Mapwize – Indoor Nevigation Made Easy


The advancement of technology has changed many things. With the increasing computing power, the newer technologies are emerging at a rapid pace. Nowadays, we rely so much on gadgets that it would be nearly impossible to imagine a world without it. Digital navigation provides an efficient and reliable way to find our way anywhere.

GPS has proved to be the revolutionary technology that has a wide array of applications. From general navigation to directing planes, most moving things are controlled by satellite navigation. The accuracy and easy usability make it a reliable system which can be used by anyone.

Satelite navigation has become an important part of our life. We use it to navigate to an unknown place we want to go. It is easily accessible from any smartphone or computer. Anywhere we have to go, GPS guides till the destination arrives. This is great but what about finding the ways when we enter our destination. GPS does not guide us there.

Mapwize – Easy Navigation for Smart Buildings

When entering a large building or an event place, finding any place inside can be a daunting task. Mapwize brings you a solution for the mapping inside premises. It provides an easy platform using which the management of a building or event can create an inside map for the guidance of visitors, staff, security, maintenance etc. The user can navigate inside a campus using Mapwize mobile application.

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Navigation in a city is easy as GPS guides us through but indoor mapping is a crucial task which needs to be done with care. When it comes to inside navigation, the owner of building need to have the complete control over the data that is given to the public.

So Mapwize let the building owner create an inside map and control what information is available to who. Due to this, there is an increased security that prevents any unwanted access to a restricted area inside a building.

Mapwize features

Indoor Mapping – Large building such as Hospital, Mall, University, Factories, Events, Office contains complex structures. It is hard for a visitor or newcomer to find the destination within any of these facilities with ease. Mapwize provides a simple outdoor map that the user can access on his or her phone for wayfinding.mapwize

Mapwize can be integrated into any system as it is an open API. It can also convert the building floorplan to a digital system. Any changes can be made in real-time in the existing map plans. It can be integrated into any mobile or web application or kiosk.

With the help of Mapwize Studio, you have the power to create customized indoor navigation without any technical skills. It is available for free and can be accessed by anyone. You need to register on Mapwize to use it.

Way Finding – Mapwize provides an efficient platform for indoor navigation similar to google maps. When inside a campus or building, you can search for the destination that you want to reach. It will guide you through the way. This makes sure that new users do not get lost while finding their way to a particular place.

Mapwize is free and you can use it to create your own indoor mapping and navigation. It does not require a lot of technical skills making it suitable for all. You can register on its site and add the map of a building. You can then customize the navigating routes as you require. There are premium plans also which let the user have customized plans as per the requirements.

Different Universe – It creates a simple platform on which building owners can copy the floor plans. The Mapwize will automatically digitalize it and give additional options to add different points of interest. The visitors who are visiting the premises can use the Mapwize app on their phone to find their way. The building owner can create different universes within a building for different sets of users.

Final Verdict

Mapwize provides a whole new platform for indoor navigation and mapping. It can be a great platform for companies to interact with their customers. They can produce different customized customer experience and can also be used for target advertisement. As the building owner can control the data that is made available to the public, it ensures the security of the premises too.


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