Do you have a flair for writing essays?

Writing or no writing, you need to be quite prepared for the upcoming admission tests to get an entry into the USA colleges. 

Have you really prepared for your essay, which is a personal statement?

You already know that the entrance exams are really getting tough in the coming times. Therefore you have to prepare right from today. Know that competition for getting entry into American colleges is getting difficult with the passage of time. 

So you need to write the essay in such a manner that it can be distinguished from the rest. 

The article serves to discuss how to make your college essay a page-turner. So let us get started. 

How To Make Your College Essay Great?

We have been writing essays since our childhood. But writing an entry-level college essay is no child’s play. Therefore you need to be highly prepared to get through this. 

The essay discusses some of the great ways to write a page-turner essay. So let us start with the discussion here. 

1. Start With You

Believe it or not, an essay starts with you. Most of the students have a habit of getting into the essay right from the beginning. But, first, you need to discuss yourself and try to open up the discussion.

Remember, your own viewpoint is highly important from the point of view of the essay. However, you also need to ensure that you can not always be diplomatic. The teacher is not here to see a diplomatic side of you. 

For example, if you discuss one global event like the melting glaciers or, say, the Russia-Ukraine war, you need to discuss how it is affecting you as an individual. 

To describe it, you need to give your own perspective on the event. This will provide you with a much better opportunity to link directly with the topic. Therefore, a general discussion on an event can never be attractive. Take help from an essay writing service FreshEssays, to guide you on the approach.

2. Create A Question Right From The Beginning 

An essay needs to be inquisitive. Without this, you can never get to touch the audience. Remember, the narrative, the approach, and the tone must be informative, communicative, and discussion oriented. This is the hallmark of an essay. 

Therefore, to set the tone, you need to open up questions right from the beginning. This will definitely serve some serious purpose. First, it will force the readers to think about the subject on a broader canvas. This will keep them hooked throughout the entire essay. Without an interaction, and necessarily through the question, it is perhaps difficult to make the teacher turn the page. 

3. Trust Your Instinct And Keep It Simple

Brevity and simplicity are the two philosophies that you need to imbibe within yourself while writing essays. The brevity of expression and simplicity will make the narrative strong enough. The magic lies in the narrative. If you engage yourself in garrulous talks and discuss some subjects that are not directly related to the topic, you might get slipped out completely. 

Therefore you need to trust your instinct while writing the essay. Your approach and flow of style must bear some originality and a natural flow. This is what the trachea would be looking at in your essay. 

Another thing that you need to follow is simplicity. Refrain yourself from any kind of bombasting expressions. It can literally kill your essay if they are not handled with diligence. Try to avoid using teeth-breaking jargon and hackneyed expressions. They lack the emotional aspect. 

4. Demonstrate Intellectual Curiosity

Your essay must show your keenness to gather knowledge. Teachers are not looking only for good writing; they are also searching for a good amount of research and analysis. Therefore, while writing the essay, make sure you use some statistical data or other scholastic feedings. 

They are a great addition to the overall development. This will reflect not pedantry but your keenness and humbleness to learn. This is important from the point of view of essay quality. 

Remember, you need to demonstrate your learning, and hence it is better that you use statistical data to justify your point of understanding. 

5. Argumentative

Remember, you need to be argumentative throughout the entire essay. While you are closing the introduction, you are opening the entire discussion with a question. Now this acts as a kind of thesis statement for your essay. 

The most important section of the discussion is, while you are writing the body of the essay, make sure that you are thoroughly argumentative. There must be a link between the two paragraphs, the ending of one paragraph and the beginning of a subsequent paragraph. 

This linking is important from the point of view of the knitting of narrative. Teachers would be looking for this kind of linking throughout the essays.

6. Don’t Be Too Light-Hearted Or Humorous

This is another narrative used in an essay’s overall development. Don’t be too light-hearted or humorous with your approach in the essay. Keep it tight because this is an entry-level essay. 

Refrain yourself from any kind of loose talk, controversial statements, or ironic statements. A light-hearted tone is not compatible with college essays. However, the light-hearted tone is also reflective of your light-heartedness and not-so-serious attitude toward the subject. 

Lightheartedness is mediocrity, and the teachers don’t really give vent to the subject, that’s for sure. Therefore, you need to be stable throughout your narrative to write a presentable essay to get an entry into the university.  

Wrapping It Up

Essay writing is not so difficult but, at the same time, not so easy. It is intriguing, to say the least. But, first, you must understand what you want to present. This will help you with your writing. 

Another thing that you need to understand is attachment. Remember, your teacher will be checking many copies and not just yours. So try to be distinctive with your presentation. The key to making it different from all others is simplicity coupled with facts and data. 

So do a great deal of practice before sitting for the final exam. Make sure that you give your best shot. All the best.

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