Best Personal and HR Interview Questions For Freshers with Answers

hr interview questions for freshers

How to crack Personal Interview

Where do I start honestly, there were the days where I was a little bit scared and full of rush thoughts about the interview. Now I am more comfort and stable. Do not need to fear about the interview because here I am giving personal interview questions for freshers with answers.

What I have learned from my experience is you have to be happy first and feel like stress-less. you have to find your enthusiasm and your passion about work at the same time you have to be unique from others.

I think no experience going to be bad unless and un till we grow with it and from it. It’s like entering into unknown space. That’s how we keep going strong. we have to better our selves but there is times I want to run away, ’s knee keeps me in touch with reality.

Personal and HR Interview Questions For Freshers with Answers

You always thought that you are best in the world that keeps getting energy yourself. You do try your best about the result it’s not your cup of tea leave it on God.

How to crack Personal Interview / HR Interview Questions For Freshers

According to my opinion, i could not reconcile that to my existence as an Indian who was reading some textbooks which had no connection with the real Indian experience. When we face interview it dependence totally your presence of mind and the way you speak and physical presentation.

When are you going to give you interview it’s very key aspect is dressing style. Sometimes it gives a good impression. The first impression is the best impression. Here I am giving some tricks to crack the interview.

Personal Interview Questions For Freshers with Answers

1.Tell me about yourself?


Good morning sir, this is likhitha, I am from Vijayawada it belongs to Andhra Pradesh. Now I have completed my graduation from Amity University, Jaipur. I am a person with strong inter personal skills and have the ability to get along well with people.

And i enjoy challenges and me always eager to learn something new that may be used for future. I have very interesting hobbies like reading amazing facts of world and stories. Even I am trying to write about every day alive experience in life. I am more passionate about anything and everything.

2.What are your key strengths?


  • I am a hard worker and because of this ability, i can work for additional hours to achieve my task. I think without hard work you cannot achieve anything.
  • And i am more adaptable, so I can handle any type of person and where situations like also bring out the best from them in spite of conflicting situations or opinions.
  • I have very strong values and customs and I believe in strong relationship and have a very supportive family and friends.
  • And learn very quickly.

3. What are your weak points?


  • I may need to learn to be more flexible when things are not going according to plan. this is something where I have to take more serious about this matter.
  • And another thing is I never leave my work unless and until it should be finished.
  • I never say no when someone come and asks me for help.

4. Why should I hire you?


i believe that every company wants a person who is hardworking, dedicated towards work, creative ideas, and capable of working under pressure sometimes. I have all these abilities to fulfill your aspects. at the same time, i need an opportunity to show my skills, hard working for your company and I need a platform where I can improve my skills in a reputed organization like your company.

5.How do you deal with criticism?


A crisis is a great opportunity to introduce change. some people are just not going to like you. no matter how well you do things but someone will always criticism you. the more successful you are, the more you might become a target of criticism.but it’s how you deal with criticism makes you unique.

we have to take the positive side of everything yes things happened but let’s not let negativity break down us. we have to be strong for them and positive for them.

6.Did you have any failures in your life?


I failed to score a good percentage in my graduation time. i work hard for it but I scored less than what I expected. when I think about percentage there will always regret for me.

7.Give me an example of your creativity?


My creativity is l have learned from my mistakes, I do try to make failures in success. even I believe that failure is stepping stone of success. failures are always big lessons from life.

8. How do you feel about working nights and weekend?


i am a fresher and energetic. I have a no problem to do work late nights. but I will try my best to finish my work within the working hours. and I believe in your company and if the company is demanding me, then there is some reason behind that and i can assist my company as I can.

9. What do you seek from a job?


I would like a job which gives me a chance to apply all that I have learned in college as well as one which enables me to grow as a professional way. at the same time which makes me the difference from others, great learning opportunity challenging roles and at the end of day good job satisfaction.

10. What have you learned from your failures?


I have learned that success and failures are two sides of life. i get inspiration both from success and failures as both are equally important in everyone’s life. from my failures, i have learned to analyze myself and find out shortcomings. those shortcomings are the areas of future improvement for me and i have undertaken seriously to improve my self on those relevant areas.

I hope may use for these questions and answers. may you have a good time on interview day. do not think about any thing just focus on yourself and be positive about results. definitely, you will crack your interview. Do not afraid of a being a person that wants you to want to be. just believe yourself and do what you wanted to be. That’s how we achieve our goals.


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