How to Increase Download Speed in IDM using IDM Optimizer

How to Increase Download Speed in IDM using IDM Optimizer

Internet Download manager (IDM), the most common tool to manage your download on the Internet. Everyone on internet must have tried this download manager at-lest once. And i am using it since last 5-6 years and i found it to be the best download manager. There are millions of users of IDM worldwide. As such IDM provide very good downloading speed but still you can optimize IDM speed. There are many idm optimizer tools are available to increase download speed in IDM. Lets more talk about How to increase Internet Download Speed using IDM.

We all want high speed internet and when it comes to download we want it to be best. Though there many parts in the world , where internet speed is very slow. But beside connection speed there are many factors that limit your Internet download speed. And one of the factor is your browser and your download manager. I have tried many download manager but IDM gives the best speed. And you know you can optimize the IDM speed.

If you are also lives in area of slow internet then you must be keep looking for How to increase Internet download speed or Increase download speed in IDM. Here we will tell you how to optimize your internet downloading speed with IDM Optimizer. And if you want to download torrent file, you can also download torrent file with idm.

Increase IDM Download Speed With IDM Optimizer

I found this tool while i was searching for solution to increase my internet download speed. Basically this tool make some changes in IDM registry like connection speed, connection type and max connection numbers. According to me IDM has some default settings to limits the connection and this IDM optimizer just modify that to increase your download speed. The tool has one click IDM Booster button to maximize your connection speed.

To boost your IDM speed just follow the steps below.

1. Download the IDM Optimizer Tool.

2. Now make sure you have IDM installed in your PC, now just run the the iDM Optimizer.

increase idm download speed

3. You will see a button “MAXIMIZE Now”  , just hit that button.

4. Now it will ask you to restart your IDM.

IDM Optimizer download

5. Hurray!! Your IDM speed in increased. Just try to download something to check its speed.

Note : You can also restore to default settings of IDM by clicking the Restore default.

IDM Optimizer 2015 FREE Download

You can download IDM optimizer 2015 for free from here. But its a trial version only.

I have using iDM from many years but according to my experience IDM optimizer increase the Speed by 20-30%. If you want to test whether IDM optimizer really increase download speed or not ?. Then just first start downloading without IDM optimizer settings and then use IDM optimizer. You will see the difference of about 20-30%.

Its really work and i will suggest you try it once. It is free and you can download it from above link. Try it and experience the increase in Download speed.

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