Nwanime.tv Not Working? Top 10 similar sites like Nwanime.tv


Are you a fan of anime characters? Do you love watching anime cartoons and series?

Do you also miss that old Animax TV Channel?

If that is the case then Attention to Anime Freaks! We have something special for you.

If you are among the craziest fans of anime, we will tell you the appropriate, trustworthy, and efficient websites that will provide you with huge amounts of anime content, and that too for FREE.

These famous Sites like Nwanime.tv contain a huge variety of anime shows.

First, let us have a quick look at the things we will be discussing in this article:

Quick Reference

  1. What is nwanime.tv?
  2. Top 10 Similar Websites like nwanime.tv

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Now, we will discuss each of the above-mentioned things in detail:

What is nwanime.tv?


Nwanime.tv is among the most popular online platforms that host many of the famous anime shows absolutely free of cost.

It allows you to watch free anime in high quality online, anytime, and anywhere you want. It is a huge library of anime series and always has something to satisfy your anime cravings.

It is home to some of the most popular anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, Kingdom, Tokyo Revengers 22, One Piece, SD Gundam World Heroes, Night Head, and many more.

You can also try more anime streaming sites from here.

Top 10 Similar Websites like Nwamine.tv

Here we are listing some of the best, trustworthy, 100% working, and convenient websites that are similar to nwanime.com

These websites will be more than enough to satiate your anime hunger:

1. AnimeTVN


AnimeTVN is one of the most popular anime content websites. It is known for hosting original anime shows, cartoons, and Japanese drama.

The content will be in pure Japanese language, so make sure to check your browser language settings accordingly.

2. Anime 47

Anime 47

Sites like nwanime.tv, Anime 47 is one of the greatest choices for anime freaks to stream free anime shows online.

It provides over thousands of anime shows and dramas along with their ratings and popularity. Thus, it easily lets you choose what to watch. 

3. GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime

Want to watch free anime online with English audio and subtitles? Bam! You have GoGo Anime for this purpose.

All the anime shows are available in English on this website. You can stream the content whenever and wherever you want.

4. Anime8


Anime8 offers tons of anime shows, cartoons, and dramas that can be both downloaded and streamed online.

5. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online

If you are an anime buff along with being a cartoon lover then do visit thewatchcartoononline.tv once.

I promise that all your anime demands will be fulfilled by this beautifully crafted website. It contains latest and trending anime shows in English. 

6. ADKami


To all the anime buffs out there, here is a wonderful website where you can stream all your favorite anime shows online for free.

You can access the website’s anime content whenever you want. So, let your anime hunger be satisfied with ADKami.

7. RyuAnime


Want to watch trending and latest episodes of your favorite anime shows for free? Have a look at the RyuAnime website.

Here you will find all the genres of the anime world for free. So, don’t wait anymore and satisfy your anime cravings.

8. 1Anime


Watch all the anime shows dubbed in English and enjoy the thrill of Japanese drama with 1Anime.

9. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven

Being a user-friendly platform, Anime Heaven provides you a huge variety of anime content. It provides dubbed anime content and lets you watch it for free online.



ANiMEGG is a platform that is listed as one of the best alternatives to nwanime.tv. It provides you a wide range of animated content to stream online for free.

You can watch all the anime shows and Japanese dramas for free. So, grab your tub of popcorn and enjoy your anime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the use of these websites?

All the websites mentioned above are similar sites like nwanime.tv. These websites host anime shows, cartoons, and Japanese drama

All these platforms are some of the best websites for streaming and downloading free anime shows. So, if you are an anime lover then do visit these websites once.

  • Are these websites safe and trustworthy?

Yes, definitely they are. All these websites are 100% safe, efficient and trustworthy.

We first test all the links we share with our readers. All these links are user-friendly and provide you with an easy to work with interface.

So, you need not worry about your device’s safety with us. Just go through these links without paying any heed to the trust issues. We are here to handle things for you!

  • Are these sites like nwanime.tv are more efficient than nwanime.tv?

Yes, yes, and yes! They are just the alternatives to nwanime.tv. In case you are unable to access it at some point in time, you have these websites for satisfying your anime hunger.

They all have almost similar types of content and offer the best of anime shows whether they are old or new. 

Just like nwanime.tv, they provide an option for free downloading and streaming of anime shows and cartoons.

So, what are you waiting for? Just visit the above websites and satiate your cravings for anime shows whenever and wherever you want.

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