10 Best Reddit Alternative-Websites Like Reddit But Better


Sites Like Reddit But Better

Reddit is one most common name among in this era of dot com. Reddit is a vast platform where a site registered user can take part in the discussion or post writings about trends, news, inventions and more. One can show his/her views or opinions on various issues. Discovering new happenings around the world is easy on Reddit.

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Personally, I find Reddit more profitable than any social media sites when it’s regarding internet marketing. Reddit can be much more efficient than you could imagine if you know the right actions.

It is worth mentioning that Reddit has some rules and regulations which a member has to strictly follow. If one fails to follow those rules they are supposed to be banned from the site.

Once you are banned from Reddit, your email ID which was used once is not allowed to use again for new registration. If you, unfortunately, face such issue, you may need to create a new email ID in order to take part in Reddit once again.


You can simply use any other alternative email ID, or maybe you will want to join some other sites like Reddit. You will find many Reddit like sites around the World Web. Among many, here I have assembled some best alternative sites like Reddit.

10 Best Alternative Sites Like Reddit, Reddit Alternative

It’s not necessary to be banned from Reddit in order to use best alternative sites like Reddit. You can always freely use many open platforms similar to Reddit while using Reddit at the same time.

There are some best websites like Reddit out there which are as efficient as Reddit is. Like Reddit, they are good in providing good contents, discussion, or news which is essential in today’s life with the Internet.

Here are the best alternative sites like Reddit which you can freely rely on-

1. Quora


Quara is one of the best places where members of the site can take part in important conversations or discussions for better knowledge on the certain issue from experts. Quora allows users to ask anything for other users answers to that question if they got any idea regarding the certain topic.

You can simply make a question on Quora which you want to know, and experts from around the world will show up with useful answers or solutions to any issue. And can answer to other user’s question if you think that you have the answer of that.

You can filter the topics which are not useful to you for the better experience. And can answer to other’s questions which will increase your level of expertise. In short, Quora is one of the best alternative sites like Reddit.

2. 4Chan


4Chan is another big name among the best alternative sites like Reddit. What specialty with 4Chan is, a user doesn’t even need to register to take part on posting images and comment sections. 4chan allows you to participate in the discussion on various boards such as Video Games, Music, Technology, Movies, Japanese Anime and more.


4Chan also provide a board for adults where an adult person can share adult pictures and more adult stuff. You can pick up any anonymous name while posting your adult contents so that your true identity won’t reveal to the known person.

3. ProductHunt

product hunt

ProductHunt works exactly the way it sounds. It is hunting place of best product you could have in the world’s market. You may get the best list of your desired product from all those uncountable lists made up and shared by other users.

You can freely comment on other user’s post asking to make one perfect product list for you. And of course, if you have the better knowledge of good products available in the market, you can create your own list of products and share it with others in the community.

4. Voat

voatVoat is rolling the internet world since about a year. If you are looking for best alternative sites like Reddit, you don’t really need to look further if you once join Voat. It does not have strict rules and regulation like Reddit does.

As the Reddit alternative site has the similar interface, if you are familiar with Reddit interface, you may find Voat even more user-friendly. You can discuss or post anything on Voat as they say, there is nothing illegal in Voat.

5. StumbleUpon


I have mentioned that Reddit is about discovering new stuffs and trend all over the world, StimbleUpon is the best alternative to Reddit for it is the best in discovering new stuffs in the world of internet. People from every corner of the globe, shows up on StumbleUpon with their great stuffs.

You can share your own unique contents with other users, like/dislike other’s content, share what you like, and more.

6. Hacker News

Hacker News reddit alternative If you are interested mostly in Technology related News contents, Hacker News is the best thing you should get with. Hacker News is one must visiting site specially for the people connected to Technology as an entrepreneur.

There is Upvote and Downvote option with each post shared by users which can be lifted up or dragged down on the web page depending on its popularity and uses. Also, you can always comment on shared posts if you have anything to make.

7. NewsVine


NewsVine is another great platform for the news seekers. Unlike Hacker News, Newsvine does not only discuss about Technology but almost everything happening around the world. You can get almost all kind of news stories from around the web in this single platform without even searching for them.

8. Slashdot


Another great news bowl for Tech-geeks is Slashdot. Slashdot is one place where thousands of news contents are exposed to its users from various sources over the internet. You will never need to search anything important sneaking into dozens of other websites, while you can have all of them in a single place, Slashdot.

9. 9Gag


I would not refer it exactly as Reddit alternative, but if you are onto something new yet fun and interesting from around the internet, this is a great place for you. The site is full of funny memes and images, and other entertaining contents.

Interesting people from around the world start a discussion on certain post shared on it, and the comment sections are the best part of the fun.

10. Digg


The list of best alternative sites like Reddit would be incomplete without mentioning Digg. Everything you need to know, the web is currently talking about can be found here. You can find here all kind of recent hot news, videos, articles, original contents and more. Registered users from around the world are participating on this certain site. Be a part of it.


So, these are the top 10 best Reddit alternative sites rolling over the world of internet today. While you can always register on these Reddit like sites and gather information from its vast collections of essential contents, you don’t really need to rely only on Reddit.


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