Quotes Watch: Displays the power and art of words

Words are the most powerful tool, we kept on hearing this for longer then we know. Word keeps us motivated, punctual and keep us reminding about what our purpose is meant to be. Aint’t a great thing, similarly like getting inked, but this time it is the quote watch.

Quotes Watch is the great innovation for all those who seek nothing but just a few words which make them feel good. Ain’t a great combination, get motivation in form of the watch.

The best thing about quote watch is, it is able to display any type of quote in any language you wish. But again the condition is, it should be under 140 characters.

Despite this, Quote Watch can receive lovely small messages from your loved ones via Quotes Apps. You can select the quote or message you want to see in or around what time. It is fully customizable according to one’s choice.

It is followed up with enormous features. Let’s give a look at it.

Quote Watch Features

  • Construct Your Own Text- You are allowed to construct your own text which could last upto 140 characters. That can be anything under character list. Reminders, notification, messages etc.
  • Inbox- You can receive enormous texts, quotes from your loved ones and you’re allowed to decide, which one to keep.
  • Display Quotes- It has a huge database of quotes, you can select one from them for display.
  • Quote Categories- You can select the category also, from which you want quotes.
  • Rotational Quotes– You can put quotes on the rotational cycle
  • Skipping on quotes- Just a tap and skip the quote which is not meaningful to you anymore.
  • Select Fonts- Select the font style and the language you want to see.
  • Filter Style- Choose your own theme which appears best to you.
  • Watch application- No matter whether it be android or iOS, just download the app and stay connected to the best lines.
  • Screen Selection- Choose what you want to see just quote or just time or what, swipe accordingly.

Wrapping Up

So the smartwatch is all about displaying time and quotes and love messages too. Which are sent from your loved ones from Quotes app, to remind you time to time what is important? To buy for yourself, book it here at Kickstarter.


Anushka is a passionate writer who loves to do wordgasm. She loves murmuring under the sky, full of stars. She puts her feet on untravelled very often. Her head is full of stories and experiences. She has a keen interest in sports and travelling.


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