The Game-Changing Influence of AI and Why You Should Care

What is artificial intelligence? Most of us have heard of it – it is that thing that powers devices like personal assistive devices in our homes. But did you know that it is also responsible for a host of other real-world advancements? It is true; no industry has not been impacted by this technology.

This is certainly true about gaming technology. Here are just a few of the ways AI has revolutionized gaming – and will continue for many years to come.

Delivering a More Intuitive Gaming Experience 

The gaming industry is always changing, always seeking to improve the technology and experience it offers to users. One way to see this is to compare the graphics and control handling of games from just a few years ago with those today. They look as if they were made decades apart instead of three or five years, which speaks about the advances that are constantly happening in game development. 

Artificial intelligence plays a big part in offering a better gaming experience. For multiplayer games like those played on many consoles or online multiplayer games, AI “bots” may make up part or all of a team’s players. This enables small groups or single players to enjoy their favorite games, even if they do not have a large enough group gathered to play. What is more, the artificial intelligence used for these generated players ensures that they play in humanlike patterns, with near-human accuracy and collaboration with real players. 

For those who prefer simulations or casino-style games, artificial intelligence contributes to the enjoyment of games as well. These games immerse users with realistic graphics and natural game play that makes the player feel like they are really in the scenario. For casino-style games, this means a realistic rush that helps gamers enjoy their favorite card or other casino-style games right from the comfort of their home. When choosing the best Indian online casinos portal, you will undoubtedly find that the games recommended by these sites will be fleshed out and fully featured using artificial intelligence. 

Improved Experience for Disabled People

One of the biggest benefits of the advent of artificial intelligence and the technology that has resulted from it is the increased accessibility that disabled people now have. Devices that assist us in our homes everyday may seem superfluous to some, but for people who struggle with everyday tasks, they have become lifesavers. From automating simple processes to helping with schedule keeping, communication, and more, the technology that drives these devices cannot be oversold in its importance to disabled people.

That same accessibility is also opening the gaming marketplace to people who once did not have the opportunity to enjoy it. Increasing accessibility by breaking down barriers to entertainment is again something that people who do not face these challenges might not have even thought about as a benefit. However, those who have long wished that they could enjoy these modes of entertainment are now thrilled to be able to join friends and colleagues in mobile, online, and multiplayer gaming and game trends that were once unavailable to them. 

Personalized Advertisement and Offers

Have you ever noticed that the advertisements you get during the ad breaks in mobile or online games seem to be tailored to your interests? These ads may also pop up on social media applications or sites like YouTube, following you around the internet. That is no coincidence – it is by design. 

That design is one of many ways that advertisers are using artificial intelligence to create a more personalized experience for users of numerous websites and applications. While it may seem creepy or unsettling, it is something that has become a normal part of everyday life in the age of technology. The information about what you are watching, playing, or reading is shared with advertisers to tailor their outreach to you; it is never sold to other parties or posted publicly. 

There are big benefits to this system that some of us might not see through our irritation at our data being used at all. Truthfully, many people find great new games, websites, products, and experiences through these advertisements based on entertainment they already enjoy – things that they might never have learned about without these targeted ads. What is more, it helps even small businesses get in front of more eyes, without bothering people who would not be interested in their products or services. It is a win-win scenario that is made possible by the technological advances of AI. 

Lower Instance of Cyber Attacks and Hacking 

If you have watched the news about any time in the last decade or so, you know that cyber security is important. Everything from elections to banking information and more can be stolen or misused if it gets into the wrong hands – something that used to be far easier than it is now. The stories of this kind of piracy and misuse make the news when they happen, but they have been happening far less frequently in recent years. 

Why is that? It is because the power of artificial intelligence has been put to effective use in predicting attempts at misusing information and preventing them from happening. There was a time when people were used to guessing the many ways that a hacker might attempt to steal information and repair those shortcomings in a company’s technology, but their abilities only went so far in preventing problems. Adding artificial intelligence and automation to that process has made the whole thing more efficient, faster, and better at predicting and addressing these problems before they even start. 

How does this relate to the gaming industry? Because people often enter important, personal information when they are playing mobile or online games. You must set up user profiles and often enter payment information, especially if you are playing a casino-style game or one with premium content which can be purchased. In these instances, artificial intelligence can determine when information that is being shared is sensitive and requires extra encryption or protection. This keeps users and their data safer, leaving them free to better enjoy their gaming experience. 

Artificial intelligence is changing the world every day, and the world of gaming is no different. If you are a gamer, you will undoubtedly experience those changes – and enjoy your gameplay even more for them!

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