How to Remove .SCR Virus from your Computer (Easy Guide)

If you are struggling with the .SCR Virus and you found that .SCR Virus in your PC or Computer. Then don’t take too much tension. Because here today I am going to show you that How to Remove .SCR Virus from your Computer.

remove scr virus

The .SCR file type is usually the script that is used to transmit a Trojan. I will show you here an easy and short step to remove .SCR Virus from your PC. It’s truly a very easy way to Delete your .SCR Virus.

How to Remove .SCR Virus from Computer (Easy Guide)

1. First, shutdown your computer.

2. Restart your PC with Safe Mode. (Press F8 key while Restarting)

3. When your Windows started with Safe Mode.

4. Go to the C:/Windows/System.

5. Now, Search for the File ‘Winlodr.Scr & Delete it.

6. Restart your PC on Normal Mode.

7. That’s it, Done

Now, the .SCR Virus completely removed from your PC.

Hope you learn How to Remove .SCR Virus from your Computer with (Easy Guide) post. You can manually remove it from your system with the above method. If you still unable to remove it, just comment. We will try to sort out.

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