Coding Block COBL – Simple and Fun way to Learn Robotics

Coding Block is a new product that will prove the first step of your child towards learning the basics behind the technological devices that we use. It will let the imagination of your child unleash and will give it a vast area to expand. COBL is a simple device that works on the basic principle of electronic devices. For children above six years, this can be their leisure time companion.

COBL Coding Block Basic DIY Robotics Tool

Educational tools are there for a long time but tools like COBL takes it a step ahead towards the innovative learning ideas for young pupils. The education tool launched by COBL which is a company based in South Korea. The organization works towards developing a better and affordable solution for software education. The coding block is their first product that is the end product of hard work with the collaboration of SW education and HW/SW development.cobl coding block


Coding Block consists a lego style main board and various type of input and output components which can be clubbed together and coded to work in the desired way. Also, a different type of detachable modules will allow the user to build a basic robot out of COBL. The good thing is it can be programmed with the visual coding tool COBL scratch that is based on MIT Scratch. It is a software that makes it really easy for kids to code.

Unlike convention programming language which relies on written code, MIT scratch used graphical programming. It enables the user to use drag and drop feature in order to build a basic program that could be used to run the Coding Block.

Coding Block Hardware  Components

  • Main Board

Main Board

It acts as a base on which different components can be attached to build a robot for various purpose.

  • Input Device

These are the components that will act as an input block for the bot created. It includes various types of sensors and input modules. It includes

  1. Temperature Sensor
    Temperature Sensor x1
  2. Ultrasonic Sensor
    Ultrasonic Sensor x1
  3. Light Sensor


  4. Light Sensor x1

    IR Sensor x1

    IR Sensor

    IR Sensor x1

  5. Button Switch
    Button Switch x1
  6. Joystick
Joystick x1
  • Output Devices

  1. Exterior LED x1
    Exterior LED


  2. 7 Segment Display x3
    Segment Display


  3. Servomotor Block x1
    Servomotor Block


  4. DC Motor Block x2
    DC Motor Block


  5. USB Port x1
    USB Port
  6. USB Fan x1
    USB Fan



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