How to check SAR Value of Android Mobile Smartphone

How to check SAR Value of Mobile

Smartphone has so much Pierce through our daily life that now no one could think without it. Now a days its a part of every one’s life. Excessive use of smartphone may cause health problems but if you a smartphone with bad SAR, that is unsafe. Basically SAR is used to measure power absorbed from mobile phones and during MRI scans. The value will depend heavily on the geometry of the part of the body that is exposed to the RF energy, and on the perfect location and geometry of the RF source. The tests must be made with each specific source, such as a mobile phone style, and at the intended position of use.

How to check SAR Value of Mobile

How to check SAR Value of Mobile

The SAR has a limits for exposure to radio frequency energy which is 1.6 watts per kilograms. That much radiation level is safe to use. There is a process that you can find out radiation level of your smartphone. I am providing USSD Code that helps you to know about your radiation level.

You may check Radiation level in terms of SAR of your smartphone by dialing a USSD code *#07#, if results shows SAR lower then 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg) then it is OK otherwise you are advised to change your smartphone immediately.

SAR levels of some famous Smartphones in Market

  • iPhone 6: 1.59 W/kg
  • LG G 3: 0.99 W/kg
  • LG G 2: 1.44 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2:0.42 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 1.07 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 1.20 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5: 1.28 W/kg
  • HTC One (M 8):1.29 W/kg.
  • Lenovo A6000 Plus : 1.2 W/kg

It’s a very useful information about Smartphone. Before using Smartphone you should know about the particular SAR level. Otherwise it’s a very dangerous. I hope you enjoyed the above post for Check Radiation level(SAR) of your Smartphone by USSD Code *#07#. If you like it please do not forget to share this on facebook, twitter and other social networks.




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