Top 3 Best Free Spy Apps For Android Device

Would you like to use spy app’s then here i am giving best free spy apps for android device. You can download from google play store by freely. By using these spy app’s you may find out prank calls. You may protect from unknown person. Now a days prank calls happen very often. Now you need not to worry about prank calls because these app’s may help you. Even you come to know particular location of prank call. I think it’s a very easy to find out unknown calls. What you have to do is simple download top 3 best free spy app’s For Android Device.

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Best Free Spy Apps For Android Device

TO track your child, spouse or any friend. Spy apps are the best, now as everyone has Android devices and if you can secretly install some apps on your friends mobile. Then you can easily check their present location, their call and message. Here i am describing 3 best free SPY apps for Android mobile.

How to Use Location Tracker Free Spy For Android Device

Here i will tell you how it work’s call tracker. You do not have to do nothing like others you have to download from google play store and then install the app on your mobile. Now you can able to check the particular location in every 30 min. Just click on the view button you get to know about more information for particular positions by using google map you can search anyone. You can select to disable gathering location information by unchecking the check box in the app’s main view. By using “clear data” option you may clear all location information stored in your device.

Children Tracker Free Spy App For Android Device

In the world there are so many app’s available for mobile tracker. But this app is too different from other app’s. Basically Children tracker work as without internet connection. If you want to get current location of your child phone that time it does not required internet connection. You may also find out lost phone location.

How to Use Children Tracker Free Spy App For Android Device

  • Before using this app you must have your child number so first save the child mobile number.
  • This app should be install in child mobile.
  • Just press the button on trace child.
  • Click on the google map and press the current location button.
  • After 5 to 10 seconds you may get the location of your child phone.
  • By using this app you may also find out lost tracking phone.

Sneaky Cam App For Android Device

Sneaky Cam app is very different from other tracker apps. This app is going to let you sneak a image whenever you want with none being any wiser. Sneaky Cam Admit you to take pics with your phone’s camera separate without letting others. It work as a camera. It is a alternative preview of the camera and it can display the screen of your choice available in the Preferences menu. When the user touches the screen a quick and different notification says  the user that the photo has been taken and the picture is saved to the folder ‘Sneaky Cam’ which is stored in your Gallery. You may also set up the transparency of the screen so that you can see  strong  preview of the camera. Otherwise as an option if you choose on screen preview, you will get a little  preview of what you are about to click. When you click the particular pic it does not know any one because it disables the shutter sound.

Spy Message App For Android Device

Spy Message App is most powerful app for android device. By using this app you can send secret messages to your friends and family members who you want send secret messages. Spy Message App can control  all the messages in your index with the help of spy message you may exchange secretive messages and appointments. This app has so many useful features. Here i will share with you

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Key Features of  Spy Message App For Android Device

  • Message Time Bomb: You do not need to keep messages secretly when ever your will see the message after that it explored automatically.
  • Message Timer Setting: you can manually set a time for message remove.
  • User Friendly Interface: This app is very simple and easy to use. By using this app you can send very fast messages.
  • Simple Registration: before install this app you need to sing up with google account. Next simple install this app.
  • Customized friend  list: Do not worry about all your friends on your contact list you can the customized list and share private messages only those special ones.

I hope these Android Spy app’s may useful for you. Now you can easily track and spy on your friend, child or your spouse. Its a very good idea to keep an eye on your close ones for security purpose.


  1. Hey, thanks for this article and thanks for the list of these spy apps. In play store, there are many spy apps but the majority of them are confusing. These 3 apps that you mentioned above are good btw.

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