7 Best XBMC Kodi Addons You must Have

Kodi is formerly known as like Xbox media center(XBMC). Kodi is available for free and is open source media player software. It was developed by XBMC software company. It’s available for multiple operating systems such as like windows, IOS, android, OS X, apple TV OS, Linux, FreeBSD etc.

It’s available in more than 69 languages. Basically, Kodi is used as media player software, smart TV platform, digital media player, digital video recorder etc. Kodi is one of the most famous multi-platform alternatives for home theater PC. It allows the user to access streaming media of content over online services such as like TV Guide, Youtube, 1channel, ice films, phoenix, Genesis etc. Just have a look here I will share with you best kodi addons.

best kodi addons

7 Best Kodi Addons List

Here you will find best Kodi addons list. It can support the multi-platform environments. Kodi addon can download on Windows, MAC, IOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more. It’s a very easy to download on live tv stream.

1. TV Guide (Biggest Video Streaming Websites)

tv guide kodi addon

TV Guide is one of the biggest video streaming websites. Basically, TV guide gives you over the review of TV listings, online video, and entertainment news etc. Even you can watch full episodes of your favorite TV show at any time and anywhere. You can easily add fully functional TV Guide to Kodi addons.  It’s a very easy and simple process. Even you can cut the cord also. Now you can get live TV on your media center.

2. Youtube

Youtube kodi addon

How we can forget youtube. Youtube is one of the best videos- sharing website. You can easily install youtube addon to kodi. It is a clean, fast and simple addon for easy downloads in any quality of videos on youtube. Now you can easily download any video from your media center. Even it has very different key features. Now you can explore with this addon. You feel more secure and convenient way to watch videos on youtube.

3. 1 Channel

Best Kodi Addons List

1 channeOne of the best popular kodi addons in the list. Which allows you to play a wide selection of movies and favorite TV shows from prime-wire. 1 channel also called as like prime wire. The best thing about 1 channel is they will update the list on daily basis. Anyone can download this software because it’s available freely. Basically, this addon is supported at TVaddon and it does not support xbmc addon .

4. Ice Films

Best Kodi Addons List

Ice Films is one of the best reliable resources to watch new TV shows and movies. You can download any video from this website in a very simple manner. There are more than 70,000 films are exist on this website. Where it has include music concerts and stand up comedy shows also available. Recently there are some issues going on this website. Now it’s back to work on the right place. Just simple install ice films addons on your kodi/xbms.

5. Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the best addon plugins in the list. you can discover great streaming playlist exclusively to kodi adons. You can easily install this kodi addon on your device. It can support all platforms such as like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, windows vista, windows XP etc. You may cut a chord on your media player. There are hundreds of videos exist on this addon. I can make sure that you will get much more fun.

6. Genesi

Best XBMC Kodi Addons

Basically, Genesi is a combination of both GoTV and GoMovies. Genesi has very different key functions like playback, Pause and resume playback, content downloading etc. It’s a very easy to interface on addons. You can easily attach to kodi software. genesis is one of the best add-ons for kodi software. Now you may cut a chord from anywhere. One of the most secure addons for kodi or xbmc.

These are one of the best kodi addons. They can support multiple platforms. You can easily install kodi addons on your device. By using these plugins you can enjoy new movies, favorite tv shows, music, and sports on your device.

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