How to Save GIFs from Twitter on Computer, Android and iPhone

How to Save GIFs from Twitter on Computer, Android and iPhone

GIF images are very popular these days, people are using them in many ways like entertainment, informative. If you don’t know what is a GIF here, GIF is a moving picture which doesn’t have any audio. GIF is a moving image that looks like video, and it is much lighter than a video file. People are using them to show a particular moment from a movie, reaction of something, or music video.

GIF is very much popular on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler. Download a GIF from Twitter is not that easy as from other sites. Most times, what we do just right-click on the image and save it. But on Twitter, the “SAVE” option isn’t there. So today we are going to show you how to save gifs from Twitter. There are some simple steps you need to follow, let’s take a look at them. You can also check, How to Download Videos from Twitter.

How to save gifs from Twitter on Android

It’s tough for the smartphone user to download GIF from Twitter so, if you are android user and want to download any GIF from Twitter then just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Twitter app and tap on the arrow icon on the top right corner of the GIF file and copy the link.

gifs from Twitter on Android

Step 2: There are many third party app which can download the GIF files but Gif For Twitter+Download 4 Instagram TwitterTweet2gif is the best app for downloading GIF files.

Step 3: Tweet2Gif makes it easy to download the GIF from Twitter. Open this app and paste the link you copied in Step 1. Now tap on Download MP4 or Download GIF, It will download and save into your phone.

gifs from Twitter on Android

Download GIF from Twitter On iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and want to download the GIF from the Twitter then just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Open the Twitter App and copy the link of the GIF file you want to download.Download GIF from On iPhone


Step 2: Install the GIFwrapped App, it is a free app for the Download the GIF file from the iPhone. The app has its built-in browser. Now paste the link you have copied into the Step 1 into the Browser of the app.

Download GIF from On iPhone


It will load the GIF file completely and then Tap on the button in the top right corner and choose to Save to Library. Now you can download as many GIF files you want and share with your friends.

Download GIF from Twitter On Computer

Now all the time we are on the same platform so if you’re on a different platform the Android, iOS and can’t perform the above method then, well in that case you have to do a bit more work. What you need to do is first, download the MP4 video file of the GIF on Twitter. Then, convert into a GIF file. Let’s run through both.

Step 1: Open the twitter website and Copy the link of the GIF you want to download.

Download GIF from Twitter

Step 2: Goto this link and the copied link on this site. Click on the Download, and you have the GIF file into MP4 Format.

Download GIF from Twitter

Let’s convert back into GIF format.

Step 3: Goto and Upload the video you just downloaded. Now set the start time to 0 and end time of the video. There is more option so keep them at low to maintain file size. Click convert to GIF and after converting it save it into your PC.

Download GIF from Twitter Download GIF from Twitter

There you go look how simple it is. Now you download any GIF file from anywhere you want. Whether you have Android, iOS or another platform, you will be able to download GIF file.


You will be able to download the GIF file with the above mention ways. If you have any other way to download the GIF file from Twitter, then feel free to share with us. In case if you find any problem with downloading GIF file you can ask us through the comment section. Share it with your friend, so they also get to know about this cool trick.


  1. It seems GIF files are not safe either to open or to retain/save in a mobile. It may be due to its virus prone and consume more battery charge. Can anyone clarify this?

    • No, as such there is no such issue. You just need to download it from the secure source and it is with all file type.

  2. How to download a video file from youtube website. Any suggestion for such free download software which would be very safe for installation in my laptop?


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