10 Best Orcpub Alternative D&D5e Tools

Orcpub alternatives

On 22nd February 2020, the Orcpub website was shut down. But the community version of Orcpub is still running. The Orcpub website was once the most admired and preferable suite of tools for Dungeons and Dragons. 

Now, that it is officially is taken down due to which the fans and users are looking for the best Orcpub alternatives on the internet. If you read this article completely you will get the best sites like Orcpub which we have listed after the great research. 

Best Alternative of Orcpub | 10 Sites like Orcpub

Here are a few Orcpub alternatives listed below which will give a similar experience with your gaming sessions. 

  1. D & D Beyond

D & D Beyond

D & D Beyond is one of the well-known Orcpub alternative. It is the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragon’s fifth edition. It is a website that hosts the online version of dungeons and dragons with the help of online tools like a character builder and a digital character sheet. Thus, this makes it one of the best replacement of Orcpub.


  • The tool is available free of cost. But other than that there are some tools and options available for the premium users.
  • It can be accessed from any web browsers and mobile phones or tablets. 
  • The website of D & D is renewed regularly based on the input of the users.


  • Unlike Orcpub it is not a free platform. Some tools and contents are available for free but not all. Also, to make an account the users need a subscription.
  • To access all tools you need to buy a premium membership. With the help of the premium membership, you can create a personal account. 

2. Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop

Beyond tabletop is a free website that provides the online free tool. Unlike most online gaming platforms this one is much easier to use and access. The players make all the setup so it is a great platform for the RPG players. But what makes it one of the best Orcpub alternative is that it is a free tool for online gaming. Also, it is open source for Windows and Mac users.


  • Beyond tabletop is a free platform for online gaming. So, it provides you with the alternative to designing your character.
  • It is easier and manageable than other online gaming applications. This makes it suitable for the new players who have less online tabletop gaming experience.


  • Beyond tabletop doesn’t provide comprehensive offerings and ideas for playing Dungeons & Dragons.
  • It doesn’t provide a good visual and audio experience for playing Dungeons & Dragons.

 3. Roll20


Roll20 is a browser-based online gaming tool. Due to which this alternative has a huge fan base. It is specially designed for unique gaming sessions that are joined by users. It allows users to communicate with each other. The users communicate through integrated text chat, voice chat, and video chat on Google Hangouts integration. Due to these features Roll20, is considered to be a good alternative for Orcpub.


  • Roll20 is a free open-source for tabletop online gaming.
  • It gives a feel of actual table games to the users. By providing effects such as automated dice rolling, shared maps with a basic character and enemy tokens, and triggered by sound effects for the better experiences.


  • Roll20 is not available on other operating systems except Windows and Mac. 
  • It is not available for Linux users.
  • The users cannot use it on a mobile phone or a tablet.

4. Adventurer’s Codex

Adventurer's Codex

Adventurer’s Codex is a free and easy online gaming tool. It provides great visuals and sound effects that grab the attention of the users. Thus, it makes it a suitable platform for the players of D & D. It is a browser-based application for tabletop games. Its in-person Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition gaming system for characters, campaigns, and parties. Adventurer’s Codex is considered to be a good alternative too.


  • Adventurer’s Codex is an open-source website. It doesn’t require any money for registration or for accessing the tools.


  • Adventurer’s Codex is not available on other devices like mobile phones and tablets.

5. Talespire


Talespire is an online platform for a graphical progression of playing role-playing games with other gamers and friends. It provides a nice camera effect on all scenes. Due to w which the users get a wholesome online tabletop gaming experience. Also, it gives the users access to an online store where the players can purchase extensions for their games.


  • Talesspire can be accessed through the Windows operating system.
  • It provides an online role-playing feature for multiple players. This role-plying feature gives a great experience of playing with multiple people at once.
  • Also, it is a good option to connect with your friends and family members. 


  • Talespire is not available for other operating systems.
  • It is a paid website. Thus, it is not open-source.
  • It can not be used on a mobile phone or a tablet. 

6. Hero Lab 

Hero Lab 


HeroLab is a user-friendly online gaming tool. It grants support for many games including Dungeons & Dragon’s fifth edition. It can be supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Thus, it is easily accessible by users. The website comes with its own scripting language. It has a customizable character creation tool that can be accessed by other games too.


  • HeroLab provides the option to customize your character from the basic level. Thus, it serves as a good selection option for users. 
  • It is available on Windows and the Mac operating system. So, the users can access it anytime anywhere on their personal laptops or PC.


  • HeroLab is a highly-priced web gaming tool in comparison to other options available.
  • It is not an open-source website.
  • It cannot be accessed on mobile phones and tablets.

7. Rolisteam

RolisteamRolisteam is a free virtual table software. It provides specialities such as the sharing of maps and pictures between the players. It also communication tools that are used to communicate with your friends. It makes your online gaming experience similar to on table game experience that can help you to have an amazing playing time with your friends and competitors.


  • Rolisteam is a free open-source for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.
  • It also provides important gaming tools for free of cost.


  • It cannot be accessed on mobile phones and tablets.

8. Aurora Builder

Aurora Builder

Aurora builder is specially made for building your character for Dungeons & Dragons. It allows you to manage and create your gaming characters from very basic with the help of the bundled content. All tools and functions are available for free on this website. Thus, it is an open-source website. The aurora builder is available on the Windows operating system and this means it is a web-based tool. 


  • Aurora builder is a free and open-source website that is easy to use.
  • It can be accessed through the Windows operating system.


  • It is not available on devices. People with personal computers and laptops with the Windows operating system can access it.

9. PlanarAlly


PlanarAlly is a web tool that supplements customized characters and virtual battle-maps. It is shared between the users with various unavoidable tools on your D&D toolbox for a better experience. It is a self-hosting site that comes with an offline support system, simple layers, and an Infinite canvas for better gaming experience and simple using process.


  • PlanarAlly is a free online gaming tool that comes with an offline support system.
  • It is open-source which can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux Web. So, it is a self-hosted platform.


  • PlanarAlly cannot be used on a mobile phone or a tablet. Thus, it is a disappointment for many users without a PC or laptop.

10. DiceCloud


DiceCloud is another online gaming tool that comes with a realtime D&D 5e Character Tracker. It’s a straight forward website which is used for character designing. It might take a little longer time than other websites. The goal of an online sheet is to make the game more streamlined, interesting, and ultimately more fun for the users.


  • DiceCloud is a free open-source online tool for tabletop games including Dungeons & Dragon’s fifth edition.
  • Character designing is considered to be one of the best available tools out there.
  • It can be accessed through different operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • DiceCloud cannot be used on a mobile phone or a tablet which can be a disappointment for some users.

More about the Orcpub

It’s renowned for its peculiarities like sharing maps and pictures in the game. The game sessions can have multiple players so people can share their game experience with other users or with their friends. One of the most liked features of Orcpub was the customizing of your character.

Apart from this, it also had amazing sound effects and graphics that were used to make other tabletop games. It was an open-source online tool for tabletop games that can be accessed by all platforms and operating systems.


So, all these were the best Orcpub alternatives. And offer similar experiences as Orcpub. Other than these alternatives, Orcpub2 is also considered a good replacement for Orpub. Some of these alternatives are paid whereas some are free, available online with many useful tools and customization options. It provides one of the best platforms for on tabletop online gaming as Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. Now, get ready to pick any tool according to your taste and preference.


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