How to Brand an Instagram Page: Step by Step Instruction

The audience of the Instagram social network has stepped over the mark of 1.1 billion users. There are hundreds of thousands of brand pages, manufacturers, stores and companies providing services among the registered accounts. Now the principle “if you register a page, you get targeted traffic” doesn’t work. There is only one way to attract customers’ attention to a company profile: to conduct personal Instagram branding and create unique (or well recognizable) style elements.

What does Branding Include?

Personal Instagram Branding is a creation of the visual tools set, which will provide the recognition and popularity of their owner. The next elements are in the corporate style basis:

  1. Profile picture is the main picture on which the logo or portrait should be displayed (if we are talking about branding a personal account). Recommendations: good quality, lack of illegible inscriptions. The company picture should have a logo (especially if it is recognizable) or a symbol indicating the field of activity. Personal branded page picture is a large portrait in light colors on a neutral background.
  2. Description is a short text block (up to 150 symbols), where you need to mention the name, slogan, brief information about goods / services, and contacts. You can also create a unique selling offer, indicate convenient methods of communication, and types of delivery. Here you can inform about long-term promotions. The description is recommended to be changed approximately once in 14 days, tracking the reaction of the audience. It will help achieve the ideal option.

Recommendations for the visual design of the description are: write each sentence from a new line, use emoji, choose the alignment of the text in the center. The design of the

“Contact” button is available for business accounts: you can set the quick call option or mark your office on the map.

  1. Stories are pinned stories with the icons designed in the same way. In business accounts, they serve as a place to provide additional data. Things which should be in the history of a branded business account are: FAQ, information about promotions, post-acquaintance (so that new visitors understand where they are), terms of contests, promotional codes, reviews, thematic categories, etc. It is recommended to use branded covers in the same style.
  2. Content is high-quality pictures for the account, which are designed in a single style, in harmony with the profile picture and stories. There is one main rule: high-quality author’s pictures mustn’t violate the rules of the service. If pictures can violate someone’s moral and aesthetic principles (for example, pictures of a cosmetic procedure), it’s better to hide them in a gallery under a beautiful neutral cover. The gallery can publish up to 10 pictures. Content descriptions should be in the same style.
  3. Hashtags are  the tools for quick search of posts containing the name of the company and thematic words suitable for the business field. The limit for the post is 30 tags. It is recommended to use tags of all frequency levels, including those that indicate the name of the brand description. But there is no use of hoping that they will serve as an element of promotion.
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How to Create a Corporate Logo and Picture for the Publication?

Apparently, profile picture is a key element of the branded account. It is the first thing that attracts audience attention. Uniqueness and a successful visual component are key factors for a successful branded image. If the brand is famous, it is enough for it to use its recognizable corporate element. What should companies that are only conquering a market niche do?

You can create both: a profile picture and posts for your account, using online design tools, for example:

You can create the desired designs using these services in a few minutes. Designer skills are not required.

Choosing Right Sizes of Pictures for an Account   

The optimal image parameter for an Instagram account is one in which the picture does not distort and does not lose its clarity. The requirements for avatar and content for posts in the feed are different.

The optimal image parameter for an Instagram account is one where the picture does not distort and does not lose its clarity. The requirements for the profile picture and content for posts in the feed are different.

Optimal Profile Picture Size

The requirement for an Instagram profile picture is110x110 pixels. Moreover, you need to consider its round shape. You can choose a different resolution, but in this case there is a risk of distortion and loss of fit.

The Parameters of the Pictures Published

What is the optimal size for Instagram pictures? All parameters are standardized. Three orientations of uploaded images are available on the social network:

  1. Standard square. It is displayed on the screen in the 600×600 pixels format. For commercial accounts, the recommended format is 1080 × 1080 pixels: this is the maximum size of Instagram pictures for posting in the feed.
  2. Landscape picture (horizontal format). The minimum (in pixels) is 600×337, the acceptable option is 1080×607. On most devices, such a picture will be displayed without distortion. The limit parameter is 1920×1080.
  3. Portrait (vertical format). The minimum is 400 × 600, the limit is 1080 × 1035.
  4. Stories standard is 1080х1920 pixels.

Why are Sizes so Important?

If the parameters are not appropriate, the service will automatically change them. This may negatively affect the proportions and contents of the picture.

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How to Post a Portrait or Landscape Picture on Instagram: Three  Steps

  1. Click the add content button in the app.
  2. The format of the picture is square by default. Click the icon with arrows at the bottom left to change it.
  3. Continue the posting process in standard mode.


The huge audience in the social network is an advantage. But at the same time, the company or personal account can be easily lost among a billion accounts. Branding is an opportunity to attract the attention of target users.

Make all elements unique: profile picture, description, stories, and publications. Using the tool for creating visual content, do not forget about the features of promoting a branded business account:

  • adhere to the same style, using the same filters (no more than three);
  • add a logo image to each picture for publication;
  • fill out all the inscriptions with corporate fonts so that over time they become recognizable;
  • create thematic columns with content useful for the audience (reviews, promotions, news, etc.).

The visual component is the ability to correctly present the account and highlight it. This is the first step. Further, it is important to create quality content and competently promote it.

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