information about the game and also what we speculate about the game so that it does not disappoint the game lovers.

Borderlands 3 News and Rumors

borderlands 3

Borderlands series has a huge fan following. The unique gameplay experience makes the game replayable without getting bored. There is a huge anticipation about Borderlands 3 in the gamers community.

Borderlands 3 Marketing Rights

According to a report by Rectify games on the internet, Microsoft will have the exclusive rights for marketing rights for many new upcoming games including Borderlands 3. However, the Gearbox neglected this report making it a rumor.

GDC presentation

At GDC 2017 the company announced a new rendering technology that it will use in the future projects. It was mentioned that the video clip used in the demo is not from any video game. But it was similar to Borderlands and was expected to be from the upcoming game.

This new simulation technology will be more advanced than the currently used technique. It hints that the upcoming game will have many new things to offer.

Other Hints

Other than this there has been a lot of tweets from Randy Pitchford which indicates that the company is putting a lot of efforts in the upcoming Borderlands 3 game.

Borderlands 3 Release Date | Why It Is Taking So Long?

Speculating from the current trends we can see Borderlands 3 perhaps in the E3 of 2019 or sometime before that. However it can be released before that also, we can not be certain at this point.

Borderland series does not follow the convention of releasing games every couple of years. The company put a lot of efforts in development and it surely takes a long time. Borderlands 1 was released in 2009. It offered a unique mix of first-person shooting with the character building found in RPG games. The game also had a unique collection of guns and shooting style was also excellent. It takes place on a fictional planet called Pandora which is full of dangerous creatures. A giant corporation is on the planet in search of an ancient alien treasure.

borderlands 3

Borderlands 2 was made available in 2012. The game continues the story from the previous version. It has interesting characters that make the game more interesting. The unique gameplay style continues in this version. It still has a huge fan following due to its versatility. The character building and use of various types of weapon system allow the user to play it many times.

borderlands 3

As we see from the tweets of some officials that the Borderlands 3 is still in development stage. The company also demonstrated a new technology for game rendering previously. It indicates that the game will now have a considerable amount of improvements and changes.

Borderlands 3: Our Expectations


Better Customisation

Character customization is an essential thing that makes the game more fun. Borderlands customization is not optimal when compared to other games. It allows you to customize the clothing and various other aesthetics features about the game but in the next version of the game options to customize your character in a much better way will be a better addition.

New Planet

borderlands 3

A new place other than Pandora will make the game a whole lot fresh if not completely new. New map with a different type of enemies to fight or kill will enhance the gameplay experience. We can totally expect a new environment other than the classic old Pandora Wastelands.

New Characters

borderlands 3

Characters are the most interesting part of Borderlands series. A deep storyline which has been set up quite perfectly is hard to find in any other game. Although the current characters are nothing to complain about, we want to see some more powerful vaulthunters in the upcoming Borderlands.

Mod Support

Many modern games have included user-generated content support in their game. It allows the players to add additional functionalities like new weapons, skins, etc. to the game. Borderlands 3, although a much popular game has not yet included mod support.

Better Loot System

borderlands 3

Borderlands is a game about loot. You may say that it has a great story and shooting technique but you can not progress the game without gaining loot But most of the loot boxes are hard to kill and does not provide worth loot. A more worthy loot should be included on killing raid boxes.

Finally, we can say that at this point we can only speculate about the next Borderlands Game. We have covered what is currently available online and other news and rumors. There are some unique things like its characters and hundreds of guns that make the identity of this game. We can see more such unique things like this in the Borderlands 3.

Hopefully, we will not have to wait for the game and will see it soon. If you have any questions or queries let us know in the comments. For more news and updates about upcoming games stay connected to Technofizi.


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