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In this article, we will discuss some of the best alternatives and Sites Like Getmanhwa. But before that why don’t we see what is and Manga. 

What are Manga Websites?


Manga websites are probably one of the most popular websites across the world because they are the best source to read Manga comics online without paying anything. People all across the world love reading these comics and they are very consistent when it comes to reading them. 

However, it is important to note that there are thousands of websites that offer you Manga comics. However, not all of these websites are genuine and many of them have fake content posted all over them.

What is is one of the most popular websites for reading Manga comics and it is used by thousands of users every day who want to read their favourite Manga comics. It saves you from the hassle of signing up and logging in to read your favourite comics online. 

Best Alternatives to Getmanhwa | Sites Like Getmanhwa

Yes, Getmanhwa might be one of the best websites for reading Manga comics. But the following websites might be even better:

1. as the name suggests allows you to read your favourite Manga comics over the internet. It is one of the best websites for reading Manga comics because you can directly access the content listed on the site without having the need to log in or sign up for doing so. 

One of the reasons why a lot of users use over other websites is because of its unique “surprise me” feature. If you are confused between Manga comics and don’t know which one you should read next, the “surprise me” feature would be of great help to you because it would pick up a random Manga comic for you and recommend it to you. 

2. Manga Plus by Shueisha

Manga Plus by Shueisha

Manga Plus by Shueisha started offering Manga comics in 2019 and it is one of the most popular legal websites to read Manga comics. Manga Plus has now published some of the most popular Manga comics like Naruto, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball and many others. 

Some of the Manga comics on this website are offered for free while you will have to pay for many others. These comics are translated into English and Spanish and are listed in the same week when they are published in Japan. 


Just like, is also a website that allows you to read your favourite Manga websites without paying anything. You can read a wide array of Manga comics on this website from different genres such as action, romance, mystery, sci-fi, supernatural etc.

One of the best parts about this website is that it is not taken by the government that often which means you can continue reading your favourite Manga comics without any interference. 

There is also a “latest” option listed on the website that allows you to view the latest Manga comics that have been published on the website recently. 

4. is also a suitable website like Getmanhwa and it is quite popular among Manga readers because unlike other websites, would not redirect you to other websites.

You can simply click on any Manga comic listed on the website and start reading them without any annoying pop-ups or re-directions. Manga comics are categorized in 20+ different categories and you can choose any of them based on your personal needs. 

There is also a “Most Popular” and “Just Arrived” section where you can see the current trending Manga comics or sort from those that have been published recently. It is one of the best websites if you want to read premium paid Manga comics free of cost. 

5. is a very reputed website for reading Manga comics online and it is a great site similar to Getmanhwa that is used by millions of Manga readers every month.

It is so because this website offers you high-quality premium Manga comics without charging you anything for reading them.

Also, there are no annoying advertisements and pop-ups that might hinder your reading experience. 

One of the most interesting parts of is that you can put your views in front of the people and you can discuss several theories of the Manga comics you are reading or have read in the past. 

6. is an extremely popular website in the US and it is one of the best sites like Getmanhwa.

One of the major reasons why millions of people use this website is because it offers you premium Manga comics for free and doesn’t require you to signup for reading them either.

You can sort Manga comics on the basis of their genre, release date and ratings. If you are still not able to find the Manga comics you were looking for, you can always use the search bar present on the top of the screen. 

Do You Need Sites Like Getmanhwa

If you have been reading your favourite comics without any troubles on Getmanhwa, you might ask why do we need alternatives for it? It is so because now publishing Manga comics without the permission of their owners falls under copyright and it is an illegal activity.

So Getmanhwa might be taken down by the government for copyright violation. This means that you would not be able to access Getmanhwa anymore.

Another reason for the same is that Getmanhwa might be down for a few days because of maintenance works. In such a case, you would not be able to read your favourite content anymore. So it is always good to know sites like Getmanhwa that might be used if the need arises. 

Final Thoughts

Getmanhwa is indeed one of the best websites for reading Manga comics online. In this article, we have listed some of the best websites just like Getmanhwa that you can use if the need arises. 

It is difficult to comment on the best website amongst these because all of them are better than the others on one way or another. 

So the final choice lays in your hands as to which website do you want to use? 


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