100+ Google Home Commands To Get The Most Out Of Your Virtual Assistant

google home commands

Google home works with Google assistant commands. You can ask or command it to play music, set alarms, get news and weather information and the list goes on. Here are the most useful commands you can use to get the most out of your Google Home start with “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. The list of commands here is not exhaustive but it provides the commands comes in handy in daily routine. All these works on Google home and Google home mini.

If you have Amazon Echo, you must see this list of Alexa commands.

google home commands

Google Home Multimedia Commands

Google Home is the best way to enjoy music in your home. The rich features and loud and clear sound make it a must-have accessory for a smart home. It can play music on your Google music playlist. You can control the music wirelessly through the voice commands. Some of the commands that come in handy while listening songs on Google Home is listed here. Use them to control sound, change track, play/pause, and manage your music collection directly.

google home commands

  • Hey Google, help
  • Ok Google, play me some music
  • Ok, Google, Turn it up a little bit.” (5% increase)
  • Ok Google, Play a song
  • Ok Google, Play (Album/ Artist/ Genre/ Mood)
  • Ok Google, play next track/ song
  • Ok Google, play previous
  • Ok Google, shuffle
  • Ok Google, repeat current song
  • Ok Google, volume Up
  • Ok Google, set the volume to (0-100%)
  • Ok Google, pause/ resume
  • Ok Google, play my playlist
  • Ok Google, mute/ unmute
  • Ok Google, stop the music
  • Ok Google, Play music on my living room TV/ speakers
  • Ok Google, what album is this
  • Ok Google, skip forward 20 seconds
  • Ok Google, skip this track to 1 minute 20 seconds
  • Ok Google, skip backward 20 seconds
  • Ok Google, play songs on Spotify/ Pandora/ Google Music

Google Home News, Weather Commands

Google home keeps you update on the latest happening around the world. Ask it for the recent local or global headlines, weather updates, sports news, business news, movies and much more.

google home commands

  • Ok Google, catch me up, Listen to the news
  • Ok Google, next news
  • Ok Google, stop news
  • Ok Google, weather today
  • Ok Google, weather forecast for this week
  • Ok Google, how are stocks today
  • Ok Google, what is the stock price of Microsoft
  • Ok Google, should I visit beach today
  • Ok Google, tell me news from Russia
  • Ok Google, what’s the temperature outside
  • Ok Google, will it rain this week
  • Ok Google, do I need an umbrella today
  • Ok Google, sports news
  • Ok Google, who won today’s match
  • Ok Google, tell me player states of Virat Kohli

Google Home Utility Commands

You can ask Google virtual assistant to do basic math sums, manage your to-do list, basic conversion, buy items online, add products to your cart.

google home commands

  • Ok Google, count to 100
  • Ok Google, roll a die
  • Ok Google, flip a coin
  • Ok Google, whats Two multiply twenty
  • Ok Google, what’s the cube root of 2
  • Ok Google, convert 5 liters to gallons
  • Ok Google, create my shopping list
  • Ok Google, add soap to my shopping list
  • Ok Google, translate I Love You to french
  • Ok Google, how do you say Good Morning in German
  • Ok Google, Repeat after me (say something)

Google Home Clock and Calendar Commands

Google Home simplifies your day to day tasks by letting you access the basic apps like clock, calendar, alarm etc. You can set an alarm directly through voice instruction to the virtual assistant and it will set the alarm accordingly.

google home commands

  • Ok Google, whats the time
  • Ok Google, set alarm for 5’O Clock
  • Ok Google, cancel all alarms
  • Ok Google, what is time in (city name)
  • Ok Google, Snooze
  • Ok Google, stop alarm
  • Ok Google, set a timer for 1 hour
  • Ok Google, how much time is left on my timer
  • Ok Google, cancel the timer
  • Ok Google, create an event
  • Ok Google, whats on my event list today

Google Home Local Information Commands

  • Ok Google, saloon near me
  • Ok Google, whats the nearest restaurant
  • Ok Google, How is traffic on my commute today
  • Ok Google, how far is nearest pizza hut
  • Ok Google, book an uber
  • Ok Google, Movie showtimes for “Justice League”

Other Google Home Commands

google home commands

  • Ok Google, Good Morning
  • Ok Google, what is capital of  (country name)
  • Ok Google, who created you
  • Ok Google, pause
  • Ok Google, be quiet
  • Ok Google, mute
  • Ok Google, tell me a joke
  • Ok Google, play a rhyme
  • Ok Google, talk to me
  • Ok Google, make me sandwich
  • Ok Google, stop
  • Ok Google, quiet
  • Ok Google, silence
  • Ok Google, shut up

Controlling Chromecast with Google Home

Chromecast is the media streaming device by Google which lets you experience an online media with ease. Connect it to your Television to access various popular media apps like youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and much more. To control google Chromecast handsfree use the commands from the list here.

google home commands

  • Ok Google, watch (Movie name) on (TV Name)
  • Ok Google, next episode
  • Ok Google, previous episode
  • Ok Google, fast forward
  • Ok Google, turn on subtitles

A virtual assistant is a convenience to your day to day life. It blends with the modern decorum of your home and gives the user the power to instantly read notifications and quick online search. Google is constantly trying to improve their virtual assistant device by software updates. The new Google Home mini contains all the functionality of Google home at a lower price.


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