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7 Best XBMC Kodi Addons 2017 You must Have

Kodi is formerly known as like Xbox media center(XBMC). Kodi is available for free and is open source media player software. It was developed by XBMC software company. It’s available for multiple operating systems such as windows, IOS, Android, OS X, Apple TV OS, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.

Kodi is used as media player software, smart TV platform, digital media player, digital video recorder, etc. Kodi is one of the most famous multi-platform alternatives for home theater PC. It allows the user to access streaming media content over online services such as TV Guide, Youtube, 1channel, ice films, Phoenix, Genesis etc. Just have a look here I will share with you best Kodi addons.

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25+ Best Kodi Addons List


Here you will find best Kodi addons list. It can support the multi-platform environments. Kodi addon is necessary to stream content from the internet. You have to go through some steps to install add-ons, but it is not that complex.

Overall Best Kodi Add-ons

1. Redemption

kodi addons

Redemption is one of the Kodi addons that is regularly updated. It is robustly built and incorporates a lot of sources for latest movies. A lot of content is available on Redemption addon. The sections have been set up nicely. You can filter the content that you want to watch. Latest TV shows, 4K movies, sports and more exciting stuff is there to enjoy.

2. Neptune Rising

It is available from Blamo Kodi repository. Neptune Rising has a lot of fantastic content which does not let you get bored. For each movie, it pulls many different links so that if one link is down, you can watch it from other links. In a short time, this addon has gained a lot of popularity. The content and links are also regularly updated.

3. Genesis Reborn

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Genesis Reborn is one of the best favorite Kodi addons in the list. Which allows you to play a wide selection of movies and favorite TV shows from prime-wire. The best thing about this is they will update the list on a daily basis. Anyone can download this it because it’s available freely. This addon is supported on latest Kodi addon.

4. Covenant

Covenant is one of the best reliable addons to watch new TV shows and movies. You can make films and videos from this addon in a straightforward manner. There is a large media repository exist here. Where it has include music concerts and stand up comedy also shows available. Recently some issues are going to this website. Now it’s back to work in the right place. Just install ice films add-ons on your Kodi.

5. Incursion

Incursion provides a large number of options to make your media streaming experience even better. The user interface is feature rich and easy to use. If you are a new Kodi user, you must try this addon.

6. Poseidon

If you are using Kodi on Firestick then adding Poseidon will enable you to access a large media repository. You get a great collection of movies and TV shows. The media library get regular updates.

7. Wraith

Wraith is one of the best addon plugins in the list. You can discover excellent streaming playlist exclusive Kodi addons. You can easily install this Kodi addon on your device. It can support all platforms like Kodi on Smart TV, Linux, windows, etc.

8. Oculus

Oculus brings you substantial entertainment hours. With an extensive collection of top movies and TV shows, you can spend hours watching it.

9. Atom Reborn

The massive media library makes it one of the addons that you must try. All the newly released movies are available here. Also, it offers IPTV support, kids zone, and other interesting content. You can get from Supremacy repository.

10. Placenta

Placenta is another excellent addon with a friendly interface. If you already have Blamo repository present on your Kodi, you can easily find it there. This add-on brings you free material such as Movies and TV Shows without any wait.

Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows

kodi addons

11. Wolf Pack

Wolfpack is one of the older addon. It has recently got updated and is now more amazing and user-friendly. There are new content links with all the non-working links being removed. The categories are intelligently set up. It includes search option, Anime, Audio-Books and much more.

12. SkyNet

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Skynet combines many good add-ons and provides you a comprehensive place to watch free videos. It is an excellent place for sports, movies, TV shows. The menu is well built and is very easy to navigate.

13. Nemesis

Nemesis has a large variety of media available to watch on Kodi. The design makes it a fun Kodi addon to use. It provides a unique feature “Real-Debrid” that allows the user to download torrent.

14. Iron Man

It is a relatively new add-on. You can get it from ZT repo and install it from there. There is an excellent collection of movies to watch. It has sections like IMDB Top 250, Boxsets Documentaries.

15. Focus

For the movie lovers, Focus brings you a full-fledged solution for home entertainment. The collection is fantastic and you can quickly search for your favorite movie here. You can get it from Lock Down repository.

Best Kodi addons for Live TV

16. Ultra IPTV

If you are a fan of IPTV on Kodi, then you must check this addon. It provides you live sports channels, news channels, informational, Kids channel and much more live channels you can check out.

17. Chronos

Kodi IPTV let you watch live TV directly from Kodi without the need of anything else. Chronos is an IPTV addon gives you access to a large number of live TV channels. It is available in Skydarks Repository, you can find it there. You will see various sections for live sports, events and other content.

18. IPTV Bonanza

It is similar to ultra IPTV for Kodi. The collection of live tv channels is enormous. You can watch news, movies and live sports event with this. The user interface is straightforward and is easy to navigate.

Best Anime Kodi Add-ons

19. Anime Incursion

If you are fond of Anime, then you must install this addon on Kodi. It will open a whole new world of Anime series for you. You will find famous Anime series like Dragon Ball Z, One Punch Man, etc. It gets regular updates for latest episodes of series.

20. Anime Incursion

There are not a lot of add-ons that offers a good collection of Anime series. But Anime Incursion affords you most popular Anime series and their latest episodes. The interesting design makes the media experience even more fascinating.

Best Sports Kodi Addons

21. Veilside

Veilside is one of the best available Kodi Addons. It has a huge collection of sports-related content that is available to watch for free. You can also watch live sports channels like Sky Sports, Euro Sports, NBCS etc.

22. Pure Sports

As the name suggests this addon is made exclusively for providing sports releted content. Whether you are fond of Boxing or football or any other sports, you will find it all here. The links are regurly updated so that you get latest content without any issues. You can get it from Pure Kodi Repository.

Best Adult Kodi Addons 18+

23. AdultHideout

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Adult Hideout is a Kodi addon that brings you content from many adult websites to you. There is a large collection of videos. The video quality is great and you can find full HD content here. The menu options provide you options to choose from a large variety of videos.

24. VideoDevil

When it comes to adult Kodi addons, VideoDevil is famous for a long time. It has a beautiful collection of videos. The user interface and design are also great. There are a lot of video sources avaialble here, just pick one and explore the large content on this. You can get it from Megatron repository.

25. Empflix

Empflix is a free platform for adult content on Kodi. It is daily updated with tons of new videos being uploaded every day. The categories are interesting that will make it one of your favorite Kodi addons. It is available on XBMC-Adult Repository.

Best Music Kodi Add-ons

25. Thunderstruck

Kodi provides you access to a large amount of data online. Music can be easily streamed on Kodi and downloaded form it. Thunderstruck provides you a great platform for listening new and old songs.

26. Top 40 charts

If you like to keep updated with the latest released songs. Top 40 Charts Kodi Music addons is a nice place for you. It is regularly updated and provides you all the famous chartbusters.

27. Jukebox Hero

Jukebox Hero is another great music addon for Kodi. It has a nice collection of music from all the genres. You will find most famous songs from all the artists here.

These are one of the best kodi addons. They can support multiple platforms. You can easily install Kodi addons on your device. By using these plugins you can enjoy new movies, favorite tv shows, music, and sports on your device.


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