Top 14 Best Wii Games of All Times That You Must Play At-least Once

Top 14 Best Wii Games of All Times That You Must Play At-least Once

The world of video games is an interesting place. Throughout the year’s video games have evolved a whole lot. From simple pixelated 2D graphics to spectacular, lifelike and awe-inspiring visuals that we see today is the result of an extensive evolution. Setting aside the new franchise, today we are going to wander into the traditional territory of old games.

14 Best Wii Games of All Times You Should Play At least Once

The best Wii games have always been the pioneer of classical genre games. Here is a countdown of the top 14 games on that list. These are the best Wii games of all time that are loved by all gaming freaks out there.

1.Super Mario Galaxy 2

This Nintendo Wii game is the great sequel to the first segment of Mario Galaxy. The game takes the most recognizable gaming character to new frontiers. The Mario line of games has been a child’s paradise. The series revolutionized and reinvented the 3D platform genre. The game introduces some new and innovative gameplay mechanics, such as gravity that affects the gameplay in new and creative ways.

The plot remains the same, where Mario has to save the princess from Bowser, with the help of some awesome new gears such as the spin drill and Cloud Mario. The game takes place in different galaxies, thus giving a whole new dimension to the world of Mario. With the introduction of a mixture of new and classic tunes and soundtracks, this classic masterpiece has earned a top place in our list.

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2.Metroid Prime 3, Corruption

The Metroid series of games can be dated back to the days of those pixelated games. The game made its debut in the hearts of the 70s and 80s and still succeeds in maintaining its position. According to 2007, the year the game was released, the graphics and the gameplay were nothing short of pure excellence. You jump into the shoes of Samus as she fights her way through the hordes of pirates and her evil doppelganger.

There is also something known as a Faison, a mutagenic material which incapacitates the host. The game offers some excellent puzzles, with an FPS control system. On top of that, the controls were quite smooth and handy to use. With some awesome graphics and visuals and perplexingly beautiful environments, this game was a champion for its timeline. So charge up your cannons and get ready for the boss fights.

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3.Super Smash Brothers: Brawl

This crossover multiplayer fighter game has a whole roster of characters to choose from. New to the stage is third party characters such as Solid Snake and Mario’s greatest rival, Sonic the Hedgehog. While this game shines in the multiplayer genre, the new addition of a solo single player campaign mode, known as the Subspace Emissary offers some plot driven side quests to kill those lonely hours without your friends, who aren’t available online.

And also, let us not forget the Final Smashes, or finisher moves, executed at the end of the fights. One may say that the players play the game only for those finisher videos, because at the end of the fight, for emerging victorious, you do deserve a special treat, and the finisher scenes are worth the brawl. The multiplayer game offers up to 4 players to brawl at the same time, and with stunning graphics and impressive game physics, no wonder this game was a marvel in its time.

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4.The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Zelda is yet another example of a classic Wii game. It has been around for a long time, and this particular installment perfected the art of motion control. The Skyword Sword was designed to make the best use of the newer Wii gaming module. Thus, resulting in checks, that surpassed the usual standards. The graphical style of the game was unique as it was the best of the both worlds, i.e. a mixture of contemporary graphics with cell shading.

The game host a lot of guests with loads of collectibles and top of the notch dungeon designs. It also has the best boss battles in the whole series. Zelda is a legend, but this particular installment of the game took to even higher standards. All in all the game takes you on an adventure which is guaranteed to leave a mark on your mind.

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5.Wii Sports Resort

Accompanying every Wii upon launch, there is a set of motion detecting sports game. It is very likely for you to own these collections if you had a Wii. Wii Sports bring together five mini-games; they are tennis, bowling, boxing, golf, and baseball. This game can be played with a motion detection controller with family and friends. Intuitive controls and fun gameplay made each and every game a blast to play.

The game was a scoring success because Nintendo focused the gameplay around casual players. The Wii sports were the first installment of the series, followed by the, even more, fun and intuitive, Wii Sports Resort. Compared to the particular arcade games, which only interested the kids in general, this one brought the family together, because everyone could play. A win-win scenario for both grown-ups and children.

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6.Mario Cart Wii

One of the most famous racing game ever created was the Mario Cart Wii. The game was rumored to be a success, which, of course, it was. So much so, that even the sixth installment of the game was a blast. The reason behind all this popularity? Well, Nintendo kept introducing all new concepts and gameplay, such as motorcycles, that the player can use to race in the classical and even the modern tracks as well.

