Top 5 Best Free Spy Apps For Android Device-Track All Android Phone Activities

oncerning about the security of your child, or you think that your boyfriend/ girlfriend or Spouse is cheating on you, then the best thing to track their activities is by monitoring their phones. Even if your are an Employer and want to know what your employees doing, whether are doing their job with honesty or wasting time or so cheat. Then there are many Spy apps are available in the market, that lets you monitor all the activities of the phone. To make it simple for you, here I am making a list of best free spy apps for Android device.

A cell phone of a person is the mirage of his true identity. If you want to know the inner feelings of a person or what’s going in his life, then seeing their phone is the best option and will disclose all the hidden secrets of any person. If you want to spy someone, then no need to hire any professional spy as you can easily track that person’s cell phone with the help of Spy applications. Yes, you heard me right there are numerous spy apps available in the market for Android smartphones. These apps allow you to perform numerous activities that you can’t even imagine. One can easily buy them and start spying their friends because believe it or not, but using these spy apps is totally legal.

There are numerous spy apps available and it’s very time-consuming task to select the best app, so to save your hassle and efforts we evaluated the data of 5 Best Free Spy Apps For Android phones and you can easily select the app which suits you the most.

Best Free Spy Apps For Android Device

TO track your child, spouse or any friend. Spy apps are the best, now as everyone has Android devices and if you can secretly install some apps on your friends mobile. Then you can easily check their present location, their call logs, messages, browser history, Whatsapp chats and much more. Here i am describing 3 best free SPY apps for Android mobile.

1.XNSPY Spy Phone App

The first spy app about which we will discuss today is XNSPY. The XNSPY is the simplest and easy to use app. The app is considered to be the safest option to use in the phones and tablets. The app is one of the most used by the families and businesses. The app developers claim you can easily see the contact list of your children and employees to examine their activities. The most talked feature of the app is its ability to remotely check call logs and contacts in a very easy method. This is a just one quality of the app, out of the numerous benefits.

Features of XNSPY

  1. XNSPY allows you to view call log of your target device and also helps in entering the contact list of the phone sophisticatedly.
  2. The XNSPY helps you in checking messages and images, you can easily read the messages of the target phone.
  3. The GPS system of the app allows you to track the current location of your loved on the map. You can also check the location history of the phone or tablet.
  4. The emails can be easily seen with XNSPY. The web history and the bookmark websites can be easily tracked with it.
  5. The calls can be recorded on the phone and you always know what your kids are upto.
  6. The XNSPY app has a unique feature which allows you to set an alert on the usage of certain words and whenever it’s used in SMS, phone book or chat you will immediately get alert on your phone.
  7. The XNSPY app also provides remote control.


  • The word alert service is very useful feature for parents.
  • The app can work both online and offline. It gives accurate location even if the device is not connected to the internet.


  • Only certain features of the app are available in free version.
  • The XNSPY requires more data to work at its best.

So if you want to track down your loved ones and stay up to date about their activities, then XNSPY app will give you all this for free. To Monitor the targeted device you can download XNSPY dashboard app on your phone.

XNSPY Dashboard
XNSPY Dashboard
Developer: Konext
Price: Free

2. Spyzie Spy App for Android

The next spy app on our list is Spyzie, the Spyzie is a powerful web based app which allows you to track every move of your kids and employees without any problem. This app allows you draw exact information from the android phone or tablet by installing the simple setup of the app. The Spyzie allows you to view targeted information on your phone, tablet, and computer remotely from any place as long as your device is connected to the internet. The app is loaded with the unique features and have very element of the successful spy app.

Features of Spyzie

  1. Spyzie allows you to track the call history of target device remotely on both android and iOS devices. The app makes sure you can see missed calls, rejected calls, and dialed calls that are made by the device.
  2. The text messages can be seen and the whole conversation can be easily tracked down by this app.
  3. The WhatsApp messages can also be tracked down by this app. TheSpyzie even allows to view and download media shared by the WhatsApp.
  4. The app makes possible to view photo and videos of the target device, the media can be easily saved also in your device.
  5. The calendar, reminder, notes and installed apps data can be easily retrieved from the targeted android or iOS phone by using the Spyzie app.
  6. It allows one to track the current and previous location of your kids to make you alert about their next move.


