Simple Guide for Hiring Experienced Java App Developers

Java is an extremely popular programming language used in a great variety of digital products, so finding and hiring skilled software developers who have mastered it is necessary for your business’s success. But because of the overflowed market of Java engineers, searching for perfect candidates can be a real headache. If you are an absolute beginner in IT recruiting and Java software development, in this guide, you will find the basic knowledge needed for this pretty difficult task. 

Why choose Java 

First, let’s talk about Java and the reasons why hiring experts in this programming language is necessary for creating a great app for your business needs. The main factor behind Java’s overwhelming popularity is its object-oriented nature and Java Virtual machine, or simply JVM. This helps code written in this language to run on basically any platform and OS imaginable. So, you can create web, mobile, or desktop apps, cloud storage solutions, games, applications for smart watches and TVs, and many many more digital products. Because of this important feature, such companies as Google, Meta, and Netflix use Java as the primary coding language in their apps. 

Another great advantage of Java is easy syntax, so it is extremely easy to learn and the code is easy to understand and debug if necessary. Because of this, there are around ten million Java developers for hire around the world, with different levels of experience and expertise, and the number is only growing. But finding tech talent who will fit your project perfectly still can be tricky. 

Skills to look for

The particular list of hard skills to look for depends on the type of app you plan on creating. There is a detailed catalog of project categories online, based on the category selected you can start looking for IT specialists with the set of skills needed for this exact one. Necessary knowledge of certain tools, databases, libraries, and frameworks also will depend on the type of software engineer you are looking for (full-stack, back-end, or front-end), the skill level they apply for, and the team role they will fill during the development process. The questionnaires and coding tests can be easily found online, so you can confirm hard skills on your own even without a tech background, but it is best to ask someone to help with this stage. 

Soft skills also need to be confirmed, so don’t neglect this aspect. Because of Java’s and its additional tools’ constant upgrades, your perfect candidate needs to keep up with the latest trends, always be eager to learn something new, and actively participate in the professional community. Of course, communication skills are also very important, especially with Java developer for hire, when software engineers are often working with someone else’s code and constantly exchanging notes. If you are hiring IT professionals remotely, time management skills, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic are critical for successful cooperation. 

Hiring options

When you establish a clear plan for your future app, its Java category, list of technical requirements, and other little details, you can start the hiring process. With a list of hard and soft skills needed for every team position, you should be able to draft an engaging and crystal-clear job description, to attract only people right for the job, and filter out unqualified and inexperienced coders early on. With perfect job descriptions, you can start going through different recruiting options. 

A place to start will depend on the choice between a remote team and a full-time in-house one. Because of an enormous number of Java developers in basically every country on the globe, finding IT specialists, either way, won’t be an unsolvable task, but remember that most of the world’s tech talent prefer to work remotely, especially senior experienced software engineers. 

You can start with popular job boards, either local ones or in the country you decided to hire from. There you can post job descriptions and browse through candidates actively looking for employment. To widen your search, you can go to online communities dedicated to Java on popular sites such as Reddit, GitHub, and StackOverflow, and on social media, Facebook and Twitter, for example. Searching through hashtags also works. There you can find threads dedicated to developers looking for work or find and approach specialists you think will suit your project. A great positive of this sourcing method is the ability to instantly see examples of code and information about previous projects on possible candidates’ profiles. 

If the salary budget is tight, you can always try your luck with freelancers. Because of the wide talent pool of skilled Java developers, some of them prefer to work through freelance sites, or just do some side projects for extra money. This option has a lot of downsides, such as the unreliable nature of such deals, sometimes misleading information about candidates’ qualifications, and little amount of control. There are some chances you can find a real java expert on site for freelancers, but don’t get your hopes up. 

If recruiting software engineers with great Java knowledge on your own has proven to be too hard, don’t be upset. There are an enormous number of IT staffing agencies and outsourcing vendors that will provide you with dozens of suitable candidates from any country of your choosing and for every budget imaginable. Remember, Java is extremely popular all over the globe, so with access to a global pool of talent, you can really find a perfect developer for your project in no time. 

Final thoughts

Hiring expert Java developers without any recruiting or programming background can be challenging, but with a clear vision of the digital product you wanna create, various

online guides and questionnaires, and help from staffing firms and outsourcing vendors if necessary, you can manage. Remember, there are literally millions of skilled Java coders, so without being limited by your local talent pool and with some flexibility in salary budget, you will end up with the perfect candidate and application of superb quality. 

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