Electricity Consumption While Playing Video Games

The newest video game consoles use more power than you might think. Streaming, Internet connection, wireless controllers, voice control, and gesture recognition – all of them require additional electricity. Many game consoles consume power even when you don’t use them.

To save energy, you can enjoy some popular energy-saving games. For instance, you can play Solitaire online to get the best excitement from this great game and save money on your monthly electricity bills. Please, keep on reading to get the details on electricity consumption while playing video games.

How Much Electricity Does Your Gaming Computer Use for Video Games?

Gaming PCs are some of the most powerful gaming consoles in the video game market. They are great for gaming, of course. However, they also consume a lot of electricity. Experts have calculated that a standard gaming PC and monitor consume around 1,400 kWh per year. It is equivalent to using the energy of four fridges. So, if you’re using a PC for video games, be prepared for your electricity bills to skyrocket.

The amount of electricity consumed directly depends on the components of your computer. If a system unit and a monitor are connected to the sockets, then the processor, video adapter, drives, motherboard, RAM, etc. will consume energy. How to calculate power consumption? You can do the following:

·       Sum their powers on the calculator.

·       Use a specialized online calculator.

·       Connect equipment through a power meter.

Please note that online calculators will not give you an accurate picture of daily/monthly energy consumption as they include possible maximum values. The most accurate way to calculate how much power a gaming PC consumes is to test it under load. To do this, you need to connect a power meter. The average load for modern video games can be in the range of 400 watts or more.

If you are not fond of advanced video games but play ordinary card games or slots, you spend much less electricity. The power consumption of your PC that is not equipped with an advanced processor and graphic card is much lower.

Top 10 Game Consoles for Electricity Consumption

Game consoles for playing the most popular video games have become a standard thing in most households. Have you ever wondered how much power your gaming console consumes? The cost of games has quadrupled since the 90s. As gaming technologies have improved, more electricity is required to power them.

Our experts have studied the electricity consumption of the most popular game consoles. The calculations have been made for an average of four hours of daily gaming.

·       Nintendo Switch: 10 Watts

·       Xbox Series S: 25 Watts

·       Xbox One S: 35 Watts

·       Wii: 40 Watts

·       Xbox Series X: 45 Watts

·       Play Station 5: 50 Watts

·       PS4 Slim: 55 Watts

·       Xbox One X: 65 Watts

·       PS4 Pro: 75 Watts

·       PS3 Slim: 85 Watts

Three Tips on How to Save Power While Playing Video Games

Our experts have prepared some tips on how to save energy while enjoying your favorite video games. Please, have a look.

Always turn off your game console when you stop playing

Most game consoles have sleep modes. This greatly reduces power consumption when you don’t use it even for a while. The main problem with these settings is that while the console is sleeping, it is still consuming power. Thus, you should always turn off the console’s power.

Use a monitor with a low power consumption rating

When shopping for a TV or exclusive gaming monitor, look for one that has a 5-star energy efficiency rating. For example, a LED screen is considered the most energy-efficient.

Reduce the frame rate on the screen

You can reduce the power consumption of your gaming PC by reducing the frame rate on the screen. In this case, the video adapter will take less electricity, and it will not affect the overall picture quality.

Monitor your energy consumption regularly

You can identify which household appliances contribute to excessive energy consumption. By doing a thorough assessment of your home, you can make any changes or upgrades to high-energy appliances to make sure everything is working efficiently. In addition, you can buy additional devices to manage your home’s energy consumption.

After you have done all these actions, your gaming computer will consume as much power as it really needs. Perhaps the amounts for electricity in bills will also be slightly reduced.

To Sum up

Now, you see that playing video games consumes a lot of energy. Many gamers don’t pay attention to this fact at all. However, electricity is consumed in a large amount. We hope the post helped you to figure out your electricity consumption. Please, use our tips to save energy while playing video games. And if you really want to relax and get excited about a popular card game and save your energy, you can play Solitaire online right now.

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