  • The Spyzie apps free version allows you to monitor a lot of stuff like Contacts, Call Logs and History.
  • The free version doesn’t required your credit card details.
  • You can use the app without rooting your smartphone.


  • Right now it’s not possible to track the iOS device by this application.
  • It is not possible to track WhatsApp messages and other instant messaging apps with Spyzie.

I hope after examining the cool features of Spyzie app you have made your mind about using it. If not, thendon’t worry we have more options for you.

Developer: Spyzie
Price: Free

3.iKeyMonitor Spy App for Android

The iKeyMonitor spy app is designed for the persons who want remove any traces of spy. This is the best invisible app which allows you to track both Android and iOS devices. The person would never know that they are being spied by you and you can easily monitor all the moves of your children without the fear of getting caught. As the iKeyMonitor hides from any setting of the device and it will never get noticed.

Cool features of iKeyMonitor:

  1. The iKeyMonitor keep track of the keystrokes used in the password in hidden mode and pasted text.
  2. The iKeyMonitor monitors and records the every incoming and outgoing SMS on the iPhone and Android phone.
  3. The app records all web activities of safari and chrome.
  4. The iKeyMonitor allows tracking all voice chats.
  5. The app enables you to monitor all the social media activities of your children and alert you for any new update made by them.


  • The app supports numerous benefits such as keystrokes, screen shots and passwords.
  • The app is a multi-lingui stand supports three different languages.
  • The company is offering 3 days trial period to test the app before buying.


  • To use it over iOS device, the device should be jailbroken.
  • To capture screenshots, passwords, instant messaging requires rooting the Android device.
  • The app is relatively expensive than the other spy apps.

The person who wants to spy invisible and never get caught should use this versatile app.

4.Cell Tracker For Android

The app is made to track the location of your device and keep the record of your past visits. The location information can’t send out of the phone, the app only allows to view location in the phone only. The app will keep the record of your past few location in your android phone to view later. The app automatically take the record of location after .5hours with help of GPS /Wi-Fi of your device and stores in the system.

Features of Cell Tracker

  1. The app can work both with and without GPS system.
  2. The app collects the information even after the restart of the phone.
  3. The Cell Tracker keeps record of your past visits.


  • The app supports both GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • The app works automatically after 0.5 hours.


  • The credibility of Cell Tracker is not very strong.
  • There could be an error in 100-meter area and the app can’t work on locations.

The Cell Tracker app is best for those who want to keep the record of their own location and other then that app doesn’t contain any special features.

Cell Tracker
Cell Tracker
Developer: ShreeK
Price: Free

5. HoverwatchSpy App for Android Device

The last spy app on our list is Hoverwatch. The app can perform all the tracking activities for you to observe your kids and employees. The app can hunt the calls, internet activities and texting activities of your kids to observe them, and the best part is that app never discloses your identity to them.

Features of Hoverwatch

  1. The app allows tracking a location of the phone with the help of installed cell tracker in it.
  2. The Hoverwatch makes you invisible in the eyes of others and you can spy distinctively.
  3. This spy mobile app stores all text messages, SMS and multimedia messages (MMS).
  4. The app can also spy the front camera of the phone and let you see all the hidden screen shots also.


  • The free version of the app is available.
  • The app can support Mac and Windows devices also.
  • The price of the app is affordable.
  • The demo for the app is also available.


  • The app can only support android phone not the iOS phone.
  • The app can only read WhatsApp messages but cannot read Facebook messages.

The Hoverwatch mostly like other above-mentioned apps but it lacks some major aspects which is the reason why it’s numbered at No. 5.

So, people, we have laid down features, pros and cons of top five spying apps for you, so go get your spy app now and track your loved ones to save them from all the dangers.

I hope these Android Spy app’s may useful for you. Now you can easily track and spy on your friend, child or your spouse. Its a very good idea to keep an eye on your close ones for security purpose.


  1. Hey, thanks for this article and thanks for the list of these spy apps. In play store, there are many spy apps but the majority of them are confusing. These 3 apps that you mentioned above are good btw.


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