Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package

Android is the most popular Mobile Operating system. In today world around 85% of the mobile user are using Android. So, we can imagine that how popular android is. It means android is the perfect operating system not it has some problem, bugs which are fix manually.

There is a Problem Parsing the Package

Today peoples are facing a problem called “parsing error”or“Parse Error”.If you are facing this error and searching How to Fix Parse Error then this is the best place for you. Today we are going to show you how you can fix that error by yourself. There are numbers of way to solve this error but we show you some of the best ways to solve parse error.

Parse Error 

Android users love the apps in play store and download them very often. Sometimes while you downloading or installing the app it shows you There is a Problem Parsing the Package. Now you can’t install a new app in your phone, so before we understand the solution first take a look at reason behind this error.

Reason Of Parse Error

Before we go to solution let us know the reason for this error. It may occur due to these reasons

  • Parse error can occur if you have made the changes to the app’s manifest file like changing the Android version.
  • It can also occur due to a corrupted .apk file.
  • It may occur because of a partially downloaded apk file.
  • Not enough permission to install third-party apps from unknown sources.
  • Your Android smartphone OS version or the hardware is not compatible with the app.

Now we know that cause of this error,so let’s proceed to the solution of this error.

Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package

Allow Apps Installation from Unknown Sources

Android operating system for the securities reason doesn’t allow the third party installation. The third party mean you can not install the app from memory card, anywhere else apart from Play store.

how to fix parse error in android

Solution of this thing is you can allow installation from third party.To do so you have to follow these steps “Device Setting>Applications and Check Unknown Sources”. Now again install your app.

App Is Not Compatible With Your Device Or Os Version

Some time above solution doesn’t work very well. In that case the app your are installing, install that in some other phone and look if the app doesn’t show any problem then it might be problem  with your Android OS version. So in this case you have to update your android phone or look at some other alternate of the app. If you are still facing this error then you hardware doesn’t compatible with the app. Now there is now solution of that.

Corrupted APK or Partially Downloaded File

The parse error or parsing the package error can also occur due to a corrupted .apk file or partially downloaded. Now Try downloading the new apk file form starting and install it. See if this can resolve the error and also, make sure you that you download the complete file. Sometimes, you may partially download the .apk file and face Parse error while installing it.

Disable Antivirus

Sometimes the parse error also occur due to your security application.Today most of the android user install the Antivirus for keepling his device safe from viruses. Some of the Antivirus try to block the installation of the applications that may look untrusted and suspicious. If you are trying to install a .apk, then it may be a possibility that your Antivirus might be blocking the installation.

So, try disabling the Antivirus for once and now try to install the .apk file. This time, you should be able to install the .apk file without receiving any parse error.

Now there are some more method of solving this parse error.

Alternate Method to Solve the Parse Error

If in caes these method doesn’t work for then you can also try these method to solve Parse Error.

Upgrade Android OS

May be your android version is too old for the app. Some times app are programed that they cann’t install the older version id the OS.So, in that case you have to update your android version. Otherwise find the alternate of the app.

Clear Cache, Cookies

Clearing cache and cookies may also help you to solve parse error. At fist clear cache and cookies of the google play store and then try to install the app.

Reset Android Phone

This is the last solution of this problem. In my advice you should not follow this method. Because resetting your phone will erase all apps and data from your phone memory and your phone will be the same as you brought frist time. The pre install app will be there but others are remove. Now try install the app.

So, guys i told you all the method of the fixing the parse error. The above method help you to fix parse error. Choose anyone of them and tell us which is the best.If you find anyother apart from these method then tell us through comment, we will add that into our list.


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