How to Download Twitter Videos on PC, Android, iPhone, MAC. (Simple Trick)

How to download the Twitter videos

Although Twitter doesn’t need any introduction, we will tell you that it is the biggest social network where people post their view, opinion etc.

So, today we are on the hunt of a very exigent topic “How to download the Twitter videos“. Downloading a Twitter video isn’t a rocket science as we are going to reveal the best tricks and Twitter video downloaders apps by which you will be able to download the Twitter videos in just a few simple steps.

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How to download the Twitter videos


How to Download Videos from Twitter

We are going to make a classification for all users. Some of you are Android users and many of us use iOS or Mac and Windows too. Following you are going to be served by the best tricks and apps to download the Twitter videos on your operating system.

How to Download the Twitter Videos on PC.

There are plenty of methods to do this, well we are listing some sites and tools, through which you can save Twitter videos on Windows PC.

1.Download the Twitter videos ( Twitter Video Downloader Site)

Download the Twitter videos on Windows PC has become an easy task by few applications and online platforms. ” Download Twitter video”  is a website which provides an online platform to download the Twitter videos.

This App “download the Twitter videos” is an online tool by which you can easily download the Twitter videos. It requires no application and not another tool. This platform Just provides you an online way to download your Twitter videos in effortlessly.

Step1: Basically you just need to open the desirable video you want to download and then go to the address bar of the browser.

Step2: After that just select the entire web address of Twitter video and copy that address link.

Step3: Now just below down you will see a box in which you will have to paste the copied address link.
Step4: After pasting the Twitter video link or address you can go for the format of videos you want. If you want your video to be downloaded in MP4 then you can click on the mp4 button you can see in the above image or accordingly you can download it in HD version by hitting the HD button.

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to download the Twitter videos on your PC. You are not required to download any heavy software or to purchase any other application.

Just open the Twitter video downloader website and start downloading the Twitter videos in the preferable format.

2. Download the Twitter Videos by Modifying the Video Link

Here we are going to tell you that you can download or save the Twitter videos by modifying the URL of Twitter video.

Step 1: Open the Twitter website with your account and reach up to your video you want to download.

Step 2: Look at the three dots in the above-mentioned image and click on those three dots and copy the URL of the particular video.

Step 3: Now you have the URL of the Twitter video and you just need to modify this URL by adding a simple word “mobile” just before the word “Twitter” present in the URL.

For instance: URL will be
Step 4: Now paste the modified link in the address bar of the browser and press enter. It will open the video and you need to play the video a bit. After that just hit the right click on the playing video and a popup will be appeared and just click on the “save video as” from that popup menu and that’s it your video will be started downloading in seconds.

How to download the Twitter videos on Android

How to download the Twitter videos on AndroidAlthough there are many applications and online platforms are available to download the Twitter videos on the Android smartphones, but here we are going to provide you one of the best applications to download the Twitter videos on your Android smartphone without putting much effort and in simple steps.

1.Video Downloader for Twitter (Download Twitter Videos on Android)

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Video Downloader for Twitter is an Android application to download the Twitter videos. It is kind of an intelligent app which provides you not only the downloading of one video but it has the ability to serve you with a batch download of videos.It accords you two options and you can go for the suitable one.Step1: For making it simple, just browse the Twitter and then go to the video you want to download.

Step2: Share the link of video by clicking on the “share link“.

Step3: Choose the app “Video Downloader for Twitter”

Step 4: Select the desirable format of the video and hit download.

Your video downloading will start.

The tutorial of this application is recommended. It is very easy and intelligent application which will serve you with the better aftermath.

It provides you some very useful features such as you can create your own directory for the downloaded videos of Twitter and you can be able to set your own password to protect the videos you are going to download. In addition, this application endows you a fast access along with very easy user interface.

2.Save the Twitter Videos| GIF ( Easy way to Download Twitter Video and GIF on Android )

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“Save the Twitter videos” is an Android application and available in Play Store. This is one of the excellent apps to download and save the Twitter videos along with GIFs. If you are on the quest of the fast and easily accessible application to download the Twitter videos then this application will be proved as a boon for you.

This one application is a great combination of very useful features. Along with the downloading of the Twitter videos you can share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and whats app etc.

Steps are very easy to download any video from Twitter.Step 1: Open the official Twitter application from your Android smartphone and then reach up to the video you want to download.Step 2: Keep the video playing for a while and then click on the share button and it will show you some options.Step3: It will display a drop-down menu of the available applications in your smartphone then select this application “save the Twitter videos| GIF”.The application will start the procedure of downloading your video on the immediate priority, hit the download button and it will start downloading your video in a moment.

How to Download the Twitter Videos on MAC.

Step1: First of all open your Twitter account from your Mac.

Step2: Grasp your video on Twitter.

Step3: Look at the top right corner of the video and find the downward arrow. After clicking on that arrow, you will get a drop down menu. Select the option “copy link to tweet“.

Step5: Open and paste the link in the available box which is Twitter URL box.

Step6: Look at the download button and just click on it and that’s it your video will be downloaded in a moment.

How to download the Twitter videos on iPhone

Step1: Launch the Twitter official app from your iPhone.

Step2: Find the video you want to download and then look at the top right corner arrow and click on Arrow to get a drop down menu with few options.

Step3: Select option among the list which is “share tweet via“.

Step4: After clicking on “share tweet via” you will get a bunch of options and you need to select “copy link to tweet“.

Step 5: Open

And paste the link in the appeared box and click on the “download button”. That was the entire process and your videos will be uploaded in a second.

iPhone Apps to Download Twitter Videos

1.Vine Roll

Vineroll for Twitter is basically a third party application which provides you a platform to download the Twitter videos on your iPhone, by following few simple steps.

According to the Apple AppStore description, this application is an essential app for the iPhone users and every iPhone user should install this application to download not only the Twitter video but it helps you to download videos from the other social sites also.

Step1: Download the Vineroll application and your iPhone.

Step2: Launch the official application of Twitter from your iPhone and find the video you want to download.

Step3: Let the video play for few seconds.

Step4: You will be seeing a green round download button at the bottom of this application. After this procedure just hit that download button and it will start your downloading very easily in a moment.After finishing the downloading you have to save that video. So you are recommended to click on share or save the video in camera roll.By clicking on the share button it will make you able to share the same video with your Facebook or WhatsApp friends too.

This application is the simplest easiest and reliable application among the entire application used for the downloading a Twitter videos for iPhone. This application really reduces your all efforts and serves you the video downloading in just one click.


All the lists are made by the aftermath of users who used the mentioned apps and the online platforms successfully. Every application and many online platforms to download the Twitter videos are highly authenticated.

The best one is given to you through the above list.By making the downloading process of Today videos easy we have provided both of the options as for Android there are best applications and for other operating systems we have provided online platforms by which you will easily download the Twitter videos without making much effort.

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