Happn Reviews-Dating App That Connects You to The People You Cross

Happn- Find the people you cross, build connections.

I keep bragging about the perks of technology in all my posts and yes I love doing it a lot. Who, ever thought of getting connected via smartphones like this. Doing crazy transactions on one click, finding the place over cell phones. facility to see people who are living miles away. Talking about all this sounds so common and boring, but here I got one more amazing app Happn.

How astounding it is to get connected with a person who just has crossed your path. Well, I’m talking crazy. You must have had heard “there nothing impossible you see in the world full of technology.” The line completely fits over here. Happn is an app that is created with the aim of getting connected with people you just have crossed the path and you missed the chance to talk or might want to talk but couldn’t.

Happn- Find the People

Happn CEO Didier Rappaport mention in heading that the concept may sound uneasy at first but it works better than Tinder and other dating application. At first, you may find problems in location and other settings but you can easy get compatible with constant use.

Since the app has got a lot of excitement in itself, it has reached to millions of users which have adorably praised the expressed their views about applications. I too am in one of those who trust in the vibes of a person and it actually upsets when you couldn’t communicate with the one you wanted to. So here goes the solution.

How HAPPN app works?

All you need to download the app. The application is available on all three OS iOS, Android, Windows and worldwide you can use it where internet is available. The application is surely much similar to Tinder but facilitates you more than Tinder. You just don’t stay limited to the current scenario of 300 yards but you can look for the people you’ve crossed the path in the whole day. All that required is the presence of application in the other person cellphone.

Perks of Happn Application

Happn- Find the People

  • Your Location wouldn’t be visible, to another user, the application uses only the approximate location from where you’ve crossed the path with the next person. Only that will be saved.
  •  You will always be facilitated with block the other user option or report about him/her about any unwanted behavior at any time.
  • The option of facebook connect is just to prevent the fake profiles and grow more learning about the interests of your Facebook friends.
  • Amazing Facebook will never post or notify you using this application. They assure their users about their privacy policy
  • They even ensure the reciprocity is an app experience without hits or even glimpse of any spamming or harassment.

Points where you might get stuck

  • Happn continuously needs GPS and internet and this can suck you up a lot of times. Maybe your battery will start getting drained that before as GPS and Internet both consume battery in a quite good amount.
  • You might get stuck yourself with wrong people if you are crazily “Socialappholic”
  • The meeting could be different from what you’ve expected and seen online as people always decorate their social life
  • You might not have crossed path but you can track anonymous people via Spotify. So it’s again a question on security measures.
  • At times, you might feel like not initiating and getting caught in using such application can change your mind about using application.

Botton Line-Happn

Happn- Find the People

Happn foremost is considered as most famous yet the most creepy dating app. Where you can find the people you tag in “Love at First Sight” or you just liked them meanwhile in your way and couldn’t initiate conversation because of hesitation, work issues or what ever reason. The happn app appears as an amazing solution to it. You can find people, connect with them, approach them and can initiate the relation you want to.

No matter what platform you are using whether it be Android or iOS or Windows. You can use the app efficiently. All you need is good working internet and GPS system to keep the fun ongoing.

The best perks of this app are that it lets you know that how many time and where you have crossed the path with that person in a day or total. The geolocation service arranges the users in nearby chronologically. Moreover, it has an option of sending heart if you’re carrying a crush on someone but it’ll only be notified if the other person sends heart. So, you will regret having a crush on as it will on display after the appearance of mutual liking.

‎happn: Dating, Chat & Meet
‎happn: Dating, Chat & Meet
Developer: HAPPN SAS
Price: Free+
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