Kodi Cache Full? Learn How to Clear Cache on KODI

How to clear the cache in kodi

How to Clear Cache on KODI

Being an everyday user of KODI, whereas it is an excellent media management package and an open-source media player application which is developed by XBMC foundation, you will recognize that it has some issues.

KODI keeps bound video information quickly in its memory to extend the streaming performance. That is why, every now and then, it does not load content, or for once when it does, the streaming is much slower than gratifying, resulting in a fast flip and therefore the explore for different amusement.

It is very straightforward to clear cache on KODI with no damage; it will release memory on your device, and also the device gets developed for higher streaming performance in the future. One Now, if that is you, we are planning to show you ways to clear the cache in KODI, and hopefully, improve things.Clear Cache

Why is it important to clear the cache of KODI

Cache is typically a decent factor. While without cache, KODI would have to be compelled to transfer similar bits of data anytime you utilize your favorite add-ons. However, over time accumulated cache slows your system down which is definitely appropriate for it. So, if you run out of disc space, KODI can begin behaving unpredictably.

If you utilize KODI on a tool with an oversized Winchester drive (like a laptop, desktop, etc.), you will obviously not have to compile it, and you don’t have to worry regarding clearing your cache. However, if you utilize KODI on a little streaming device (like Kodi on Roku Streaming Stick, for example), you must positively learn and perform clearing your cache on a daily basis, because if you don’t, you may notice KODI will not operate as you wish it to. Devices with little exhausting drives extra service a lot of quicker compared to devices with large exhausting drives.

So, if you use KODI on PC with an outsized drive for EX: a portable computer, Desktop, etc. You do not have to worry regarding the clean-up of your cache. However, if you utilize the little device, you have to stress on this task, regarding the clean-up your cache.

As I mentioned earlier, the devices with little exhausting drives replenish abundantly quicker when compared to devices with large exhausting drives. So, let’s learn how to clear the cache of your KODi Unfortunately, there’s no direct repair for this, which means we are not getting anything direct to you to a button titled “Clear Catch.” For no reason, the developers of KODI did not embody such a simple answer.

How to Clear Cache on KODI

However, thankfully, there’s a technique of doing it. However, it will need some piffling associated steps and also add-on installations. One which will provide you with a simple method of doing this, thanks to clear the cache. So, you will experience less of these frustrating content stall moments.

So first let’s install the Maintenance Tools initial to clear (remove) cache in KODI Xbmc:

How to Install Maintenance Tools

  1. From your KODI Home Screen visit Programs>scroll down click Get more

2. In the Kodi add-ons listed, scroll down and notice Maintenance Tool, and click on it

3. A new pop-up box can be seen, click Install.

4. You will have to put in the upkeep Tool Program Add-On once the “Success” box is seen

Next, we are going to use Maintenance Tool Program Add-On to clear cache in KODI:

  1. From the KODIxbmc Home Screen visit Programs>Maintenance Tool (remember to update Maintenance Tool file, you will be able to try this by right clicking the Add-on and clicking Add-on Information>then click on Update)
  2. When you click Maintenance Tool a crop up box can be seen reading “This Tool is meant for ADVANCED Users Only!“, click ok.
  3. Another Community News box can be seen next, click ok once more.

Now you will see the upkeep Tool menu on your KODI, click on General Maintenance.

4. Click Clear Cache

5. A replacement pop-up box can be seen asking you to delete cache files, click the Yes
add-on removal KODI

6. Now you will see a message; the add-on ought to inform you “Done Clearing Cache Files.”

Ways to Clear Cache in KODI Fire-Stick

Like other versions including Windows, Mac, and automaton versions you will use a similar step by step ways listed above, on top of this, you will be able to clear the cache in your KODI FireStick conjointly. Since the FireStick has restricted storage, it is sensible to clear the cache on the device on a daily basis habitually.

Just to make sure, you always have to check your FireStick’s property with the router. So you should clear the cache in FireStick, following the similar steps as tutored on the methods given above.

Some useful tools to be tried.

For no particular reason, the bottom version of KODI lacks a cache improvement feature. There’s no particular place or option to change your cache settings. It is not even manually written on the material of KODI is advanced settings.XML file.

Fortunately, there are some helpful third party tools you’ll be able to use if you’d rather not undergo the rigorous method of the written material KODI’s configuration files. 2 of the simplest cache cleaner tools out there currently are

  1. Indigo
  2. Ares Wizard.

Ares Wizard Tool

While operating Ares Wizard, simply click the upkeep button to continue in the. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to delete thumbnails, packages and cache files at your will.

Another attention-grabbing factor you’ll see in Ares Wizard is to change your video cache settings. Ares Wizard mechanically detects your system hardware and generates a custom-made video cache profile.

For adjusting the video cache settings, in your Ares Wizard, visit its tweaks then click advanced settings wizard and you will be able to adjust it there.

Indigo Tool

After installing Indigo, clear cache simply by clicking maintenance tools from the most menu. From there, you’ll be able to clear your cache, packages, thumbnails and crash logs. You will also be able to additionally program KODI, to clear your cache mechanically or modify debugging modes, among choices suited to fixing KODI problems.

If you are trying everything and KODI still doesn’t work the way you wish it to, you will be able to opt for wipe add-ons to travel back to the bottom version of KODI.

So here we can see that there is no particular pre-installed tool in KODI for that reason we need to download a separate tool and try clearing the cache.

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