How to reset or change BSNL broadband WiFi password?

Hi all!! This is one of the most basic article that needs to be written. Today I am here again to make you understand the procedure to reset your BSNL wifi password. If you are in India then you are most familiar person to bsnl on the earth. Bsnl stands for (Bharat Sanchar Nagam Limited) is an Indian state-owned telecommunications company headquartered in New Delhi. It is the largest broadband provider in India. If you own BSNL Broadband, then you might be interested to know How to change BSNL broadband WiFi password.

bsnl wifi modem confiquration

How to Configure BSNL wifi Modem

So here ends some of the basics regarding BSNL I thought you should know it somehow its short and simple to learn. I have been living in Rajasthan for a long time now and I also do have BSNL landline and wifi broadband also but the funniest thing is that there are only some houses in our area that uses wifi because other still prefer cabel internet the ancient one. I have been facing loads of trouble cause instead of taking the unlimited services I prefer the limited ones.

I don’t know how these children in my area got this password…..probably from my dad he is too generous.. they started sitting in front of my house with laptops and phones and I wondered what the hell they were doing all time there. Then one day I came to kow from my neighbour that they have been using my wifi and at the end of the month I had to suffer a bill costing 5000rs. So from my horrible personal experience I thought I might help you so here we go and look at these simple steps to save your bill and reset BSNL wif password:

How to change BSNL broadband WiFi password?

configure bsnl zte modem

1. Switch on your broadband and connect it to your desktop or laptop using Ethernet cable.

2. open your internet explorer and type this url

How to change bsnl broadband wifi password
User name: admin
Password: admin

3. This will prompt you to enter username and password. But most of the times the username is: “admin and the password is also “admin“.

4. Go to modem configuration web page and under wifi security option select change the password and reset it.

How to change BSNL broadband WiFi modem password

4. There you will find the WEP or WiFi protected Access section choose any one , Now you can enter your WIFI key in this section.

5. Just save it and reboot the modem.

Wep is basic security that can not be easily cracked, so it will be fine to set WEP on your BSNL wifi modem. Or if you want to make it more secure then you can go for WPA (WiFi protected Access) , that is more secure and almost uncrackable.

For further help contact BSNL helpline:

  • Landline: 198/1500
  • Broadband:1504
  • Mobile:1503
  • Leased line:12676

Hope you have easily changed your BSNL Wifi password, you can also check my another post on BSNL wifi modem configuration.

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