The Benefits of VPS for Big Data Websites

Big data is massive datasets that predict trends, patterns in human behaviors, and customer preferences. Many businesses grow dependent on big data so they can make data-driven approaches and decisions in outperforming competitors.

However, companies soon find that it requires huge resources to collect and analyze such a massive volume of data. Thankfully, this is where VPS comes to the rescue as it is the ideal solution to perform the task.

But what is VPS and in what way does it benefit data-driven enterprises? In this article, we will answer those questions, so keep on reading!

What is VPS?

VPS, short for Virtual Private Server, is a type of hosting where each website is hosted on a virtual server. One machine can run many virtual servers, but each website will have its own resources because the servers are isolated from one another.

The amount of resources you get depends on the plans you choose. But in general, each website gets its own exclusive access to CPU, RAM, disk space, and power.

There are two types of VPS: unmanaged and managed. The former offers total control, but you have to handle all the server-side configuration and maintenance yourself. If you choose the latter, your hosting provider will take care of those aspects for you.

How to Choose Your Hosting Provider

Before we get to the benefits of VPS hosting for big data websites, let’s see how to choose the best provider for your enterprise: 

    • Pricing plans: VPS prices vary from one provider to another. Hence, research various companies to find the one within your budget.
    • Uptime: You’d want a reliable service that can offer maximum performance. Therefore, choose services that can guarantee a 99% uptime and fast performance.
  • Services and Resources: Ask what you’re going to get from each plan, and evaluate whether it can cater to your needs. 
  • IT support and Customer Service: This is extremely important because you’d want to be able to rely on your hosting provider should anything go wrong. Pick a hosting company with reputable customer support, and ask them a few questions to see how proactive they are at helping you.

If you’re interested, website offers a reliable VPS hosting service at affordable prices. Plus, they have excellent customer support that can answer all your questions 24/7/365.

How VPS Benefits Big Data Websites

Given the nature of VPS, there are several benefits that can only be obtained from this type of hosting.

Cost-effective and Scalable

Compared to dedicated hosting, VPS is more affordable and still has adequate resources to handle big data, such as strong processing power and big storage. It’s perfect for companies who want to start collecting data but are not ready to invest in dedicated or cloud hosting.

You can scale as your business expands and your datasets grow by increasing CPU core and SSD to handle more complex data operation. This way, you’re eliminating the need to spend too much on resources that aren’t too important for your business yet.


More Stable Resources

Thanks to big storage capacity and powerful CPU offered by VPS, it’s possible to execute advanced algorithms, cloud software, and automated scripts without compromising your website’s performance (provided that it’s still within the allocated limit of your plan, of course).

As a result, you can collect and analyze new data about your web visitors while also ensuring stable and fast web performance. The ample resources also enable more than one website to run smoothly on the same server.

Compared to having an in-house dedicated computer that requires a lot of money and engineers to maintain, VPS is much easier to manage due to its virtual nature. Plus, if you sign up for a managed VPS, the hosting provider can optimize the server so it becomes faster and more efficient at handling complex operations. 

More Control

Another great perk of VPS is its high customizability. Since you’ll be given root access, you can decide how to allocate and configure your resources, as well as what operating system and software you install for collecting and analyzing big data. 

This way, your website has more development options, which makes it so much more adaptable to growing user needs and datasets in the long run. 

More Secure Environment and Security Options

As your data is stored in a private server, other users won’t have access to it, reducing the risk of data breaches. Not to mention, your website won’t be affected by the security issues of other environments. 

On top of that, VPS enables you to easily install server-side firewalls and various security protection software to boost your website’s security. Should the need arises, you can buy different private servers and use them for backups when the main server is down or attacked.


Keeping what we know of VPS, it’s no surprise that it has become the go-to solution of many businesses to analyze big data.

It’s affordable, future-proof, powerful, customizable, and secure; everything a data-driven website needs to gather insights that are useful for understanding customer base and growing a business.

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