How to Get More Ram on Windows 7, 8 PC ,laptop and Windows Phone

Low Ram in pc is the main problem of low speed of computer. Generally old PCs and Laptop have very low Ram and with increase in technology there are tools and software that demands more Ram. So to run these tools and to increase performance and speed of your computer. You either need to increase ram or clean up your Pc. So here i will tell you How to get more Ram on windows 7, 8 and How to increase speed of your PC.

How to Get More Ram on Windows 7, 8 PC

There are many methods by which you can increase ram of your pc or Laptop. Like if you don’t want to invest on RAM chip, you can use some part of your HDD as a RAM or you can use flash drive or pendrive as a RAM. But here i will discus How you can add more RAM to your PC.

For this first of all you need to determine Which type of RAM your pc support and from where you can get that RAM and How much RAM you need.

How much RAM I Required ?

First check the total RAM installed in your PC by right click on My Computer Icon and then Properties or pC info. You can also check it from Task Manager. Just hold CTRL + ALT+ DEL , then move to Performance tab. Here it will show you total Ram installed and type of RAM. Like in my laptop its showing 4 GB DDR3 RAM.

how to upgrade ram

Now here you can see the Total Ram used by your PC and Available RAM. See here RAM in use is 2.2 GB and Available RAm is 1.7 GB. So according to current stats, there is enough RAM is my PC. If the available RAM is very less say 200 mb or less then you can think of increasing RAM.

How much RAM your PC Supports ?

Well this generally depends upon the total RAM slots in your PC or Laptop. Like in my Lapi, there are two slots for RAM and it has already 2-2 GB ram installed. If i need to upgrade it then i have to remove one 2 GB RAM and then install one 4GB that will make total RAm of 6 GB.

So if your PC have two slots , then you can increase accordingly. Like if you have XP, it generally have two 256 MB ram or two 512 MB RAM . So you can buy one 1 GB RAM or comment your configuration here, i will guide you How much amount of RAM you need.

How to install RAM on PC or Computer

To install additional RAM in your PC or Computer, you need to open its cabinet for that you required a Screw Driver.

Now you will find a mother board, and RAM attach to motherboard. Just Remove it and your new RAM. That’s it.

You have successfully upgrade your RAM, if you required any other help in increasing ram or adding more ram to your Windows PC you can comment here.

How to add RAM on Laptop

To add additional RAM to your Laptop, you need to open bottom panel of your laptop. Well for this i will suggest you to go to some hardware expert. Or if you want to do it yourself, then first find out the RAm requirement, buy it from market or online and then install it. Different lapy have different technique to open. SO better search for How to open your laptop with model no. You surely find some video related to it.

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