What Is Snapchat Map, How To Use It? What is So Interesting in It ?

Snapchat Map

In the running scenario of social media applications, we all are familiar with picture messaging app SNAPCHAT. The new direction in social media has 166 million daily active users. The app started in 2011 with the just iOS platform has devolved so much till now (2017).

It just not left with filters or emojis or short videos. But, it has now map feature also that allows you to share your location with added contacts know as Snapchat Map. The new update came in effect from June’21st of this year and the last app updated on August’1st.

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What is Snapchat Map?

Snapchat Map is again another feature in the application. This works similarly like google maps and apple maps. Sort of street maps which shows your location to the people who have added you and you’ve added them back. It works using phone’s GPS sensor and displays your location to your friend.

How to use Snapchat Map:

  • Go to the Snapchat Application.
  • Open the Camera Screen.
  • Camera Screen → Clinching the fingers inwards as zooming out from a picture. For example, if an ant is running on your screen and you trying to grab it. 😛
  • The application will automatically detect your location by phone’s GPS sensor.
  • Your last location will be visible in Snapchat. As location only get updated when your application is running on the screen.

Snap Map

The most flexible thing about this feature is that you can choose the audience like who can see your location. The people you can share your location with are-



Snapchat map allows you to see snaps of events, celebrations, breaking news from around the world. As snapchat is so popular, snaps keep coming from almost everywhere. All that one needs to do is submit that to “MY STORY.” Rest is one need to tap anywhere on the snap map. Furthermore, one can also follow Heatmap which is two signs. Red means there are loads of snap while blue means some snaps are taken at a particular spot.

Only Snaps submitted to “our story” can appear. Only if the event seems to be happening as snapchat has an automated system that decides what to show on maps. And regardless of what location setting, you are using, it can demonstrate on the snap map.

How can you find your friends on the Snapchat map?

To witness activities of friends on the Map, you must need to add them and they add you back will let you see their activities, and for location, you must choose to share each others location. The friend you wanted to see the location, must be getting shown with Bitmojis(if they have their Bitmojis a/c linked) otherwise a blank Bitmoji outline will appear. You can see last updated location of your mate. To see the current location, your friend must need to open snapchat to get it updated as this function doesn’t work when the app is closed. Moreover, it will get disappear in several hours, or if they get into ghost mode, you won’t be able to see. The best part is your friend will not be notified if you tap on their Bitmoji.

The Location setting option of Snap map.

After getting updated with this feature in your Snapchat, whenever you open snap map for the first time you’ll be asked who to choose as your audience to share your location within Snapchatters. What so ever you choose, you can always change this in the setting.

To modify this setting, you’ll have three options.:

  • ONLY YOU (GHOST MODE)-  Your location will not be visible to anyone on the map. Bitsmoji will show up with the blue sign with a ghost icon.
  • THE FRIENDS YOU HAVE SELECTED- your location will only be visible to the friends you have selected. If any particular name is not coming to your list who you want to share location, then that must be because the other person must not have added you back 
  • YOUR FRIENDS- All your friends who you have added and they have added you back will be able to see your location.

You can just edit this by tapping on location setting button on the top right corner of the Map.

Snapchat Map

To search for a friend on the map.

Tap on the search tab on the of the top of the app and type the name also you can look through “Friends on Snap Map” to see who all are currently sharing their location with you.

What if in case you find something inappropriate?

You can report any inapt content you witness by going on-

  • Snap you want to report.
  • Press and hold the snap.
  • Tapping the button which comes in bottom left corner.
  • Letting us know why you want to report this Snap.

Happy snapping 🙂

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