There were over 35 million copies of the game sold worldwide. The sheer statistics of the sales give an estimate of the popularity of the game. The gameplay was fun, and frustrating as well. The powerups in the game made Mario Cart all the more attractive and competitive. The Mario franchise is a legacy, and Mario Cart may be considered as one of the distinct milestones achieved along the journey to the top.

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7.Xenoblade Chronicles

The world upon which the game takes place is the fallen back of two giant titans. The story revolves around the protagonist and his colorful crew, who seek to protect the world from robotic creatures named Meckon. The players get to experience a gorgeous open world created on the back of two fallen titans. This game brings together modern and traditional role-playing game elements to the table, in an epic fashion.

The gameplay is mesmerizing and profound, with lots of functionalities and fantastic character build. Teamwork is vital if you intend to survive in the world of the war. The voice over, coupled with the deep battle system and breath-taking sceneries, this game is a one of a kind RPG compared to its times. The selling point of the game was the open world feature, which was nothing less than perfect compared to the contemporaries of those days.

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8.New Super Mario Brothers Wii

New Super Mario Brothers Wii was a remake of the old school traditional Mario game. With revamped graphics and innovative gameplay, this game stole the hearts of many children and also grownups wishing to relive the past. The story remains the same. We see our favorite plumber fight his way through Bowser’s henchmen to rescue the princess. With new items like the ice flower which froze all the enemies, the propeller mushrooms, which gave the ability to fly and the penguin suit, the gameplay was evolved to a whole new level.

Also, there was this added benefit where you could complete all the 77 levels in co-op with your friends, which made the game, a whole lot more fun. This reformed game is bursting with new tricks up its sleeve. So if you’re looking to relive your gaming past, then this is the game to opt for.

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9.No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

The story revolves our hero, anti-hero Travis Touchdown. The aim of the game is to become the best assassin among all the other competition. It’s a third person game with fast weapon combat and quick-time finishing moves. The hack and slash experience is one of a kind. The sequel added the ability to wield multiple swords.

There are also some excellent mini games within the actual game, to rest your mind beside all the cutting and chopping. Music is funky and coupled with awesome graphics and massive boss fight; the gameplay is fun to say, to say the least. The desperate struggle is a fountain of style where you can show off your assassinating skills to the fullest.

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10.Monsters Hunters Tri

Hunting monsters have never been this fun. In this game, players assume the role of a monster hunter from the guild. Your goal is to protect and rejuvenate the small fishing community the Moga Village. You can create items dropped from loots, harvest plant, my fir ores, and set up and forge weapons from salvaging the parts of the monsters you’ve killed.

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11.Red Steel 2

A first person game that will take to the American desert, Caldera where you will find a mixture of Eastern and Western Culture. You will be a mysterious swordfighter in the game, and you will fight with various dangerous, strong enemies. We are sure you will love the game as the character is intense who is experienced and you have to defeat many bosses in the gameplay to reach higher levels.

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12.Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: All Stars

This game was quite famous because of the choice it gives to users. You can choose from a huge list of characters, and all these characters are from the popular gameplay of Nintendo such as Street Fighter, DarkStallers, Mega Man Volnutt. Well, this game gained immense popularity among youngsters who loved intense fighting games, special moves, stylish characters and much more. This game allows users to choose roster of fighters to set a two man/woman/robot tag team and you will control both the players throughout the match.

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13.Donkey Kong Country Returns

The sequel to a Donkey Kong Country game for Wii which was famous for its unique gameplay returned with the bang. The new game is, even more, fun, smart moves and a character Diddy Kong, which will be trusted sidekick of Donkey Kong. This game was loved by all age groups because game levels were so exciting and challenging in the game. There will be two game levels for novice and skilled players in which you have to run, jump, dodge and defeat the enemies to retreat Donkey Kong’s stolen banana hoard.

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14.Kirby’s Epic Yarn

A fun game to play, especially for children. Simple, intuitive and pleasing to the eyes, the name is as cute as the game itself. In this game, you will be Kirby which is transported to a world made of cloth and yarn because of some sorcerer’s anger. You have to guide Kirby to come out of this fantasy land through a variety of puzzles, and you can transform your form of actions into powerful vehicles to help you in it.

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So, these are all the best Wii games of all time, which was loved by many game freaks all around the world. If you know any Wii game that you feel we should include in the list, please comment below and let us know.

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