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Looking for a list of top sites like Flixtor to download movies and TV shows? The first one is Popcorn Time. The second pick is the WatchSerieshd. The third thrill is Project Free TV. Fourth on the list is calculated Subsmovies. We are also going to tell you about why Flixtor was down a few days ago.


Here you will be known to the best Flixtor alternative as it’s better to get prepared rather than just depending on just one website for surfing movies and TV shows. Talking about Flixtor, it is one of the most traffic-driving websites from last years as it provides free surfing without downloading anything into your device.

Flixtor Alternatives

But at the same time, Flixtor is accused of some allegations of providing movies without any permission or prior approval of the owner. Due to which it was banned several times in the previous few months and hence it was charged for piracy. Beware, watching anything on Flixtor isn’t apart of risk or legal action. And so we suggest you go for alternatives to Flixtor.

In this blog, we will be talking about a service predicted to shut down soon. Today we will discuss “Sites Like Flixtor” in which subtitles like Why was Flixtor Down and Best Sites like Flixtor or Flixtor Alternative will be included. 

Now, those who are here to get informed, let us introduce Flixtor to you. It is an online streaming website that provides users several Hollywood movies and TV shows for free. While all the content of the website is accessible to VIP members only. You can watch movies released within the last 6 months, while TV shows are a better pick for so. Now, let’s get it started:

Why Was Flixtor Down? 

Around April last year, Flixtor faced a massive decrease in its traffic. A website claims its rank to drop from 67K to 49K due to its ban for several days. Talking about Flixtor’s earning, it’s approximately $90,000. 

Getting back to the April ban, the authorities got Flixtor down. As Flixtor was caught red-handed uploading movies and TV shows surprisingly in an illegal way. Yes, you heard it right. Illegal because of piracy. 

Flixtor smartly gets the users provided with some links to films online, without the permission or approval of the producers. If you got to download anything from there, you can be charged for the act of piracy. 


At the time of the ban, users of Flixtor even experienced inconvenience and fear if it won’t be back. The services given and guaranteed by Flixtor are immensely popular and nothing matches the platform under some conditions. 

But the truth lies in reality, reality is bitter, not better. Searching for other similar applications to the website is better, as you have time and it’s not gone yet. Sit back and relax. Go for something legal rather than getting yourself left a piracy case. 

Move to other options that are safe, better, and reliable. Hence, we are suggesting you some best sites like Flixtor. 

In this list, choose according to your convenience and preference and enjoy surfing. Below list is the result of our research keeping in mind your concern of safety, free streaming, torrent-free, malware-free, and a better experience. 

Flixtor Alternative | Top 5 Working Websites Like Flixtor

This list will mention six websites which will provide you free quality service and better surfing whether it be web series or daily TV shows. Yes, Flixtor cannot be replaced but alternatives can be accepted to stay safe surfing online. This list is our analysis based on efficiency, safety issues, and better browsing. 

1. Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Often called a rival to Flixtor, Popcorn Time is an application that you can use instead of Flixtor.

Yes, the popcorn time was also down but the makers decided to create a new website of the same name by open-source coding. Although the application should be downloaded first for streaming films, it’s the home to all your most-wanted ones on the same platform.

Don’t believe it? You can check it yourself. And yes, it all for free. Being an application makes it different, accessible, and convenient.

No longer than the installation completes, you can see the variance of the content available in an application. Choose a movie, select video quality, opt for subtitles and that’s done.

Yes, the movie will start playing. Lastly, this application supports Android, Windows, OS, and Linux as well. 


2. Watch series


What will astonish you more than binge-able videos for free? Yes, no lies here. Watch series make you chill your weekends with fresh binge-able TV shows in a wide variety.

It is for free if you want to surf from this. Surprisingly it’s one of the fastest streaming platforms around the globe.

For ad pop-ups, you can manage by an adblocker extension. For the newest shows released on the website, they will appear on your home screen so that you get to know about them.

It will be better if you choose to use a VPN using these websites, as it will make your experience safe as well as anonymous. 


3. Project Free TV


Project Free TV

It’s not a website, but a TV show index that is easy to use and accessible. The best in PFTV is some new shows added on an everyday basis instead it is already consisting of everything you need.

Navigate to what you want to watch and then you will have to follow a link to a third-party website that will play the video.

Attention! We do strictly prohibit you to download anything from there. It’s just better to choose to stream on the site.

You might face some ads there, while there is not much on the home page. While the links to the third-party website sometimes don’t work, you can go for another one.


4. Subsmovies



This platform is most famous for its interface, which is user-friendly and easy to use. Content listing is organized by quality and source. It makes you faster discover the best video content for what you searched.

The interface it has is actually way more efficient than it seems, which is simple. The better thing here is the video selected will play on the website itself rather than redirecting to third-party websites.

As its name specifies, it gets on the betterment of the subtitled content. You can even stop the video and go for translation even of the subtitles. 



hulu123 is an amazing site to watch unlimited movies and shows for free, there is a signup process includes but the site provides all its content just by single signup.

Not just in your country people are using the Hulu123 website all over the world.

This will end up with all your streaming needs and absolutely you will like it as more as the Flixtor website due to its content and quality it offers.



Here we wrap it up. Hope you got our point that safe-streaming is way better than getting on an unsafe application for streaming. Also, we will recommend you to use a VPN for Streaming online on different websites whether it be for movies, shows, or web series.

It’s better to stay anonymous than piracy charges. It’s an offense and better to stay out of illegal activities. In this blog, these top 5 sites like Flixtor should be helpful for you.

Comment down which one you are using. Thanks for reading it until here. Stay tuned to us for more blogs like these. See you soon in the next one.

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