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The TV was a primary source of entertainment and worldwide information for a long time. Then the internet came and everything changed. Now television is also run by the internet. We have smart TVs that can run many apps like a smartphone. TV streaming sites like Netflix and Prime video can run on TVs as an app which is easy to access and use. Many times when there is no access to a television then the internet is a good option to watch live tv.

Best Live TV Streaming Sites List

If you are in search for the best tv streaming sites which will let you watch live television channels on your computer via the internet. These sites contain a huge number of channels that can be streamed on a single click. There is a lot of content present on the internet like movies, videos, songs, and other stuff.

Watching live TV on the internet gives you great quality video and many other features. There are some TV channels that are only available in certain countries. To watch these channels you can use best tv streaming sites listed here. On these sites, you can watch latest shows, movies, live news, live games and much other interesting stuff that are available only on television.

Here are the best tv streaming sites that are up and running. It contains a good collection of international channels related to different types of content. You will find a great list of channels containing movies, shows, news items, comedy, drama etc.

1. Tvplayer

best tv streaming sites

It is one of the best places to watch live tv channels without any fuss. This site offers a large number of tv channels that you can stream on your laptop or desktop. This site is also accessible on mobile devices. With its premium subscription, there is no need to pay for the cable connection.

The premium subscription of this allows the user to watch over 35 premium channels with a total of 100 channels. Forget using a cable connection or set-top box to watch live tv. You just need to open the site and log in with your account. You can also download its app for Android and iOS. You can live stream the content and it also gives you the feature to record the Live tv which you can watch later.

2. Hulu

best tv streaming sites

Hulu is a premium service that allows the user to watch tv stream with an ease. It provides a user-friendly service with a lot of features. It is popular due to a good collection of shows, movies, sports content etc. You can use it on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. The user needs to create an account and buy the paid membership to be able to watch content on Hulu.

Hulu offers you latest movies, shows, music videos. You will also find a great collection of top movies here. Overall it is one of the best tv streaming site that provides you access premium content.

3. Streamlive

best tv stream site

When it comes to TV streaming sites, there are very few options that give you a great quality. Streamlive is a popular site that contains all the premium TV channels for live viewing. Streamtv provides a simple interface, you can watch many premium channels like Fox Sport, Discovery, AMC etc. with just one click.

Watching it online is a great option if you do not have access to a television and cable connection. With Live TV it also provides you movies to watch for free. With its DVR feature, you can record tv content.

In fact, Internet-based services like Netflix and Hulu is preferred by many people. The Internet offers minimum interruption and more quality content. So even if there is something missing it can be covered with the sites that offer tv streaming like Streamlive.

4. Batmanstream

best tv stream site

Most of us watch movies and TV shows on the internet. If you are fond of watching live games then this website provides a great platform for live sports.  One thing that is more fun to watch on television is live sports events. Batmanstream is the site that helps you to stream live matches with ease.

It gives you one-click access to the live games being played right now. This website also gives you access to the live events. You can select the sports and the event which you want to watch.

It contains the link to stream all the popular matches of NBA, NFL, Football, Tennis, Hockey etc. The user needs to have an account to access its service. The registration is free and it takes no time to create an account on Batmanstream.

5. epctv

This website gives you all the famous tv channels that are available to watch for free. Here you will get premium channels like HBO, Skynews, ESPN, NBA and many more. It does not require any premium membership or sign up to access these channels. You can stream tv with just one click. Epctv is a well-organized site with easy accessibility.

The streaming website provides an easy to use interface to watch online content. You can select the country and it will give you all the available tv channels for that region. Epctv has various channels for music, movies, news, kids, informational etc.

6. Couchtuner

tv stream sites

Couchtuner is one of the most popular sites to watch online content. It contains many tv shows and movies. You can watch latest shows, recently released movies here. Also, you can request a movie if it is not listed on this site.

This site shows you the list of most popular tv series that can be watched here. The user interface is simple. This site has all the popular shows in HD quality. All the latest episodes of famous tv series are available here.

7. Livetvchannelsfree

It is another good option if you are looking for live tv streaming. The website contains easy interface. There are many tv channels ranging from news to movies to other categories. You can watch live news, sports events. The site does not require to sign up for it and buy a paid subscription to watch the content on it.

Livetvchannelsfree mostly contains Indian Television channels with some extra options too. There are some regional channels available  from different languages like Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil

Final Verdict

These were our best picks for best tv streaming sites. Some of the sites on this list are free and some paid. Using a free service does not mean you will get substandard quality. These services contain many features that make them worth a try. If you know any other website that offers similar functionality please tell us in the comment section below.


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