Choosing the Right Equipment as a DJ

Making sense of the latest DJ equipment can be difficult at the best of times.  Particularly if you’re not already an experienced DJ, you might not know where to start. 

On the plus side, high-end DJ equipment from the world’s leading brands is becoming more affordable all the time. Cutting-edge technology has replaced the hardware of yesteryear, simplifying the process of making great music for artists and producers alike.

As for choosing the right equipment as a DJ, personal preference of course plays a role. As does the type of DJ you intend to become – a mobile DJ, wedding DJ, club DJ, home-recording DJ and so on. After which, it’s a case of using the five basic guidelines below to find your perfect DJ equipment at a price you can afford: 

  1. Establish Your Budget

It’s entirely up to you to determine how much you can (or would like) to spend on DJ equipment. Rather than simply purchasing hardware and software randomly until you run out of money, think carefully about your total budget. It’s then useful to allocate separate amounts to the various items you’ll need to pick up – prioritising what matters most. Don’t spend more than you can afford to, but don’t make the mistake of letting low-grade hardware and software stand in the way of your talent.

  1. Read Product Reviews

Independent product reviews are ideal for getting to know the latest hardware on the market. The key word here being ‘independent’ – write-ups and recommendations that are free of bias. Customer reviews and recommendations in particular can be useful for finding out how the latest gear gets the job done, when put to the test. You’ll find all the information you need on the latest products online, along with archived reviews of DJ hardware and software from the past decade or so at least. 

  1. Get Involved on Social Media 

It’s a good idea to be active and involved on social media as a DJ for a variety of reasons. One of which being the opportunity to find out what DJ gear is making waves, or even ask questions to other DJs and artists within your network. You can also pitch your questions and queries directly to major brands and manufacturers on social media, often prompting a faster response than the usual customer service channels. 

  1. Ask the Experts 

You can’t always count on major DJ hardware and software producers to be honest and objective. By contrast, an independent DJ retailer is an entirely different matter. If you’re looking for independent expert advice, it makes sense to go to the experts. What’s more, heading out to a DJ store or showroom is a far more immersive experience than shopping online. Particularly if you’re planning on making a relatively large investment, it’s worth checking out and testing out the gear you need, before placing your order. 

  1. Consider DJ Finance 

Last but not least, it may also be worth considering spreading the costs by way of an affordable DJ finance package. Rather than limiting yourself to your disposable budget right now, DJ finance can help you pick up superior gear on a ‘buy now pay later’ basis. Some specialist DJ retailers may be able to organise finance at 0% interest, so there are no additional costs for choosing the monthly repayment option. Particularly for DJs starting out from scratch or amateurs looking to go pro, affordable DJ finance may offer a real financial lifeline.

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