Convert PDF to Office File Method

How to Convert PDF to Office File ? Many people think that PDF cannot be reused or edited in Word and Excel. In fact, many PDF files can be freely used by converting them into Word and Excel using conversion software. This article introduces you how to convert PDF to Office files.

Web service that converts PDF to Office files

The AbcdPDF platform provides the following services for converting PDF to Office, including PDF to Word , PDF to Excel , online pdf editor , etc.

The platform not only solves the user’s PDF document problems, the team always maintains the determination to “challenge problems”, constantly collect the difficulties encountered by users in the process of office work, and improve the service quality step by step starting from the difficulties, so that the platform functions can really do. to keep pace with the times.

Ways to Convert PDFs to Office Files

security settings

PDFs can be secured by the creator. If the creator of the PDF did not set security, it can be converted directly to Word or Ichitaro, but if the “Copy Content” item is set to “Do not allow” in the PDF’s security settings, the PDF cannot be copied or extracted from within due to , so the conversion process cannot be performed using the PDF as-is.

Convertible PDF PDF that cannot be converted
PDF without security PDFs that cannot be opened because a viewing password is set and the password is unknown
PDF with security settings but “Copy Content” set to “Allow” PDFs with “Copying of Content” set to “Forbidden” in security settings


You can easily check the user password because you are prompted for the password when opening the PDF, but you cannot check the editing password just by opening the PDF. In order to check the editing restrictions set for PDFs, you need to do the following in Adobe Reader.

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader .
  2. Select [Properties] from the [File] menu .
  3. Open the Security tab .

Scan and OCR

Even PDF files that cannot be converted can be processed using OCR (Optical Character Reading) by printing them on paper, scanning the prints with a scanner, and converting them to images.

There are various OCR software that can convert images to Word and Excel. Antenna House’s “Shunkan PDF Conversion” features the ability to read paper documents directly from scanners, convert them to images, and convert them to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Ichitaro.

This method cannot be used because printing cannot be performed if the PDF security settings do not allow printing. If you really want to convert it, it’s best to take a screenshot of the result displayed on your computer display and save it as an image file.

Convert by decoding inside PDF

This function is unique to the AbcdPDF platform of Antenna Home. This internal decoding function will be used in tools such as pdf to word and pdf to excel .

The electronic document PDF contains various information for PDF display/printing software (eg Adobe Reader) to visualize the PDF on the screen of a personal computer. Information within the PDF includes detailed data such as text information and font settings (font family, font size, etc.). Decrypts information in PDFs into Office documents.

Convert PDF as digitized document using OCR function

A digitized document PDF contains images captured by a scanner or the like. Therefore, please use conversion software with OCR function to convert the image part to office file.

Using the OCR function can convert the picture information in the PDF file into the text information and picture information of the Office file at the same time, which should be well understood.


How to Convert PDF to Office File ? This article introduces you how to convert PDF files through online services, Office software, and scanners. However, other than the AbcdPDF platform web service, other methods have limitations.

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