Is Antivirus Necessary for Android

There is always constant nag in your mind and around you from so many peers about whether you need an antivirus for your Android phone or not. The response to the question I both yes and no. Although it ma difficult and unnecessary to invest in antivirus to service the entire Android phone, it may be necessary to get protection for certain Apps in your Android phone.  

Many of us think about the battery draining antivirus Apps and how they contribute to the overall slow speed of our phones. So the questions beg to ask itself, do I really need an Antivirus for My Android? 

Protecting Yourself with Google Play Store

In general, Android phones are safe. This is because, beyond google Apps, it will be impossible for you to install mysterious Apps. However, in some cases, malicious Apps have been reported to find their way into the Google Play Store. Sure, it may be easy for Google technology to detect and delete such nuisances but there is a great possibility that they may reappear under a different name.

Additionally, as adults, Apps and facilities such as Google Play Store can’t really dictate what we should download and what not to. Thus, the only way to protect its customers and patrons is to have policing technology such as those mentioned above, whereby malicious Apps are detected and deleted. 

Additionally, to keep you safe, and authentic Android device comes with “an Unknown Sources Disabled Security Settings”. This means that you will never download unknown Apps from outside the Google Play Store. However, if you download Apps from outside the Play Store, you will receive a prompt message asking you to allow for the App to be downloaded. 

Allowing the App to be download, and thus enabling the settings, leaves your device t a vulnerability. However, if you are a non-tech savvy, who likes to explore the online world, it’s only best to invest in antivirus for Android. 

This solution does this without interfering with your device activity or drainage of your battery power. However, you must still maintain vigilance, as these free existing antivirus solutions do not perform fully as paid antivirus and anti-malware solutions for desktops PCs and laptops.

This is because such antivirus programs will not perform fully as those intended for desktop Pcs and laptops. Such programs will simply map out and flag Apps that may appear to be malicious rather than scan the actual Apps in your Android devices, 

Protecting Web Browser

5 Best Google Chrome Alternatives Web Browsers

The chrome browser app mostly falls victim to unwanted Ads and it is the favorite target of hackers. Though you can block ads in chrome for Android but you must take into account other vectors of attack. 

Phishing and privacy breaches need advanced detection technique which is not easy for non-tech-savvy user. It is better for them to rely on external app which will take care of privacy.

Exercising Critical Evaluation

In today’s world, critical thinking and evaluation goes beyond the outside world and into the virtual one. Another smart way to protect yourself from viruses and malware is by critically evaluating everything you come across the internet. 

Carefully consider your decision before agreeing to requested permissions for Apps, examine whether the App is legitimate or not before installing it into your Android phone and always update your Android App, you never know when it may come in handy. 

Same as you would do on a desktop PC or a laptop, do not download links from senders you don’t know or are suspicious of and never click on dubious links – whether they are sent via messenger, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

You will also experience using your handset beyond the Play Store. Ever tried to go onto an App or website and come across a pop-up message such as “Allow LinkedIn to access this device’s location?” Allowing this message definitely opens up your devices to a myriad of dangers and invasion of privacy. This, however, doesn’t mean that all Apps and websites in your devices are harmless. This is when it is all up to you to make that judgment.

What to Do Incase of An Attack

If your Android phone starts to suddenly act funny, chances are it is infected with virus or malware. And you will instantaneously know this. The simplest solution to go about this problem is to reset your phone to factory settings. This deletes everything including the harmful virus. 

If your Android device is installed with antivirus, you are at an advantage. This is because you can enjoy perks such as the ability to instantaneously and remotely reset or clean up your device whilst being able to back up important data.

Bottom line

As an Android device owner, you have two choices. You can either chose to root your phone or play it safe. What it means when you root your phone, is that you have complete control over the system. Rooting your phone is when you gain access to the Android operating system code. 

This allows you to make modifications to the software code of your device as well as install Apps and software that would otherwise never be allowed by the actual Android system. This means that your Android phone is exposed to greater risk as root Apps and in turn, malware has easier access to your phone or tablet. 

As much as this option gives you more freedom to pursue whatever you want to get over the Google Play Store or the internet, this is when it is actually essential to get antivirus for your device. Although the antivirus program will not guarantee full protection, it will offer your phone or tablet with substantial protection. Additionally, rooting your Android phone or tablet means that you have to be smart and exercise more critical thinking and judgment to keep the device safe at all times.

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