Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 Review | Connecting The Dots Between Security And Tech

If you are looking for a way to protect your home, look no further than Kent CamEye HomeCam 360. This review will help you decide if this device is worth your money.

What is the Kent CamEye HomeCam 360?

The Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 is a security camera that connects to the internet via your WiFi using its wireless range extender. It can pan and tilt along with being able to capture high-quality video of indoor or outdoor viewing. The camera also has an integrated microphone, speaker, and a motion detector built in that will record continuous footage but turn off as soon as it detects something else moving nearby.

The Benefits of Having a 360 Degree Camera

A 360-degree camera can provide a secure home for your family. This is because it will capture anything and everything that goes on in your house. It also gives you the ability to view what happens outside of your home. This can aid in alerting you to any suspicious activity going on near your property.

Who is it for?

Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 is a camera that can be installed on any window or door. It features real-time streaming capability and intelligent alerts. The device was created by Kent Networks, a company that specializes in video surveillance and security products.

How does it work?

The Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 is a security camera that ‘connects the dots’ between your cameras and internet. It’s a wireless, 1080p HD camera that connects to your home WiFi. The camera records 24/7 and can be accessed through an app on your phone or computer. It has motion detection, so if there’s something out of place, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 Features

One of the most important features of this product is its 360-degree camera. The camera has speakers and microphones that are hidden and allows the user to hear any noise around the house. It also enables a live feed of what is happening inside the home. This feature makes it possible for users to keep track of pregnant women, baby when they are at work or on vacation.  

One of the many things that make this camera unique is its ability to mount on flat surfaces. This makes it possible for users to view what is going on inside their home whenever they want. Users can also set the device up in stances which enables them to see only parts of the room or even the entire space depending on what they want. This gives them a better idea of what is going in their homes.

Another feature that this camera offers is its ability to keep a log of all activities in the room. This helps security personnel in tracking all activities that are taking place inside the room or house. This way, they can keep track of who is doing what even when people are not there using the cameras . The security camera is also designed to connect to the internet. This means that it can send an alert when there is motion in any part of the house or room. 

Motion Detection:

A good security camera can detect movement even if there are no people in the house or room. Motion detection helps these cameras make it easier for you to review footage when there are intruders in your home. If there is motion detected, it makes it easy for you to get a better picture of what is going on without having to check videos manually.

The camera can be used to look by day or night and has infrared LEDs in the lens so you can see clearly.

Human Detection

There is a very special feature, which I didn’t find in other brands. Only the best security cameras have this feature. Human detection, it detects only humans & not other moving objects or pets . It has a feature where you can set a motion sensor so it only detects people, who are approaching your house or any human motion. This makes me feel quite nice when I am not able to see someone at my door, as usually people do not knock or ring the bell.

Tamper-Proof Cloud Recording

You also get option for the cloud recording. Kent provides subscription based secure cloud recording on motion detection. They make sure that it is 100% secure and take care of data privacy with all the servers in India only.

Automatic Privacy Mode

One of the best features of Kent CamEye HomeCam 360 is its privacy mode.  This mode is a unique feature that automatically turns off the camera when you enter the room by detecting your phone location. This ensures that your privacy is not compromised at any point of the day regardless if you are home or away from the house.

Made in India

Kent CamEye is a product that was originally made in India. It is a 360-degree camera with a unique design that makes it compatible with most smartphones. It only costs Rs 3,000, which makes it the cheapest 360-degree camera on the market.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Kent CamEye Homecam 360 is a good choice for anyone looking to increase their security. The camera has many features which include motion detection, night vision, and one-way audio. The system also comes with a 30-day trial period so you can test it out and see if it fits your needs before committing to the purchase. 

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