The Best Apps For Commitment-phobes

Sure, YouTube is a place that is full of cat videos, but it’s also full of videos that explore space science, time travel and all kinds of other fascinating ideas.

Before we begin, this whole list isn’t going to be made up of the latest fad dating apps. Whilst there’s a real stigma attached to being a commitment-phobe, there’s actually quite a lot that’s good about it. Those who just aren’t into long-term commitments are likely to have a wider range of life experiences. Picked up the guitar for a couple of months and then cycled your way through eight different instruments before deciding that the guitar was for you after all? Congratulations, you’ve got a base-level experience of eight different instruments now, that you wouldn’t have had if you’d immediately committed to the guitar. If you’re into that level of non-commitment then these apps could help that quality to shine, in a healthy way.

Sure, YouTube is a place that is full of cat videos, but it’s also full of videos that explore space science, time travel and all kinds of other fascinating ideas.

Kicking things off with a big one, YouTube is literally designed for commitment-phobes. You can type in exactly what you want to watch, maybe a song that you’ve had in your head all day. YouTube will drag up that video for you, you start watching it, and then in the sidebar is another song that you’d totally forgotten about. Here ensues a YouTube wormhole that starts with Britney Spears and ends with an exploration into the science behind black holes. We’ve all been there, and the internet loves to shame us for it, but really this kind of ‘wormhole’ is nothing more than learning. YouTube has millions of videos that are packed full of information that we all have totally free access to. We need to make use of it without fear of being shamed for it. 

Obviously, it also has a lot of videos that are just cats doing stupid things, but everyone needs a study break sometimes right? Speaking of which, the best break from a study break is one that involves a game or two. For those of us who struggle to commit, paying out for a gaming app that we might not even enjoy doesn’t sound like a great idea, but there is a solution to that problem.

Thanks to shameless non-committers our prayers have been answered with apps that allow you to play multiple different games from one application download. These games are usually simple in format, like an app that combines crosswords, sudoku and word searches. Or, for those who enjoy iGaming, there are apps that combine slots, roulette and poker. Decide which category of multi-game app you’re interested in and then begin the search for the right one for you. 

The nice thing about iGaming apps is that you can often find deals like no deposit bonuses and free spins. These deals will help you to test out an app before putting any of your own money down, so there’s nothing to lose. You can flit around loads of different casino apps until you find the one that you like and as long as you’re looking out for the right bonuses, it needn’t cost you any money. If more apps allowed you to try before you buy then commitment-phobes would be a great deal more likely to purchase them.

If you want to maximise productivity in your down time then language apps should be something you consider. They come in many different formats, but one thing that the vast majority have in common is that they can teach you more than one language. 

Duolingo is a particular favorite among many linguists, as it has no less than 37 different languages that you can learn. If you really want to learn French but just can’t seem to stick to a routine, then by using Duolingo you can mix it up with another language. Simultaneously learning French and Klingon might seem like a crazy idea, but having a language-based break in your study of French could actually help you in the long-run. Some studies have shown that learning two languages simultaneously can actually improve your understanding and retention of both languages. Also, it’s worth remembering that being able to say you’re fluent in Klingon is a party trick that’s hard to beat… depending on the kind of parties you’re going to.

It would be wrong to get to the bottom of the list without mentioning a favorite of commitment-phobes everywhere, Reddit. This name is so big that there are loads of alternative websites like Reddit. However, Reddit is the original, and for many commitment-phobes, it’s the best. 

Although it’s not nearly as large as its other social media counterparts like Facebook and Instagram, Reddit provides for a seriously broad scope of people. Working as a series of thousands and thousands of forums, Reddit allows people to come together with those with similar interests and dip into the world of those with interests a million miles from them. Their forums for sharing cute dog photos are universally appreciated, but their forums for solving cold cases, or sharing disgusting meals cater to the fringes of society. Being able to dive into a group of people unlike those you’d meet in real life should be an exciting prospect for anyone, not just the commitment-phobic.

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