10 Sites like Pubfilm for Movies & Shows

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Do you like to watch movies/shows stream online? Then you will definitely like Pubfilm too. 

Pubfilm is one of the popular video streaming websites where you can watch more popular movies and TV shows for free. Here you will find all types of movies in a single search, it has a huge database in which they stores all latest and classic movies and allows users to watch it for free.

It will provide you with more interesting options like “Most popular movies”, “Newly added TV shows”, “Newly added Movies” and many other options.

But sometimes Pubfilm may not work up to your expectations, then you need some Pubfilm alternatives to access content according to your will.

In this article, you will see many alternatives of Pubfilm and you will definitely love it.

10 Best Alternative Sites like Pubfilm

1. Fmovies

Fmovies is one of the best alternative for Pubfilm to watch Movies and TV Shows online for freeYou will find all the latest movies here as they keep their database up-to-date and for easy convenience of people, it has a built-in search function which will help you to search movies name according to your need.

The server is very fast and the videos are likely to work without buffering and you will never get upset because of the quality of content.

2. ExtraMovies

ExtraMovies is one of the best alternative of Pubfilm. ExtraMovies is updated all the time and always provides you with the latest Movies, TV Series and Music videos online streaming and even downloads for free. Its video quality is seriously very high and the video content provided here is also demanding to the public. Its searching feature will help you to search your content without writing the complete name of movie or tv series. You can also watch content here according to your internet speed.

3. Gowatchseries

Gowatchseries is one of the best solution to watch newly launched movies and tv series. If you want to see original content issued by copyright owner then this will be the best option for you. Gowatchseries supports many servers and due to this multiple servers videos will never lag buffering while running.

gowatch series online streaming

But some of the content on Gowatchseries is not copyrighted, this will affect the managing of content posted on Gowatchseries. Registration on this site is not necessary for watching and downloading content from this website.

4. New Movies Online

NewMovies online is a nice streaming site where you are allowed to watch not just movies & TV series but also many other contents such as blogs, books and sports events. Here you will find the actual classification of all latest movies and TV series and you will easily be reached to your destination means your desired content.

newmovies online

5. MoviesFoundOnline

This is one more alternative to Pubfilm, where you will find all the latest and demanding movies. This platform is only for movies so that the person who is only searching for movies can find the new and updated content here.

found movie online

The sorting and classification are easier here as you will only get the results of new movies here.

You will see so many interesting categories including animation, horror, action, comedy and many more from which you can select and directly stream whatever you like the most.

6. Kanopy

Kanopy is another best streaming site. Where you will find huge number of movies, not only the latest but also the movies related to children and professionals. Here you will get the movies liked by all ages like children, Adults.

kanopy-stream classic cinema

It also supports educational and entertainment content for kids and students. Compatibility of this site is very strong, this site can easily work with many different platforms like iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, AndroidTV, Android, ChromeCast and all computer.

7. MoviesFlix

MoviesFlix is video streaming alternative but it is slightly different from all above websites, it is a software which will help you to download all the latest movies and TV series.


The software is completely free of cost for all the users. The software will require a continuous internet connection for downloading the content at a higher speed. The site also has some interesting features like video speed controller and other functions which will help the user to watch content effortlessly.

8. Yes!Movies

Another trending alternative to Pubfilm is Yes Movies which will provide you with all trending Hollywood movies and lots of TV Series. Yesmovies- watch free movies online

You can watch content of many different countries like China, Japan, India and many others on this platform. You will also find trending option here, where you will see most demanding watchable movies and TV Series. Yes! Movies also shows you the current rating of all the content posted there and suggests you the best one.

9. YahooView

Oath is a new name of YahooView with the partnership of Yahoo and AOL. Here you will find the all-new Movies, videos, and TV shows, and it has an extraordinary function to aware the audience with all the relevant issues around the World.

Yahooview-stream free TV

You can easily turn the content according to your gerne or requirement, but some of its TV shows are only allowed to watch if you are in the US but don’t worry you can easily watch all movies listed there.   

10. Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the best solutions for video streaming as it provides the content with no language bar. The content here is going to stream with 8 different languages. You can watch all your desired content in any compatible device such as Mobile Phone, Computer and many other.

hotstar- watch TV shows

It provides the adaptable video function where you can select the video quality according to your bandwidth connection, here you can also set the speed of video play so that if the user wants to watch the content at the slow or fast speed they can easily access it. 

But this platform needs login details before you stream the content represented there. 

So, you can not select from all these Pubfilm alternatives. We have listed 10 sites like Pubfilm where you can watch or download movies for free. Enjoy!!    


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